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It's more description, but there's no catergory for that. About a horse with no plot :)

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I feel him transfer his energy from leg to leg, bouncing along in a collected trot. His head is carried high with his neck arched, accepting my hands as I accept his mouth. As we turn the corner I send a gentle message down my left rein telling him something’s going to change. As soon as I reach the marker with the letter `K’, I push him forwards into a fast moving, but controlled, extended trot. I can feel the air under the metal shod feet. We continue changing pace like this a few more times. Bouncy and collected on the short sides of the arena, to reaching and extended on the long sides.
Not wanting to bore him, we change the exercise. Picking up a steady medium trot, I start a large circle between the markers `B’ and `E’. After a near perfect circle, I push him over, towards the centre. I can feel the movement of his legs beneath me through the muscles I am sitting on. We go from a 20 metre circle, down to 10 and then back up to 20. Each time I send a little signal to him with my hands, legs or even just shift my weight, he moves to accept it and follow the direction or pace asked for. Never having to use a whip or spurs.
After 5 minutes I decide that’s enough schooling for the day. I exit the arena on my beautiful 15. 2 hh red-ish bay cob, Beau. I decide a gallop up the grassy track would be a nice reward for him. As we walk down the drive, I loosen my reins so he can reach his head almost to the floor and stretch his back muscles that I'm sitting on. Not using the saddle once in a while does wonders for my position and balance.
The field next to us has 4 young highland horses in it. They come cantering up to the fence to see what horse is passing. The cob only looks at them with a little interest before continuing on our walk.
I cross the quiet country road and head to the track behind the pub. It’s a nice day for a horse. Not too hot, but not raining. The birds are out tending to newly hatched chicks in their nests while butterflies float next to us, landing on flowers of bright colours amongst the grass.
I signal to turn right after shortening my reins. When I see there are no cars, I turn up the lane and trot on. Knowing what we are doing, Beau quickens his pace in excitement, wondering when we will go faster. I kick him on into a canter, trying to keep it controlled until we get to the straight. There are branches that have grown over the lane since I was here in October last year. This lane gets very slippery in winter.
Once he sees the corners disappear Beau immediately takes off!
He flies over the ground, making the trees turn to green smudges. I lean forwards and urge him on a little more, laughing as he swishes his tail happily. The wind whips around my ears. The plants blur into one. All that makes sense is the beautiful animal beneath me.
Knowing we are near the place to turn back, Beau slows down to a walk on his own accord. We pass the front of a large house and use the drive way to make a turn so we can walk back to the yard.
The ride back is calm and peaceful. With it being a Wednesday afternoon in term time, most people are either in school or at work. There is a builder working on a garden wall, but he is the only person we see.
Back on the yard, I put Beau into his stable and start brushing him down while he nibbles at his hay. Once I get his coat shining and his tail is unknotted, I swap his bridle for a head collar and take him to the field for the rest of the day.
When I release him back to his friends, Beau happily bucks and canters away from me to the tall grass and sunshine.

Hey, so I dont usually post in the original, but i wrote this after I rode a horse who I absolutely love! I find horses really inspirational and... well im a horsey girl xD

So please R&R and let me know what you thought or leave some tips for my writing if you see something I need to improve :)

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