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Chapter 12

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A/N: Hi everyone! Here is the chapter I promised. It's a little short because I need to re-groove myself into this story :3

I woke up balling my eyes out again. This wasn't the usual wipe the tears and I'll be alright type of crying. This time, I hugged myself in the fetal position on my bed until Frank caught the drift that something was wrong.

"What's up?" Frank asked, alarm in his tone. Just in case, he scanned the room for danger. The only thing to be heard other than my heavy breathing and sobbing was the rustling tree branches outside of my window.

"Is Mikey back, do you know?" I asked back, my voice shaking uncontrollably. A faint crack of thunder echoed in the distance.

"Yeah, he came back a few hours ago. Said all this time killing vampires he learned how to be discreet about feeding," Frank replied calmly, furrowing his eyebrows as I exhaled sharply and shuttered.

"Oh," I whispered, following Frank's arms as he pulled me toward him. I let go of my knees and cuddled against his chilly chest.

Closing my eyes once again, I tried to keep the thoughts of my own locked up tight, so no more emotion could spill out. It was bad enough that Frank overpowered me by a ton, but now he couldn't let Frank think less of me. Frank probably thought that I thought less of him, for being a vampire.

"Hey, Frank?" I asked, the state of my consciousness being shown through my tone.

"Yeah?" he asked back, and I waited for the huff of breath that followed his words. It never came, and I bit my lower lip.

Keep bottling up those emotions, Gerard. "Is it wrong for me to be in love with a vampire?"

Frank didn't answer me for a while. He didn't make any sound at all. Finally, he forced a sigh and kissed my neck. "Of course not, darling."
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