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As They Grow Up...

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The mother's of Brendon and Jennifer P.O.V as they grow up..well..up until the point of meeting each other.

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Hi! I come bearing a prequel!!!! It's a prequel of the prequel I'm going to make for The Radio Interview. Not anytime soon! I need to finish my story!!! So if you have read The Radio Interview, you'll want to read this! You can read the stories in any order, but if you read one, make sure to read the other! This is from my OC's mother, and Brendon's mother. Jennifer's mother speaks in Spanish, but not many people understand Spanish, and I'm also not in the mood for Google Translate, so it's in English! XD Completely fictional! I only own Jennifer! Without further ado, here is "As They Grow Up"!

Brendon's mother's P.O.V
4 Years old

He called me in. The thunder has frightened him since he was a baby. I have to lay down with him until morning, or he panics. I lay down and he falls asleep almost immediately. I look at my little boy. He's my entire world. He's growing up. I mean, he's starting school soon. My little boy. 4 years have flown by. He'll soon have his first crush! His first girlfriend. His first heartbreak. So many things are approaching. I stroke his short hair. My little boy. I wish he would never grow up. I wish I could at least plan out his whole life for him. I already have decided a few things.
What will be his career? He'll be a doctor.
Who will he marry? A girl he's known since forever. Like that Kayla girl he plays with sometimes.
What will she look like(even if it isn't Kayla)? Blonde hair, blue eyes, slim body,creamy skin. She will be a doctor,a nurse, or a teacher. Any girl who matches that description is fine. Even if Kayla said she wants to be a teacher..and matches that description.

I love my baby boy. Only the best for him.

Jennifer's mother P.O.V
4 years old
The thunder must've frightened her. She is so precious. I just can't resist staying with her. As soon as I laid down, she fell asleep. I wrapped my arm around her. My baby girl. 4 years have just flown by! She'll soon have her first crush, her first boyfriend, her first heartbreak. I intend on always being there for her. To console her when she cries. To yell at her brothers when they're too over protective for absolutely no reason. Like when she fell down and they yelled and frightened the nearest boy. I sighed. Her father wasn't around to do that stuff. She barely knows him. I wish she had a normal life, in some rich neighborhood, in a house, with two parents instead of one. In a HOUSE, not some small apartment in the dirty city of New York. I wish she could remain my baby girl, actually, instead of growing up and moving out as soon as possible. I wish I could plan out her life.
What would be her career? A doctor or pilot.
Who would she marry? A boy that she's known since forever. Maybe that nice boy, Alex, down the street. The one she always plays with.
What would her husband look like(even if it wasn't Alex)? A nice Mexican boy, or at least a Hispanic boy. One with big,brown eyes, black hair, coffee colored skin. He will be a doctor. It can be any boy who matches that description. Even if that description matches Alex...who mentioned he wants to be a doctor...

I love my baby girl. Only the best for her.

Brendon's mother P.O.V
14 years old

My baby boy came back from his last day of 8th grade. He was so heartbroken.
"What happened, baby?" I asked my boy.
"Kayla was ki-kissing Pete " he wailed.
"Awww come here" I wish he didn't have to go through all of this. The heartbreak, all of it. It was all awful.
"Ok, maybe you'll feel better after one of our naps! We haven't had one of those since you were..what? 6 years old." I said.
Please say Yes. I thought. I miss my baby boy
"O-ok" he said. He laid down and fell asleep. I laid down beside him. He almost immediately fell asleep. My baby boy. I love him. That Pete boy was always trouble! Kayla was a nice girl, and she would never intentionally hurt my baby boy. Maybe he kissed her and Brendon just caught that part. Or maybe he convinced her to do it. I don't know. I just know that Kayla is a nice girl and she should be the one marrying my little boy in about 10 years or so.
I sigh, and stroke Brendon's hair. His first heartbreak. He's already growing up so fast. Maybe we should move, like the Stumps, The Wentzs, and The Petersons are...
Maybe moving to New York will be good for families like us...

Yes. It'll be good.

Jennifer's mother P.O.V
14 years old

"Why do we have to do this?! Is it because Alex's family is going too?!" she asked.
"No! It's because we have to greet the new neighbors and show good manners!" That was a total lie and I knew it. I knew that it was only because Alex's family was going, and that I want to show them we know good manners. It's important to do small things like this. This shows that I'm showing my daughter good manners, that she'll make a good bride.
"Put down that comic book! Stop reading such boyish things!" I scold.
She puts it down.
"Now let's go greet the new families!" I say.
We rush over with a cake I had bought from a bakery earlier today. I see a family, still unpacking things out of their truck. There was a woman, a man, and a boy, who looks about Jennifer's age. I could tell that they weren't very impressed with the house, especially if it's down the street from a bunch of apartments.
"Hi! We live down the street! I just wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood! This is Jennifer, my daughter. I also have 2 sons but they're shopping for their school supplies. I bought you a cake" I say, in the best English I can speak.
The mother of the boy, I presume, looks at me with a disgusted expression, though she tries her hardest to disguise it.
"Oh...hello. Thank you for the cake..." she says.
Alex's family shows up. His mother, who knows as much English as I do, greets them, as well.
After a few seconds of silence, the mother speaks up.
" mind showing me the nearest grocery store? I need people who are familiar with" she says.
"Ok! Let's go." Alex's mother says.
"Jennifer...Alex...why don't you go acquaint yourselves with my son, Brendon?" She says.
I don't mind this. Alex will keep his eyes on Brendon. He's a good boy.

Only the best for my daughter

And that's it! Well, for now. The sequel to this is the prequel of The Radio Interview. I'm planning on making the prequel soon! It takes place where this left off, in either Third Person P.O.V or Jennifer's P.O.V. What would you guys prefer? Third Person or Jennifer(first person)? Tell me in the reviews! Thanks for reading!
P.S: Yes, the Kayla I mentioned is the same Kayla as my other story Calm Before The Storm!
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