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Brotherly Love (Or Not)

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Brad Walst has always been there for his little brother, Matt. But is this love just brotherly, or something more? Three Days Grace/My Darkest Days, INCEST WARNING!!

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"Brad! I fell!" My six year old brother comes running up to me, crying and holding his elbow.

"Well, come here then, Matt! I'll clean it up." Yes, twelve year old Brad Walst babies his little brother. I don't care what you say, he's my little brother and I love him. Even if he is a little annoying sometimes.

"Wuv you, Brad." Matt says as I put a Band-Aid on his elbow. God, this kid is adorable sometimes.

"Love you too, little bro. Be careful next time. You're already covered in scrapes and bruises, you don't need more." I say as I start pushing him out the door.

"I will!" He yells back, already running off to play with his friends again. I know I'm gonna hate that kid when he's older, so I have to love him now.

2 Years Later, 1991

"What were you thinking, Matt! Sneaking off like that! Getting your ear pierced!" My mother yells at my eight year old sibling. Yea, he snuck off to get his ear pierced. He's turning out more and more like me with each passing day. I'm not going to say that that's a good thing.

"Come on Mom, he just wanted to be like me. Leave him alone." I say to her, knowing that it probably won't work.

"Stay out of this Bradley!" See what I told you? "Take that horrid thing out of your ear right now, young man!"

"No." My little brother says defiantly. That's Matt for you. Yelled at for getting a piercing, and not taking the easy way out.

"Fine, I'll get your father to take it out then."

5 Years Later, 1996

"Matt, this is wrong. I could go to prison. I'm 19! And you're my brother!" I protest after the 13 year old presses his lips against mine. He climbs up to straddle my waist.

"I want it and you want it, Brad. I give consent. And I don't care if you're my brother." He says. He kisses me again, wrapping his fingers into my brown hair.

"Statuary rape. You're underage. Your consent doesn't count." I say, finally managing to push him off of me.

"We won't tell anyone then." He says. I can see a bit of that boy who snuck off to pierce his ear when he was eight in his face. That same defiance.

"We wouldn't tell anyone anyway. Incest is illegal, too." I say, walking off to stand as far away from him as possible.

"Fine. But I still want you." He says, smirking softly. He stalks back up to me, and stands on tip-toe to plant a kiss to my lips again.

"Wait until you're sixteen. We'll talk this over then. It's probably just a phase from your hormones." I say, pushing him away again.

"Fine. Until then, Big Brother." He says, leaving the basement where Adam, Neil, Phil, Joe, and I used to practice.

Three Years Later, 1999

"You said wait until I was sixteen, Brad. We had a deal. It wasn't just a phase. If it is, it's a pretty damn long phase." Matt tells me. We're sitting in the same basement as when he first tried to get me to, all those years ago. Over those three years, he's managed to grow so that he is taller than I am. The 16 year old presses his lips onto mine. He's legal. It's so weird to know that. Incest is still illegal though.

"Incest is still illegal." I say, pushing him off.

"Come on, you know you want to." He says, well, rather growls.

"It doesn't matter if I want to, it's illegal."

"We won't tell anybody."

"Fine! But I swear Matt, you won't like it." I growl through my teeth. Yes, I do want it. But I also want him to understand that he probably doesn't.

"We'll see about that." He growls back.

I flip us around so that I'm pushing him up against the wall. I press my lips fiercely to his, forcing my tongue through his lips. My hands stay at his arms, using all my strength to keep him there. His tongue dances with mine, trying to keep up with the harsh pressure.

I pull my lips away from his, biting and dragging his bottom one as I do. A naughty smile dances over my lips. I lick at my lips, tongue dragging across the hoop going over the bottom one. I push my body against his, using my weight to keep him still. I bite, hard, on his ear, earning a small whimper.

"Still want me?" I whisper into his ear, my voice hoarse and gravelly with need.

"Fuck yes." He growls back, his voice just as needy as mine.

Well, that's a surprise. No matter.

I grind my body into his one last time before returning to his lips. Yet again I plant my own harshly against his. A soft moan comes from the teen beneath me.

I move to pin his wrists above his head with only one hand. I wrap the other in his frosted blond hair, urging him closer. He seems to get that I'm going to be a bit rough with him. And he likes it. I can feel him getting harder through his pants.

I drag him to the small couch in the space, never breaking off the rough kiss. Right before we get there, I pull away from his lips. He looks at me for a second, confused. I keep my face fierce and shove him down onto the sofa.

"Don't fucking move." I growl, walking towards a small chest in the room. He watches as I pull out a small bottle of lube.

I walk back over to him, setting the lube on the table next to the couch. I push him into the couch as I climb on top of him. My hands push his shirt up roughly, tearing it over his head. I rake my nails down his chest and he writhes beneath me. I lean down and bite at his nipples. He starts panting beneath me.

"That feel good?" I growl in his ear while fingers stroke against his length through his jeans.

"Ohhhhh..... Yessssssss......." He moans in response.

I laugh. I know I'm teasing him a bit cruelly, but he got me angry.

I pull up for a second to pull my shirt off. I quickly lean back down, pressing my bare chest to his.

God.....He has no idea how much I had hoped it wasn't just a phase for him. It sounds sick, I know.

"You like it when I'm rough, huh? How incredibly dirty." I whisper into his ear. I'm getting a bad habit of doing that. Oh well. I like hearing him moan at the sound of my whispered growls. I bite at his ear as he answers.

"Holy fucking...... God yes, Brad!" He yells as I grind into him.

"Mmmmm.....I like it when you say my name, Matt." I growl, moving down to bite at his neck. I bite down on his collar bone, sucking at it for a second.

"Fuck, Brad...... You're such a fucking tease." He moans as I move down, scraping my teeth over his chest. A tease, huh? Yea, I guess so. But I'm not the horny teenager here.

I change positions so that I'm on my knees, straddling his legs. I lean back down and kiss him harshly, wrapping my fingers into his hair. I pull his head roughly towards mine, deepening the kiss. My tongue pushes for entrance into his mouth as his fingers fight with my belt. I feel him finally manage to get it undone, and then his fingers begin to fumble with the button on my jeans. He manages to get it undone faster than my belt. He starts pulling my fly down, pushing my pants down from around my hips. I pull my fingers out of his hair as he attempts to pull down my boxers.

I pull back up, gasping for breath. I catch his wrists, keeping them away from my underwear.

"No." I say simply. He's not getting me naked that fast. And certainly not before he is. I start pulling down his jeans, not bothering with his fly. I manage to pull them off from around his ankles, and begin to hook my fingers into his underwear. I stop and think for a second before deciding not to pull them down quite yet.

I pull my fingers out from his waistband and he groans from frustration. I rake my fingernails over the insides of his thighs, hearing him moan loudly. I repeat the action, earning yet another moan. Finally, I can't resist pulling his underwear down.

As I do, he lets out a sigh of relief, knowing that I'm going to do something about the painful erection he has. I put a hand on his shoulder to hold him down as I wrap my hand around his dick. He immediately bucks up against my hand, sensitive from my constant teasing. I let my hand glide softly up and down, but not putting enough pressure to bring him over the edge.

"Fucking tease, Brad. You're such a humongous fucking tease." He hisses at me. He's squirming, trying to find that sweet relief.

"Yea, maybe I am. But I'm not the horny teen in the room." I laugh softly, letting my thumb rub softly over his head. "Beg me for it and maybe I'll let you come."

"Fuck.....Fuck you. Just let me come, you bastard." He growls. Fuck me? Isn't that what he was wanting? To fuck me?

"Oh, Matt, is the chance to fuck me what you wanted? Come on, beg me." I say, still letting my fingers tease him.

"Fucking hell.......Fine...... Please, Brad...... Please bring me off......" The first little bit is growled, the second is whimpered needily.

"Tell me how much you need it." I say as I increase the amount of pressure by a little bit.

"Please.....I need it so fucking much..... Please, Brad...... I need you to..... I need you to make me come." Yet more needy, whimpered pleads come from his throat as he squirms.

"See, was that so hard?" I say before moving my head towards his crotch area. I take his length into my mouth and let my tongue flick over the head. He comes almost immediately, groaning loudly. I swallow the salty liquid. I pull back up, grinning at him slightly.

"Don't really want me to kiss you now, do you?" I say cockily. He's panting softly, trying to get his breath back.

"Wouldn't.... Really......Care.... At........This....Point." He manages to get out. As he does, I start to pull my boxers down. I cover my fingers in lube from the bottle that I pulled out earlier. After he calms down and stops panting, I slowly slip a finger into his hole. He moans softly at the entrance. I quickly slip another finger inside of him, scissoring him a few times. The soft gasps coming from his lips are getting me even harder.

"Think you're ready?" I ask him. He moans a little at the sound of my voice.

"Fuck yes......" He groans. I line myself up with his hole and push in slowly. Yet another moan escapes his lips. I start of with a slower, steady tempo. And then I get rougher. My lips find his, red and swollen from the other kisses. His arms wrap around my neck as my fingers entwine themselves in his hair. After several long kisses, I just want to look into his eyes as I thrust. Those eyes that are almost exactly the same shade as my own. Those eyes that portray every emotion he has, even if the rest of his face is hiding it.

He suddenly gasps loudly, I think I've hit that sweet spot. His prostate. I try to hit it again, and earn another loud gasp. Yup, I think I've found it. I slow down a little, letting him feel every thrust.

"Oh, god, Brad. That....That feels amazing." His whisper of pleasure making me want to fuck him into next week. But I keep that same speed. Every thrust driving him closer to the edge yet again.

He begins to squirm after a little bit and I know he is close. I speed up, feeling him clench around me.

"Fuck!" He yells as he comes, spurting over both our chests. This is the first time that his voice has reached a scream. He clenches tightly around my dick, giving me a sweet pressure. My thrusts speed up even more. I can feel that pressure building up inside my balls as I'm brought closer to my own release.

And then that moment of pure bliss comes. I spurt inside him, holding still as I empty my balls into him. After my orgasm is over, I pull out and kiss him softly. He kisses back full force.

And then I realize something..... I just fucked my younger brother.

13 Years Later, 2012

I pull Matt close to me, his back up against my stomach. I don't regret what we just did. Am I ashamed of it? Yes, but I don't regret it. It's one of those guilty pleasures that Matt and I share.

"Mmmmmm.....Brad, that was amazing." He says to me. I nod against his shoulder in reply.

"So, I know I've said this before, and I will probably never listen to myself, but we should stop this. I mean, I have a wife and kids, you have a girlfriend. This should end..... Okay, tradition of me saying that continued. Shower?" I say to him. Yea, I'm the one who started trying to talk us out of this, but it never worked. I still say it as a tradition, though.

"You go. If someone walks in and hears the shower running with neither of us in the main room and no-one saw either of us leave, we'd get some questions." He says.

"Yea. Mmmkay." I mumble as I stand up and stumble towards the small bathroom in the hotel room.

"He don't play nice, he makes me beg. He pulls that shirt over his head. I'm sat here on the bed for this man I'm fucking." He sings a short parody of Porn Star Dancing as I walk away.

This is a two shot, The next will be told from Matt's POV. Oh and if you need the tune to the song he's singing, it's this, He's the singer of this band.
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