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Profile of a New Ficwaddian

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After weeks of stalking this site, I finally made an account. This is just some random info about myself so that you guys can get to know me better.

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So, like it says in the summary, I've been coming to Ficwad for about four weeks, but I'm just now getting an account, mainly because there's a couple of stories that I want to post on here (I'm planning on holding auditions for them. I'll put said auditions up later.), and also because I'm bored as hell. Anyway, here we go!

Username: mynerdyromance.

Actual name: Natalia.

Gender: Asexual alien being from the planet Zork.

(Nah, I'm a girl. Much less interesting than being an alien, isn't it?)

Country: Lived in the United States since I was seven, was born in Russia.

City: Fairbanks, Alaska.

Religion: Russian Orthodox when my grandparents are around, atheist when they aren't.

Relationship status: Single and loving it! (Jesus Leroy Christ that sounds corny.)

Picture of yourself: Sorry, not giving you that.

Favorite musicians/bands (Be prepared for a long-ass list):
My Chemical Romance (Well, that's obvious.)
The White Stripes
Belle and Sebastian
The Academy Is...
Alex Day
The Black Keys

Favorite movies:
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Annie Hall
Lord of the Rings movies
To Kill A Mockingbird

Favorite TV shows:
Doctor Who
The Office (Both the British and the American versions.)
Big Bang Theory

Favorite Writers (I'm doing this instead of favorite books because that would take me forever):
John Green (French the llama, I love him!)
Douglas Adams
Stephen King
Anne Rice
J.K. Rowling
Maureen Johnson
F. Scott Fitzgerald

Heroes: This is a little bit sad, but I haven't got any.

Bandoms you write for: Well, I haven't written on here yet, but I'll mainly write for My Chem when I do.

Pairings you ship: Frerard, Frikey, Band members with OCs, anything that's well written and isn't Baycest. (That shit is creepy.)

Your favorite fics on here: I haven't read much yet, but I like CosmicZombie's stories a lot. If you would be so kind as to recommend me some stuff, I'd be very grateful.

Your favorite authors on here: See above.

Where you can contact me: I love talking to people, and I won't mind one bit if you send me an email. Please tell me that you're from Ficwad, though, so that I don't think some weirdo is emailing me.

So that's pretty much it. Thanks for reading, and I hope I can get to know you guys!
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