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"....And he said 'you know, if you don't get drunk, you won't pull your pants down in front of people in a retirement home!'" Lulani stated, telling his girlfriend of 6 years about his 22nd birthday party. She wanted to go, but she had severe stomach flu that night and was vomiting everywhere. When she asked him about it before, he just waved it off because he didn't want her to get mad at him. But now, 4 years later, he decided she could know about it. Kailani started laughing so hard she was crying. She laughed for a good 5 minutes until they pulled up to their apartment building, near the shore of Anaehoomalu Bay. It had started down-pouring and they had to walk a ways to get to the main entrance.
"I hate rain! You can't surf in it!!! I was supposed to meet Lucy to go in an hour!!!!" Kailani whined.
"What? I'm not good enough? I feel wanted." Lulani complained. Kailani play pushed him and said "I'll race ya!" as she was getting out of the car.
"Hey!! No fair!! You're closer, you got a head start!!!" Lulani yelled following her.
When they got to their apartment Lulani tackled Kailani onto the couch and held her down.
"Where're ya gonna go now, Kay?" Lulani whispered in her ear as he leaned down and kissed her. She finished and pushed him away, giggling.
"Let's watch TV." She said pushing the remote, randomly. She ended up on Comedy Central. South Park was on, so they left it and watched. About an hour later Kailani got up and said "look, it stopped down-pouring! I'ma walk downtown and get us a movie, k?" She walked to the door and slipped her flip-flops on. "A-HEM" she cleared her throat loudly. "A-A-HEM!!!!!!" Lulani looked up. "hu- OH!!!" He got up and ran over to her. "be careful. Love you."
"love you, too" Kailani said and she quickly kissed him and walked outside.
She got the movie quickly and started to walk home. She wasn't walking for 1 minute before it started down pouring. Again. She was half way home when Lulani's friend, Reid, drove by. He relized it was her and pulled to the side of the road.
"Oy!!!! Kailani!!! You wanna ride?" He yelled at her.
"Yeah, sure." Kailani relpied as she was piling into Reid's beater. A beater is an old car that's used mostly to take surfing equipment to the beach and back and it gets beat up a lot.
"Yo, chica? You wanna eat?" Reid asked.
"I probably shouldn't.....I guess we could though."
"Good I'm starvin'" Reid stated, as he pulled into a little diner about 5 minutes away from Kailani's apartment. They got their food and were chatting and having a good time, so Kailani completely forgot about Lulani.
"Oh, shit. Reid we have to go, Lulani's waiting for me!!" Kailani told him, realizing he must be worried sick about her.
"Alright, Chica, calm down!! Waitress, could we have our bill, please. And quickly, we have somewhere to be. Thank you." When Kailani started taking her money out of her purse Reid said "Oh no, girlie. I made you late and will probably cause some problems, I got it, no?"

Kailani sighed. She wanted to know if Reid was black, Hawaiian, French or other. He was really Hawaiian, but he never acted like it and the way he talked and acted always changed. It was actually quite amusing, but other times it was irritating. They paid and got into the car quickly. Reid sped home and almost crashed a few times. When they got there, Reid insisted on coming to the apartment to say it was his fault. Kailani went to open the door, but it was locked. Reid was still a few flights of stairs down and Kailani wanted to get to Lulani before Reid did, so she needed to go fast.


When Lulani heard a key scraping at the lock, he knew she was home, so he grabbed the ring and got on his knee in front of the door. When the door opened he said "Kailani, will you marry-......" He stopped when he saw Reid walk up behind Kailani and hand her a box of food. When Kailani noticed what he was looking at she stuttered, "Lulani-he just-I was-it was raining and-hungry-it's ok-...." He stood up and pointed down stairs.
"Out. Kailani,i get out."


Kailani burst out crying and took off downstairs toward her car. Out of the corner of her eye she say Lulani grab Reids grey cotton t-shirt and pull him into the apartment, slamming the door behind him. When she got to the door she remembered that it was still raining. When she got to the car she got in and watched the door to the building to see if either of them came out. About 15 minutes after she'd been there Lulani stormed out of the house in a white t shirt and black swim trunks. As he was walking down the stairs to the beach, he ripped his shirt off, exposing his surf-toned abs, and threw it on the ground by the door. Kailani waited a minute to anticipate her next move. She decided to go. She got out of the car and ran to the beach, where she found Lulani standing chest-deep in water. The water was choppy and unsafe because of the weather. It was still raining, and it had maybe even started raining harder.
"LULANI!!!!" Kailani screamed. He didn't notice her, so she went into the water after him, knowing the dangers. She got to him, turned him around, so he was facing the shore, and started pulling him to the beach. He didn't want to come, but Kailani was better in water then he was, so he was forced to come. They got to the beach and Kailani spat the rain water out of her mouth. The rain was beating down now, each drop feeling like a quarter being dropped on their heads.
"Lulani, you listen to me." She screamed at him, so he could hear her over the rain and thunder. "I only went to lunch with Reid! I was mad at him for taking me, because I wanted to see you more than anything!!!! You act like I take you for granted, but I don't!!!......Lulani! Lot's of things will change.....Lot's of things won't, they'll stay the same! But the fact-"She spat the water out and pushed her hair out of her face. "The fact that I love you-that-that will always stay the same!!!" she yelled pointing at him. "I know you came out here wanting to die! You couldn't stand what you had said to me after you found out what really happened! And if anything happened to you... I would come out here and kill my self the same way you tried to!! My heart would be broken into so many pieces-it would be like- well like trying to count every grain of sand on Earth! So please tell me you love me and you won't kill yourself! If you saying that means never seeing you again, then fine- I'll leave just as soon as you say that to me-I'm gone!"

"Kailani!! I Love you! I want you to marry me! I did want to kill myself for hurting you-I can't stand to see you cry! And I hate to see myself without you. After I've loved you, I would die a lonely old man if you left me because I would never love again!" Lulani screamed back at her. She grabbed him and kissed him. When she finally finished She yelled back at him "OF CORSE I'LL MARRY YOU, YOU BIG STUPID MAN!!!!" At that he smiled, laughed and picked her up to take her inside where it was dry and safe.


7 months later Lulani and Kailani were happily married. Reid was in the wedding as the best man and they are expecting their 2nd daughter in 3 months.
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