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Milky way blues

by ImJustFine 2 reviews

It's there, you just can't see it with your blinds down...

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There's something so serene
about night-time in the city
it's breathing
like it's forbidden
for it to even be alive
like it's a beast
that should have been slain long ago
for it's ugliness
like it's waiting,
but not in a malicious way

The sky is dusty purple
strewn with burnt ockre clouds
where the city lights are all too bright
and there are no stars
the only stars are the ones in young lovers' eyes
and yellowing lamplight
in the rain-drenched street

It's not silent in any way
there is the constant rumbling
of electricity
in the veins of the houses
and cars hurling down the turnpike
screaming out their existence
through metal-grind howls
and even when the lovers have parted
with their vows of stoned, dazed smiles
there are echoing footsteps
hanging in the air
from the sleepless soul marching
toward the morning's execution
oh the courage

Abandoned children
are rolling around the alleys
and chasing their own tails
because that's how it is with mice
and if only you've lived a little
then at least
you've lived more than nought
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