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I Am So Bored and Akward

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My bordem/rip off of the profile of a fuck(FIC I SAID FIC)wadian

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So while sitting here, listening to Walking Disaster; I randomly thought about how many people I know/talk to on Fuck- FIC I SAID FIC..wad.
This is who I came up with

Sam's list of Ficwad friends

Yup, absolutely nobody.
So, why the hell not do this, 
Because I am utterly bored
And I'm a complete loser
This is turning out like the profile of a ficwaidan
But with no punctuation
And seemingly illiterate
-> My name is Sam
->My Username is based off a Breaking Benjamin song
->I tend to write more about drama and schtuff (yes schtuff) like that
->I have a new obsession with Sum 41 
->I -fuuuck- No I do not fuck (I'm 14, I ain't into that..yet)
->I'm single (sadly, my first and only relationship didn't work out...because of a few skittles)
->I play bass
->I have a lip ring (middle and hurts like hell right now)
->-Insert pondering face- Erm...I'm out of ideas here..I HATE talking about myself, so if you want to know something..just ask and hit me up with will legitimately make my day.
-Nods akwardly-
Well that was akward and the best way to pass the time
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