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13 Years On

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Guise this is probably the third or fourth last chapter to this story.

However we are thinking of writing the next part to it.


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- 13 years later -

"Where are we exactly?" Nicola asked. Lousie had given birth to a beautiful baby girl. She had named her Nicola after her grandmother who had passed away 2 months before Nicola was born. Nicola was the double of Gerard.

"New Jersey," Louise said taking the scenery herself. It had been a long time. "Now its 12 noon, we still have to get ready," Louise smiled. They got a taxi to the hotel, looking out at the places surrounding, brought back alot of memories for Louise.

The reason she had came back from England was simply because Nicola had been going on about how she never met her dad. It was also Dani's wedding day. Her dad had received the invite, but he couldn't travel because of his spine, so Louise decided to surprise her.

Meanwhile. Dani was getting dressed. She was wearing a gothic ball gown cream coloured dress similar to the one Louise had worn in her coffin only it came down to her feet. But it felt hollow and empty. The day was lacking. The day wouldn't be the same without Louise.

"You ready?" Dani's maid of honour beamed. Dani nodded her head and walked out.

Back at the hotel Louise put on the dark red dress that came above her knees and was sleeveless. Her waist length black hair was curled so it came up to just above her chest and Nicola was wearing a similar dress only it came to below the knee and was a bright ocean blue.

They then headed out with their suitcases in the back of the taxi, they were going to be staying in the same hotel that the wedding reception was at. They just took a stop at a different hotel to get ready.

The only thing Louise was worried about was seeing the guys again. It had been so long and she also found out that Lindsey and Gerard had split up. Nicola was obsessed with the guys band My Chemical Romance. She also loved Black Veil Brides.

"COME ON," Louise shouted at Nicola.

"OKAY WAIT!" Nicola then blasted MCR - Im Not Okay (I Promise) and jumped into the car.
Dani stopped in the hallway,w aiting so that she could be fashinably late as per tradition. When she was ready the ceremony finally began.

Louise gritted her teeth as the MCR song blasted away, but said nothing. She'd never tell her daughter know much it hurt her, hearing his voice.

Dani's maid of honour lifted the trail of her dress and Dani began to walk.

When Dani made it to the top of the church the minister began. "Today, we are here to celebrate the marriage of Danielle Jones and Andrew Biersack,"

Andy beamed at Dani as he lifted her vail. He had never seen her look so beautiful and radiant. He had also made a massive recovery from what had happened at the hotel all those years ago. A Miricle had happened and he never got the brain damage the doctor's had predicted.

Dani smiled shyly and held Andy's hand. "Now do you Andrew take Danielle to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do," Andy whispered, squeezing Dani's hand as he held her gaze. She smiled and turned back to the minister waiting her bit. She wanted nothing more to get this over with so that she could be alone with Andy.

"Do you Danielle take Andrew to be your lawfully wedded husband?" The minister spoke. Danielle nodded looking at Andy.

"You may now kiss the bride," Thye minister smiled. Andy leaned down and kissed Dani softly. Everyone clapped including Frank, Mikey, Ray, Gerard, Ashley, Jinxx and Jake.

"Okay there is no way we are making the wedding, so we will have to go to the reception," Louise smiled as they had gotten caught in traffic. She told the driver to bring them to the hotel.

"WHY ARE WE HERE?" Louise hadn't fully explained to Nicola that she was about to meet her Dad and she didn't know who's wedding they were going to.

"Later." Louise muttered. Nicola pouted, she looked so cute. Just like Gerard. She glared at her mum and Louise laughed making her smile and forget about the fact that she was going to see these people again after a long and tiring 13 years.
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