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Run Baby, Run

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FRERARD/JALEX/RYDEN The MCR, Panic! and All Time Low boys get stuck in the middle of a very bad situation. Prepare for smut, violence and drug abuse. This aint no clean story anymore.

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Part 1 – Check Yes, Juliet are you with me?

Brendon nudged Spencer and pointed to the front of the classroom. Now, neither Brendon nor Spencer was good at paying attention in class but something had caught Brendon’s attention. “Now” Miss Smith said, making sure the whole class was listening, even Spencer.

“Today we are going to welcome a new student into our class, his name is George Ross.” The class groaned, sweeping from the nerds to the jocks to the emos. “Now, you will treat Mr Ross with the same respect you treat each other” Brendon start giggling, catching Miss Smith’s attention. “What’s so funny, Mr Urie?” Miss Smith made her way over to the line of desks at that back, all squished together in a line. “Well?”

Brendon slunk back in his chair, trying to hide his face but still girlishly giggling. This was something he did not want to share with the class. “It’s not Brendon’s fault, Miss. It’s mine.” Spoke a voice next to Brendon. There sat Frank Iero, guitar player, misfit and class asshole.

“Oh really? Well how is it your fault then, Mr Iero?”

“I told Brendon something which he already knew before me which I don’t get.” Frank gave Brendon a slightly confused look and Brendon smiled up at him, shaking his head.

“Any more noise from you two and I’ll separate you.”

Brendon smirked at Frank and as soon as Miss Smith had her back turned; Frank slapped Brendon round the head, causing Brendon to laugh even more and fall off his chair. Brendon’s friends all laughed at him, causing the rest of the class to turn around and see Brendon, face flat on the floor. Now, even the jocks and nerds were laughing at Brendon’s little episode, which just made the whole situation funnier. The only person not laughing was Gerard, who was hunched in the corner with his headphones in, Frank noticed this and made a mental note to ask him about that later.

Brendon didn’t bother sitting back in his seat so he just sat on the floor while the teacher moved Frank away from Brendon and next to Gerard, which Frank was pretty happy about. Brendon started chewing on Spencer’s leg and Spencer kicked Brendon in the face, making his nose bleed slightly. “Fuck you, Smith.” Brendon said, holding his bleeding nose and getting off the floor, it was then when Brendon realized. He’s fucked. And hopefully, literally.

Silence swept over the class and Brendon’s jaw dropped. In walked the most gorgeous boy Brendon had ever seen. He had the most interesting eye make-up, that definitely complimented his school uniform which consisted wait, is that a waistcoat? Brendon thought, looking the boy up and down. He looked slightly taller than Brendon, with shaggy brown hair that was just above his eyes and down by his ears and the bottom of his neck. He had amber coloured eyes that Brendon just stared into, the kid still not knowing Brendon was staring.

“Class, this is Mr Ross” Miss Smith said, glaring at the children in a ‘make sure you’re nice’ way. The kid bit at his nails that were already short but clean. “George, go and sit down next to Brendon” she said, the kid looked confused and Miss Smith said quite loudly “The kid with the half bleeding nose” like she didn’t even care. Brendon’s friend Alex snickered at the whole situation which resulted in Brendon jumping Alex and pulling him to the floor. The rest of the class (after staring at Alex and Brendon’s play fight for a few minutes) went back to what they were doing before the new kid came in. The new kid made his way to the back and looked down at Brendon who was currently straddling Alex and telling him to “shut the fuck up you stupid fag.” The kid looked awkward and let out a small cough. Brendon looked up at him and quickly got off of Alex, straightening his school tie and smiling.

He held out his hand and said “Brendon Urie” the new kid smiled which would have made Brendon fall to his knees if he actually wanted to freak out the new kid. The new kid took Brendon’s hand and shook it.

“Ryan Ross, if you call me George I will punch you in the fucking face” Ryan said, still smiling sweetly at Brendon and making Brendon’s heart race a million times faster than usual. Brendon may have held onto Ryan’s hand a bit too long but no one seemed to notice, they were all busy making plans about something. Brendon offered the chair next to him to Ryan and they both sat down and Brendon introduced Ryan to the others.

“Alex and I were thinking” Jack said, looking at the others and smiling at Alex “There’s a party in Newark. We could go see Mikey and Ray, if you guys want to?” Gerard looked up when Jack said Mikey’s name and moved his chair closer to the group.

“We should go” Gerard said, smiling and speaking up for the first time that morning “It’ll be fun, and hey, I’ll get to see my brother and Ray which will be awesome!” Frank smiled at Gerard and his enthusiasm, he liked the fact Gerard was smiling, it didn’t happen much these days.

“So, new kid” Brendon said, turning to face Ryan who was currently in a discussion with Bob and Rian about why Glen Coco got so many candy canes “You coming?”

Ryan smiled at Brendon and looked down at his lap, his fingers laced together and his thumbs twirling. “I don’t know, I mean, I don’t even know you guys. You could be sadistic rapists for all I know” Ryan said, shrugging at Brendon’s bewildered expression.

Brendon laughed “We aren’t sadistic rapists, I promise” he said and just as Ryan was about to say something else, the bell went for first lesson. “What’ve you got?”

"Music" Ryan replied, not too sure what to say next.

“So, we have the same classes… That’s cool” Brendon said, moving on the balls of his feet.

“Yep” Ryan replied, quietly looking down at his nails which really needed a cut.

“I-I could show you around if you’d like?” Brendon offered.

“I’d love that” Ryan smiled and pushed Brendon out the classroom door.

“I must warn you” Ryan said “I’m kickass at guitar.”

Brendon grinned at Ryan and took his hand, leading him through the corridors till they were at the music basement. “We’ll see about that, pretty boy.”

The same time: Frank and Gerard

“Gee” Frank said, as the bell went, signalling their first lesson which luckily they had together. Well, lucky for Frank anyway.

“What?” Gerard asked, looking at Frank with a lifeless expression, just like he had been doing most of the morning.

Frank gently grabbed Gerard’s arm and sighed. “I-” Frank started, until Bob came rushing over, the boys quickly parting away from each other.

“Alex and Jack are making out in the corridor” Bob said, rushed and slurred. Frank and Gerard smiled and started laughing; it had been completely obvious they had liked each other for years. “In front of the football team!” The boys stopped laughing and rushed over to the crowd of kids, all crowded round Alex and Jack. There they were, Jack pushed up against a locker and Alex being as harsh yet caring to Jack as possible. The football team sat there, bewildered as to why two of the most well-known people in school, were making out. And it didn’t look like any joke.

Frank and Gerard just laughed at the boys and walked off to their first lesson, they weren’t going to be late just cause of Alex and Jack’s hot make-out session in the corridor.

“Listen” Frank said when they were outside their classroom “Meet me at the music basement in 10 minutes; tell Mr Jones that I had an allergic reaction or something he will believe. I have to do something and I can’t do it without you there.” Gerard looked confused but agreed with Frank to meet him in 10 minutes.

Frank walked off to the music basement, his heart pounding. He hoped he wasn’t going to regret what he was going to do.

Frank sat at the stairs of the music basement, waiting for Gerard when the door swung open and there stood Brendon and Ryan. “Oh hey Frank” Brendon said, smiling at Frank and walking up the stairs, trying not to step on Frank.

“Hey guys” Frank said, giving them an awkward smile. Brendon frowned and looked at Ryan; he shrugged and took the box of leads from Brendon.

“I’ll go find the room, don’t worry” Ryan said, smiling at Brendon and walking off. Brendon sat on the stairs with Frank and knew exactly why Frank looked like he’d just been slapped in the face.

“You really do like him, don’t you?” Brendon said, looking up at Frank from his lap. Frank didn’t look up; he just looked at his grubby converse and nodded.

“I don’t just like him, though. I fucking love him, I always have done. Am I gonna ruin everything?” Frank said, finally looking up and Brendon, pain and worry in his eyes.

“No, it’s why I was laughing this morning when you told me. It’s obvious he likes you back but I don’t think Gerard will admit it to himself, let alone you… His best friend.” Brendon walked up the stairs to follow Ryan and make sure he hadn’t got lost. Frank sat there, thinking to himself when he heard familiar light footsteps behind him.

“Hey, it’s started raining, I’m gonna drive us back tonight.” Gerard said, sitting down next to Frank on the cold stairs. Frank nodded.

“Hey” Frank replied. He really didn’t know what to say… Or do. “Whatever will be, will be” Frank whispered, looking down at his lap and then to Gerard who looked confused.

“Check yes Juliet are you with me?” Frank sang, looking at Gerard. Gerard nodded and Frank continued. “Rain is falling down on the sidewalk I won’t go until you come outside.” Frank finished, looking slightly reluctantly into Gerard’s eyes. The boys headed into the rain and stood on the deserted tarmac.

“Check yes Juliet kill the limbo, I’ll keep tossing rocks at your window. There’s no turning back for us tonight…” Gerard finished, smiling at Frank who smiled back.

He took Gerard’s hand and asked “Are we going to be alright?”

Gerard nodded and replied “Yeah, in the end” Gerard squeezed Frank’s hand and let go. “So, what did you bring me here for then?”

Frank smiled at how eager Gerard was and sung “Lace off your shoes.”

Gerard knew there was no point arguing so just did as he was told and undid the laces of his grubby black converse. Frank quickly ran over to the covered picnic tables and put his and Gerard’s shoes under there, his feet absolutely soaked.

Frank quietly dashed back and looked at Gerard, a smirk playing on his lips. “Here’s how we do.”

Frank took Gerard’s hand and kissed him, the rain and Gerard’s spit the perfect combination. “Run baby, run!” Frank pulled Gerard across the playground and they ran, hand in hand, until they got to the door to the roof. Frank put his hand in his pocket to get the key out but before he could grab it; Gerard forcefully pushed Frank against the brick wall and kissed him. Frank realised what was happening. Gerard Way’s lips were on his… And he was just standing there. Frank started to kiss back, flipping himself and Gerard over so Gerard was now the one against the wall. Frank pushed his tongue into Gerard’s mouth and Gerard fought back for dominance which at the moment, Frank was getting a lot of.

“Don’t ever look back; they’ll tear us apart if you give them the chance” Gerard said, breathless and hot even in the pouring rain. “We can’t tell anyone.”

“What?” Frank said, confused and frazzled. “Why? Was I a bad kisser? Shouldn’t that have happened? Oh shit Gee, I’m sorry.”

Gerard smiled at Frank and took his hand. “No, of course not Frank. And you don’t have to be sorry. I just want to be sure that this is who I am. That felt so right yet so wrong in so many ways. I’m so confused, Frank. So please, just let me think this all over?”

Frank smiled softly and Gerard leant in to kiss him but as he did, he heard thunder and then a massive thump, making the ground shake. “Shit. Storm” Frank said, worriedly. He grabbed Gerard’s hand and led him back to the picnic tables.

It had suddenly got very dark and Frank could hardly see where he was going even though he was used to such darkness. Frank found his and Gerard’s shoes and they put them on, luckily still mildly dry but getting wetter as they put their drenched feet in them.

“Frank?! Gerard?! What the fuck are you doing out here?!” called a female voice from the dim light of the corridor, the door only opened enough to fit her head through.

“Long story!” Gerard called back, linking his hand with Frank’s as it was too dark to see.

“I don’t fucking care but you’d better get in here now as there’s gonna be a fucking hurricane!” The girl who turned out to be Gerard and Frank’s good friend Kitty, said. Frank and Gerard followed Kitty inside and Kitty slapped them both round the face.

“What the hell, Kitty?!” Gerard exclaimed, rubbing his slapped cheek and looking very cross at Kitty.

“What the fuck is wrong with you two?! You could have died out there! What if a tree had landed on you?! Or a car flew at you and killed you?!” Kitty put her head in her hands; her eyes were all red and her eyeliner was smudged; you could tell she had been crying.

Some senior football players came over and gave Frank and Gerard towels which they found odd but accepted in the circumstances. “Kitty?” Frank said, walking closer to his friend and lightly lacing her hand with his “What’s wrong?” It was then when Kitty burst out crying, clinging on to Frank.

“I’ll just… Go.” Gerard said, pointing to the music basement which was where Gerard’s form went in emergencies. Frank nodded and hugged Kitty, trying to calm her.

“Sweetie” Frank cooed, holding Kitty close. Neither of them caring that Kitty was getting slightly damp from Frank’s clothes. “What’s wrong?”

“I-I kissed Lindsey.” She said, trying to catch her breath.

“Why is that bad?” Frank said, pushing Kitty away so she was in front of him.

“Sh-She pushed me away.” Frank sighed and pulled his friend in for another hug.

“JENNIFER DUNN!” A voice shouted from near them. Kitty looked up to see Lindsey standing there, arms crossed and angry. “How dare you walk away from me when I’m about to do this!”

Kitty timidly walked to Lindsey and said “Do what?”

“Do this” Lindsey interlocked her fingers with Kitty’s and pulled her in, kissing her softly.

“Is it me or is it ‘all of Frank’s friends becoming besotted with each other’ day?” Frank interrupted, shaking his head at the two girls.

“Just because you haven’t gotten off with Gerard, no need to be like that” Lindsey said, smirking at Frank.

Frank smirked back and walked up to Lindsey. “Actually, you’re wrong.”

Both the girls giggled and squealed. They pulled Frank in for a hug and Kitty said “So that’s why you were in the rain” Frank nodded then realized he was supposed to tell no one.

“But you can’t tell anyone. Gerard’s still contemplating everything, you can’t tell a single person. Got it?” The girls nodded and they all walked down to the music basement, the girls teasing Frank.


After the bell: Jack and Alex

“Jack come with me” Alex said, grabbing Jack’s hand and pulling him through the wave of students. He pushed Jack up against a locker and held him there with the palms of his hands, near the jocks.

“Wait, so what’s our prank for today then, Alex?” Jack asked, confused as to why he was pinned up against a locker.

“Well, I was thinking…” Alex said, biting his lip and smirking at Jack who still looked confused. “I was thinking we could try something. Not a prank as such…” Jack nodded and smiled at Alex he was getting hotter and hotter, feeling more claustrophobic when Alex planted his lips on Jack’s. Jack pushed back against Alex’s lips and Alex clung his fingers into Jack’s hair.

Quickly, a crowd gathered around them, confused as to why two of the straightest boys in school were making out and the nearby jocks just sat there, speechless. The boys pulled apart, grinning at each other and Jack grabbed Alex’s hand. They walked off to English hand in hand and no one said a word.


Frank walked through the door of the music basement and went over to sit with his friends. Gerard was sitting next to Bob, talking to him about the new Green Day albums. Frank shook his head at how nerdy his friends were but he smiled because hey, you can pick your friends but you can’t pick your family and these guys definitely counted as family.

Frank went and sat down next to Rian, he kicked Rian’s chair and he turned around. “What do you want, Iero?” Rian said, scowling at Frank.

“I hear you like my sister” Frank replied, smirking at Rian.

“How did you hear that?” Rian asked, biting his lip and not looking Frank in the eye.

“Through the grapevine”

“What the fuck is the grapevine?!”

“Your mom.”

“Oh real mature, Frank. This is why everyone thinks you’re an asshole.”

“Who thinks I’m an asshole?”


“Gerard doesn’t think I’m an asshole.”

“Gerard does think you’re an asshole. He even told me.” Frank felt as though his heart had stopped.

“He doesn’t shut up!” Frank shouted. He realised he’d shouted and everyone was looking at him. Including Gerard. “Fuck this.” Frank kicked his chair, knocking it over into Rian and stormed out the room without anyone saying a word.

“I’m just gonna…” Gerard said, gesturing to the door.

“Gerard, it’s too dangerous, you cannot go up there. Mr Iero will be lucky if he makes it back alive. The hurricane is too much.” Miss Smith said, her voice cracking at the end.

“I don’t care. But I love that boy. I really do.” Miss Smith nodded and walked over to Gerard. She pulled him into a hug, her eyes started to water. She smiled at him and let out a small laugh. “Go. Go save the boy you love, I’m not gonna stop you.” Gerard smiled back and ran to the door. He saluted his classmates who saluted him back, every single one of them. A few even said good luck.


After the bell: Brendon and Ryan

“So, we have the same classes… That’s cool” Brendon said, moving on the balls of his feet.

“Yep” Ryan replied, quietly looking down at his nails which really needed a cut.

“I-I could show you around if you’d like?” Brendon offered.

“I’d love that” Ryan smiled and pushed Brendon out the classroom door.

They walked to their first lesson which they were late for due to Brendon not knowing where he was going either, music and the teacher immediately asked Brendon and Ryan to put some books in the storage cupboard for her. Brendon took the box and Ryan opened the door for him like a true gentleman.

They saw Frank sitting on the bottom of the stairs, probably waiting for Gerard. The sky was grey and they all knew a storm was coming but no one would mention it, just in case it jinxed it

“Oh hey Frank” Brendon said, smiling at Frank and walking up the stairs, trying not to step on Frank.

“Hey guys” Frank said, giving them an awkward smile. Brendon frowned and looked at Ryan; he shrugged and took the box of leads from Brendon.

“I’ll go find the room, don’t worry” Ryan said, smiling at Brendon and jogging up the stairs. Ryan paced the corridors for what seemed like hours until Brendon came running up behind him to show him the way. They reached the storage cupboard and found some girls in there, god knows why.

“Oh hey guys” The blonde one said, she was sitting on a red chair and sitting next to a girl with black hair holding a guitar.

The small room was also occupied with a small Indian girl and “What the hell is that?” Ryan said, looking disgusted at a pretty ugly girl with a gazillion spots on her face and greasy grey hair.

“That’s Jane.” The one with black hair and a lot of eyeliner said, kicking the girl onto the floor from her chair.

“No need to worry about her, she’s our pet” The Indian one said, smiling weakly.

“Sophomores” Brendon said, shaking his head and smiling. Ryan put the box on the table at the back and as they went to leave, the blonde girl stopped them by asking them a very awkward question.

“Are you two a couple?” She asked, looking confused yet sweetly at the two boys. They laughed and Ryan put his arm around Brendon’s waist.

“I wish” He joked, pulling Brendon closer to him.

The girls squealed (and awed) and Brendon and Ryan left the storage cupboard. They heard the faint sound of one of them singing “We tried to write a song, it didn’t really work out. We looked around for inspiration. There was nothing to write about!” They giggled (yes, giggled) and walked away, back to the music basement. It was raining and it had suddenly become pitch black. Brendon knew what was gonna happen. And then the bell went, signalling for everyone to head to their basement form rooms to keep safe from oh yes, a hurricane.

Brendon explained this to Ryan and Ryan nodded. They waited for the kids in their music class to leave then they went down the stairs and into the classroom.

‘Frank had gone so he must be with Gerard’ Brendon thought as neither Gerard nor Frank was in the music basement.

About 5 minutes later, Gerard arrived in the basement, drenched and without Frank. Gerard explained that Frank was helping out Kitty and sat down next to Bob, not really wanting to sit next to Gerard after what had just happened.

Jack and Alex were all over each other; whispering suggestive things into each other’s ears and pecking each other on the cheek when they thought no one was looking although they shouldn’t care after their very public morning make out session. They started to discuss the trip to Newark when Frank came in, slightly dryer than Gerard and sit in the only available seat. Next to Rian.

Frank and Rian hadn’t been friends since Frank caught Rian making out with Frank’s girlfriend at the time. Since then, Frank had hated his guts. And the girl’s whose name Frank can only just remember.

Gerard tried to involve himself in the conversation about Green Day’s new album with Bob but he couldn’t concentrate with a half wet best friend sitting meters away from him, not knowing if Gerard wanted to be with him. And the truth was, Gerard really did.

Rian had said something to Frank, causing Frank to shout then walk out the room in almost tears. Frank didn’t get wound up easily, but when it came to Rian, Frank was a bomb waiting to go off.

With the teacher’s permission, Gerard followed Frank and that was when Gerard knew he would be in the worst situation he’d ever have to face.

Gerard felt cold. Empty. But he had to save Frank if it was the last thing he did.

A/N: Okay so that's part 1. There should be about 4 parts with part 4 being longer than the other parts. But... I don't know yet, things may change and if that happens they'll be more parts or less parts. R&R otherwise I won't write anymore because it won't be worth it. Okay yes this has got awkward now but I hope you liked this so yeah... ♥ Hugs and rainbows and oreos if you R&R because I'm a massive fag and I like that sort of shit. Okay bye. ~Gee♥
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