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Profile of a Ficwaddian

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Been seeing these things, bored at 2 am...may as well try to make friends.

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Well, hello there, people of Ficwad. I'm not new here, but I'm using a new account and I'm looking for people to talk to or some good authors to check out. I have absolutely nothing to do at this time in the morning and I'm not going to sleep anytime soon, so I'll fill out one of these things...

Username: ...Look up.

Real Name: Now, Ficwad, why would I do something as risky as revealing my true identity? Aren't you aware I'm wanted in 37 states and 4 other realms? ahem But you may call me Chance.

Gender: Depends on what realm we're talking about here...or what mood I'm in.

Country: USA, woot!

City: ...I'm not going to reveal my location, silly, I don't need Slendy to bother me at night anymore. I've also pissed off the child of the Joker and Voldemort, don't need him finding me either, thank you.

Religion: I believe there's some higher power out, I'll meet him/her after I die.

Relationship Status: Taken and happy. Slendy, I'm not your type, stop stalking me.

Picture of self: Ahem, identity at stake? Oh well, I'll entertain you all with this picture of two terrifying, nightmare-inducing creatures. Enjoy. Try going to sleep now.

Favorite Musicians/Bands: Evanescence, Fall Out Boy, Blood on the Dance Floor, Panic! At the Disco, Breaking Benjamin, Papa Roach, Disturbed, Shinedown, Three Days Grace...and a guilty pleasure, Katy Perry.

Favorite Movies: Insidious, Shark Night, The Amazing Spiderman, the Batman trilogy, Hangover, Dream House, Magic Mike...anything horror. I find some horror movies quite funny. I don't go to theaters often.

Favorite TV Shows: Most crime/mystery related shows, House, True Blood, Breaking Bad, Death Note, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic...I don't watch a lot of TV either...does Youtube count? Oh, oh, how about Happy Appy? Haaappy Appy appy app, he kills the kids all daaay...

Favorite Books: The Chronicles of Nick, Percy Jackson series, the Inheritance series, Intertwined, Oh My Goth, the Pendragon series, the Morpheus Road series, the Chronicles of Vladimir Tod, the House of Night series...oh, and any horror stories. Especially well-written Creepypastas.

Heroes: Strangely, I look to the villains you have to feel sorry for as heroes. Many have good intentions, but the way they carry their plans out aren't so sunshiney and rainbowy. They just need a hand. The people who serve in the military are also heroes. I look up to my brother as a hero, despite his immaturity...Batman, of course...does Jeff the Killer count as a hero?

Bandoms I Write For: I used to write MCR fanfiction, but there is one I may be willing to update still. I've written FOB fanfiction before, but I never post it.

Pairings: LightxL is the only one that makes sense that I read often. I mostly read all of the crack pairings that scare everyone...and sometimes even scare me.

Favorite Fics: Violence is my only option, anything by Colorful Shadow or mychemicalbitchbot, that one MCR one about the doll house and Frerard, that 78 chapter MCR one about Willow who saw ghosts, the one where a teenage Gerard meets Frankie's ghost while being chased...I really don't pay attention to the names, I love many fics, but these are the ones that stick out. At least from here, I've read some good ones on but that's a whole 'nother profile.

Favorite Authors: The authors mentioned above or the authors of the stories mentioned above. And then ones I forgot. Again, I don't pay attention to names.

Contact: If you ask nicely, I may give you my email. Please don't sell it to hookers.

Well, that's it, folks. Oh, and if you like horror or supernatural stories which are often based off of nightmares, I write that kinda stuff. A little encouragement could help the writing process, hm? wink nudge Until next time, GO TO SLEEP.
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