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Profile of a Ficwaddian

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HEY GUISE, LUK WHU IS IZ ahem, hello..

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HEY HO HOWS IT GOING? care about my life? na me either I was just bored, ENJOY

Username: Unknown098123

Actual name: Lucy:)

Gender: IM A REAL BOY (im a girl but i wanted to say that ok).

Country: Ye Olde England

City: take a guess we're famous for steel and chavs.

Religion: Well, I go to a Catholic school, so yeah Catholic, Im not really strict, but I think there is a God.

Relationship status: Single WOOP WOOP

Picture of yourself: COVER YO EYES.. exuse the face i think i was tired

Favorite musicians/bands ;
My Chemical Romance
You Me At Six
Green Day
All Time Low
The Cribs
The Kooks
The Midnight Beast
Panic! At the Disco
Fall Out Boy
Sum 41
Blink 182
The Fray
The Script
The Academy Is..
Joy Divison
The Black Keys
Walk The Moon
Ed Sheeran
Mumford and Sons
Two Door Cinema Club
Lana Del Ray
Kings Of Leon
The Killers
Arctic Monkeys

Favorite movies:
The Notebook:3
Mean Girls
Romeo and Juliet
School Of Rock
All the Harry Potters
Twilight(Cringe, me and my bestfriend swoon over jacob)
8 Mile
The Shawshank Redemption
Forrest Gump
Every Disney Pixar Movie made.

Favorite TV shows:
How I Met Your Mother
The Midnight Beast
Big Bang Theory
The Inbetweeners
Family Guy

Favorite Books;
Oh God, Classic Childrens stories, the origials.
Harry Potters
The Hunger Games
The Catcher In The Rye

Heroes: My Mum and Dad (lmfao saddo) Gerard Way.

Bandoms you write for: MCR YEAH

Pairings you ship: Frerard, Frikey

Your favorite fics on here: Check my favs

Your favorite authors on here: See above..

Where you can contact me: Ask for my Facebook or Twitter, Id love to make some new friends:D, my email is even if you just drop in a message to say Hi i'd love that:3

Thanks and all BYE NOW YA'LLLLL
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