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I Know You're Just A Bully A poem dedicated to my whole school.

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Yea, Go ahead and say it
I know what I did wrong
It's just a repeated song
Every word is another hit

My self-esteem is gone
Because of you
Every word you say is true
What kind of drugs should I be on?

Yea, Go ahead and beat me down
I can't stay strong
I will never belong
So, I guess this is a permanent frown

I know you're just a bully
I know I'm just weak
I know I'm just a freak
And I know you win, single-handedly

A/N: Yea, my school hates me because I'm a bisexual atheist. It sucks. I'm discriminated against and it gets really hard sometimes. I think I've mentioned this before, but I write to get my feelings out. Sooooo.....Errrrmmmmm Yea.
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