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Goku vs. the Needle of Doom

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(Oneshot) It's time for Goku's yearly vaccination, but Chichi has a bit of a hard time getting the Trypanophobic Saiyan to the doctor's office.

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"KAKAROT I SWEAR TO KAMI IF YOU DO NOT GET OUT OF THIS CLOSET IN TEN SECONDS I'M RIPPING THE DOOR OFF!" Vegeta raged. Goku simply cowered behind some coats, and cried out:
"10," Vegeta began counting. "9...8...7...6...5...4..." Vegeta paused and grasped the sides of the door. "3," he snarled as threateningly as he could. "2...1... now this is your last chance to come out!"
"Alright then," he growled, ripping the door from its hinges. Goku clung to a broom, screaming out as Vegeta drug him by his feet out into the hall. He dug his fingers into the floor leaving claw marks.
"I'm sorry, Goku, but its for your own good," Bulma cooed.
"I am not going to the hospital!" Goku protested.
"Oh yes you are," said Chichi as she stepped into the hall, her Frying Pan of Doom ready. Goku's face paled. "Don't be so pathetic, Goku; it’s only a shot." Goku kicked and screamed as Vegeta picked him up from under his arms.
"Come on, let's get him to the car," Bulma instructed.
It took twenty minutes to get the panicked Saiyan into Bulma's car. Vegeta had to hold Goku's wrists throughout the ride to keep him from using instant transmission.
Chichi, Bulma, and Vegeta dragged Goku up to the hospital and into the waiting room. The human children stared at the strange man nervously, wondering what could worry him so much. Several actually burst into tears.
"Goku, don't make a scene!" Chichi scolded. Vegeta held tight to Goku's wrists, and Chichi sat in his lap to keep him from escaping until they were called.
"Son Goku?" called a friendly voice. They all looked up to see a nurse holding a clipboard standing in the doorway. Goku struggled even harder, thrashing around, but Vegeta and Chichi kept him down. After Vegeta had a good enough hold on him to keep him from running, Chichi stood.
"Come on Goku, no pain no gain," she said as she grabbed hold of the back of his shirt. Vegeta and Bulma aided her in dragging him into the examination room.
The room smelled strongly of antiseptic, and the sinister looking instruments on the table did little to lighten the mood. Goku's heart beat faster with each glance at the table. Upon it lay a stethoscope, a rubber hammer, some cotton swabs, and all sorts of things that Goku couldn't even identify. But the thing he found most troubling was the filled syringe on a tray becide the examination table. Goku's eyes grew wide, and he fought harder than ever to escape.
"Come on guys, this is just plain unfair! Let go of me!" Vegeta snickered.
"Since when have I played fair, Kakarot?" His comment was followed by a malicious laugh that ran a chill down Goku's spine.
The doctor entered the room soon after.
"Good afternoon, Goku," he said in a friendly way. "I understand it that you are here for your vaccination." Goku shook his head, but Chichi glared at him and he sighed.
"Yes," he said in a disgruntled voice that sounded nothing like him. The doctor smiled and picked up the syringe.
"Now now, there's no reason to be nervous."
"No reason to be nervous my foot," he grumbled as the doctor wiped some rubbing alcohol on his arm. Vegeta held his shoulders to keep him from bolting as the needle pierced his skin. Goku screamed and his hair went gold as the cold liquid was injected into his vien. The doctor did not notice this and continued his work. He slid the slender metal rod out from under the Sayian's skin and bandaged his arm.
"There you are, Goku. All finished. That wasn't so bad, was it?" Goku muttered something under his breath about rather fighting Cell.
The ride home was quite unpleasant.
"I can't believe you really went Super Saiyan right there in the hospital!" Chichi fumed. "This is ridiculous, Goku; you're a grown man!"
"But always a child at heart," Bulma interrupted. Chichi couldn't help but laugh. True, Goku would probably never grow up. Vegeta grinned evilly and whispered to himself:
"Note to self: want a good fight with Kakarot, bring needles."
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