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Chapter two.

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A filler I guess they're called.

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First light of the chilly Autumn morning, Frank was already awake and sitting at his desk. It was two in the morning and he hadn't slept a wink yet, even when he tried. He had listened to music, had a warm drink, cleared his head, but every time he thought he was finally going to fall asleep, the eccentric guide from the center came back into his mind.

It wasn't that he was in love with the guy, I mean come on, love at first site just doesn't happen in real life. He didn't even have a school girl crush on him. But no matter what he was doing he popped into his head like a bad memory and stopped him focusing on anything. Maybe he just found him interesting?

Frank spun around on his desk chair quickly when he heard a noise at his bedroom door. On first thought, because all that was in his head was Gerard the guide, was that there was a murder in his house and this was going to be the end of him. But that thought was thrown away quickly when he saw his mom standing in the doorway staring at him confusedly.

"What are you doing up this late honey?" she asked quietly as she crossed her arms over her gown covered chest.

Frank shrugged gently. "I couldn't sleep, I guess. So I thought I'd just do my homework"

His mom, Linda, gave him a small smile and said "No matter what's going on your homework's always going to be the most important thing, isn't it?" she laughed as Frank shook his head embarrassedly. "Make sure you try to get some sleep again, okay? I don't want you sleeping all day tomorrow"

Nodding, Frank rubbed his eyes. "Sure thing mom, night-I mean, morning"

Linda smiled and said an amused "Morning" and waddled off to her bedroom again, leaving Frank in the silence of his bedroom.

He turned his chair back to the desk and leaned his chin on his palm. He hadn't been doing homework. That had been a lie. He was making a list of what he liked about Gerard to try and figure out what made him so interesting to him. So far he had seven different reasons.

Reason one: He's happy.
Reason two: He's different.
Reason three: He's the color in boring Jersey.
Reason four: He smiles all the time, which makes me smile.
Reason five: He's enthusiastic!
Reason six: He works at my new favorite place.
Reason seven: He's amazingly kind.

The more he read over the list the more he wondered if this is what teenage girls do with their girlfriends at sleep overs or in their diaries. Surely guys weren't meant to make lists like this, it was so gay. That was when Frank realized it didn't matter with him, because he was gay, even if no one knew it but him.

He groaned and closed his notepad, yawning as he place his forehead on the desk top gently. He needed sleep and he needed it now. His brain was in a battle, tug'o'waring with Gerard on one end and sleep on the other. Every time his body thought sleep was winning, Gerard faught back and was thrown straight back into his thoughts. Will I ever sleep?

In the morning, Frank was awoken by his dad shaking his shoulder. He had fallen asleep at his desk.

"Frank, hey, come on, wake up" his dad said quietly as Frank let out a loud groan. "At least move to your bed, son. This can hardly be comfortable"

Frank just shook his head against the wooden desk and sniffed as he opened his heavy eyes. "I slept" he said in a quiet, croaky voice. He smiled to himself as his dad gave him a strange look.

"Yes. On your desk. Where you up all night doing school work again?"

He nodded gently and sat him, rubbing his face. "What day is it?"

His dad, Frank Snr, looked at his extremely tired son and answered with "Sunday" he nodded. "I was going to go into town today to get a few things for your moms birthday. Did you want to come?"

Frank stared at his dad in thought for a moment, trying to think of reasons that would benefit him. The Historic Center is there his mind said. He could almost hear the smirk in the voice. And you know who works there, don't you?

Sighing, Frank nodded. "Yeah, sure, I'll go. I have to um... Yeah. I'll go with you"

"I'll give you five minutes to get ready" Frank Snr said as he left the room, leaving Frank muttering an "okay" as he picked himself up from the chair. He didn't even want to go to town. He wasn't even going to the Historic Center either.

He gave a loud sigh. He was starting to wish he had never met Gerard the guide and he was blaming the school for it all.

This isn't the BEST chapter. I wasn't in the mood when I wrote this and well, you know. It's good enough I guess.


I was told on a photo of mine I looked like Gerard Way because I recently dyed my hair black again and the wind ruined it and made it messy and I was wearing sunglasses. It was the best compliment ever!
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