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Fans have been begging for them to tour, and with his recent divorce, Adam sees something in Andy. Adam Gontier/Andy Biersack.

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"So, here I write my lullaby to all the lonely ones." The twenty-something year old sings into the mic, running a hand through his black hair, blue eyes sparkling. The band is Black something or other. But, they're good. I would sign them if they didn't already have a record company. Although, this song does remind me of Never Too Late.

"Savior will be there, when you are feeling alone, oh. A savior for all that you do, so you live freely without their harm. When I hear your cries, praying for light, I will be there. When I hear your CRIES PRAYING FOR LIFE, I will be there. I WILL FIGHT!! I WILL ALWAYS BE THERE!!! I WILL FIGHT!!! YEA!!!!" His voice slips into a scream at the second "cries," and then goes normal for the next "I will be there." And, of course, he then finishes while screaming. Still, it's not bad. He can sing live, and it's very inspiring. I need to talk with this man who reminds me so much of myself.


"Hey, I'm Adam. Adam Gontier, from Three Days Grace." I tell the lead singer as I walk up to him. His eyes are even more shocking up close, a bright shade of blue that seems to glow.

"Never heard of you. Sorry. But, I'm Andy Motha' fucking Biersack." He says, grinning at me. His teeth show and his height (at least 6 ft) make him look like a shark with it's prey. His platform shoes don't help. Meaning that he may be skinny as fuck, but he's taller than Barry and looks like he's about to eat me. "Ya know, from, like, Black Veil Brides, the band you just watched?" Oh, that was their name. I knew it was Black something.

Another body paint covered man wearing a cock-piece walks up and interjects, "I'm sorry for Andy, he's had coffee. ADHD and coffee do not mix. By, the way, I know who you are, and I'm Jinxx." Well, interesting.

"I know how coffee is bad for someone with ADHD. Have you seen me? Even when I've had only half a cup, I'm insane." I laugh. "I get really hyper from coffee. I mean there's a video of me after eight cups of coffee on youtube...... It's really funny."

"I've seen it." Jinxx says.

"Well...... If you don't mind, I have some place I need to be." Andy says, walking off.

And that is how I first met Andrew Dennis Biersack.


Dear Members Of Three Days Grace,
I'm a humongous fan. Your music is just so inspiring that it's kept me alive for years. I would like to suggest a band to tour with. The American band Black Veil Brides is truly amazing and can perform live. Many fans would fangirl if you two toured together. Can you please think about this?

That's how most of the letters that have been written to us have been lately. A LOT of people want us to tour with Black Veil Brides. Well, if the fans want it, it's worth an attempt. I mean, I know that they can perform live, I've seen them.

Well, let's go try and find a way to contact them.


3 Months Later

"Yea, it was awesome!" Andy brags to us. Black Veil Brides, and a few other bands, are sitting with us on our bus, talking about random shit.

Yea, they accepted to tour with us, and so far the tour has been great. My Darkest Days and Hinder and a band called My Chemical Romance have been touring with us as well, every fan out there went nuts when we announced it.

"I have an idea! Let's play truth or dare!" Frank Iero, the rythm guitarist for My Chemical Romance exclaims. Yea, he's short and insane, what more is there to say? Besides mentioning the fake relationship he has with Gerard Way, the band's singer.

"Sure!" Comes a round of responses. I sigh, and sit on the couch, knowing that I might as well join in.

"Okay, I'll go first. Mikey, truth or dare?" Frank starts. Mikey Way, Gerard's brother, sighs, and thinks for a few seconds.

"Dare." He mumbles in that quiet voice of his. He's like Barry, quiet as fuck, but a riot when you get him talking.

"I dare you to......" Frank starts, and pauses to think for a second, "Kiss Austin! For at least 30 seconds!" He exclaims, grinning.

Austin, the singer for Hinder, sighs and moves closer to Mikey, who pushes his black hair back and kisses him. Then we start counting down.

"ONE!" Everybody finishes, but they keep at it. Austin's hand moves up to twist in Mikey's hair, Mikey's hand runs up under Austin's shirt. Everyone stares for a second before getting back to the game.

"Since Mikey is occupied, I'll go next. Adam, truth or dare?" Brad says, grinning softly at me.

"Truth." I reply with very little hesitation. Everybody looks disappointed, except for Brad.

"Okay, I'll ask what everyone has been wanting to know for the past 6 months. Why did you and Naomi divorce?" He stays grinning, and everyone looks suddenly interested.

I sigh a bit, I forgot that they could ask that. "You know how Naomi miscarried back in November?" I ask, starting it off. Everybody nods. "Well, we grieved for about a month, and then she started blaming me." Everyone looks at me, shocked, "And in February, she filed for divorce. I had no choice in it."

"Woah, man, that's tough. I'm sorry." Gerard puts in, looking at me with pity in his eyes.

"What's done is done." I say, shrugging. "Hey! Austin! Stop sucking Mikey's face off! Truth or dare!?" I yell, and Austin pulls back, swiping his hair out of his face.

"Dare." He says breathlessly.

"Give someone, besides Mikey, in the room a lap dance." I cock a grin at him. This should be easy for him. I mean, this man has done harder shit.

Well, Austin gets up and walks over to Matt Walst, and runs his hands up and down over his chest, rubbing their crotches together. He smirks as he pulls Matt's shirt over his head, his own following quickly.

Everyone laughs when Brad saves his brother by pulling Austin off him, saying "I think that's enough. Now ask someone."

"Hmmmm, Andy, truth or dare?" Austin says, sounding bored, and going back to pull Mikey onto his lap.

"Truth." Andy says, and everybody looks surprised. Andy NEVER says truth.

"If you had to fuck anybody in this room, who would it be and why?" Austin says, and then goes back to kissing Mikey.

"One Mr. Adam Fucking Gontier. Because everything about him screams sexy and pride, while he's not vain. He doesn't take shit from anybody, but loves his fans." Wait, me?!

"Wait, hold up! You would fuck me!?" I say, disbelief in my tone.

"Yup. And while I have you, truth or dare?" Andy says, grinning.

"Dare." I say, wondering what he's gonna make me do.

"Kiss me." He says, smirking at me. Everyone gasps, and looks at me.

I smirk right back at him and walk over to where he's sitting on the floor. I push my lips to his, and wrap my fingers in his short, black hair. He opens his lips a little, letting my tongue slide in, fighting for dominance with his. His teeth bite down a little, and I moan into his mouth.

I can barely hear the gasps around us as I push him to the ground, his hands sliding up my shirt. I pull back, kissing him several more times, biting down on his bottom lip, pressing my hands onto his chest.Everyone laughs and continues the game around us, letting us have this moment.

When we finally stop, we find out that most people have already left the bus, except for my band, of course, it's our bus, and Jake and Ashley from Andy's. Ashley hears me getting up of Andy, and says, " 'Bout time, come on Andy, back to our bus."

Andy stands a little unsteadily, and I catch him before he falls. He pulls me into a quick hug, whispering "We have to do this again sometime," and nibbling at my ear, before he leaves.

That's the first time Andy and I did anything romantic together.
1 Week Later

"Soooo, umm, Andy? I was wondering, you said we should do that again sometime, and... well... Wouldyouliketogooutsomewherewithme?" My words mush together as I get more nervous about asking him out. Hey! Give me a break! I haven't asked anyone out since highschool!

"What was that, Adam? I couldn't understand you." Andy says, grinning at me teasingly.

"I said, would you like to go out somewhere with me? I mean, I know I'm, like, 12 years older than you, but it could work, and you said we should do something again sometime." I say, a lot slower, but more sheepishly, this time. I rub the back of my neck and smile awkwardly.

"Sure, where are we gonna go?" Andy smiles, laughter in his make-up surrounded eyes.

"Hmmm, I hear that there's a good steakhouse near here. I'll pay" I say, smiling right back at him. His hand finds mine as we walk back towards the buses.

"That sounds good. Let's go tell people where we're gonna be." He says back.

We get to my bus first, I pop my head in the door and yell, "Andy and I are going to that steak house near here, we'll be back in a little bit!"

Someone yells back, I think it's Neil, "Have fun you two love-birds!"

And so we move on to Andy's bus and have an almost exact repeat.

Then we go to the steak house.

As we look through the menu, we chat playfully. He tells me his favorite bands, I tell him mine. He talks about past dates, I talk about mine. I mention my favorite song of his, he mentions his of mine. We order. We laugh. We eat. We feed each other, ignoring all the looks. A fan comes up to him, another comes up to me. We continue to laugh, his pretty blue eyes lighting up, his lips parted, showing his teeth. Everything is perfect.

"I mean, who brings their stuffed unicorn on dates!? I NEVER went out with that chick again!" He says, laughing. I laugh too, smiling at his stupid remarks.

"That's just great. I mean, come on, why'd you go out with her in the first place if you knew she was that bat-shit crazy?" I ask him. He smiles.

"I wanted to see if what everyone said was true. And I was dared." He says.

"Going out with someone on a dare, classic." I reply. Like I said, everything was perfect.

We leave about 2 hours after we got there. When we get back to the venue, we kiss and part ways, both going to rehearse.

I get to hear his beautiful voice sing again that night.

That was my first date with Andy.


2 Days and 2 Dates Later

"I love you" Andy mumbles against my lips, fingers wrapped in my hair. My tongue pushes back into his mouth, forcing him to stop talking.

We're in my bunk while my band is out. We both know what we want, and we're going to have it. I'm on my knees above him. My hands are around his back, pulling his shirt up. He's working to get my shirt unbuttoned. I feel his fingers fumbling about halfway down, and my heart jumps into my throat, knowing what we're about to do.

"I love you too." I say as I pull back, finally managing to get his shirt over his head. His fingers fumble with the last button on mine, and he pushes the piece of black cloth down, revealing my shoulders. I pull the shirt out of his hand, and toss the two pieces of black cloth out of the bunk. We really don't have much space to do this, but neither of us felt that the couch was private enough.

My lips find his again as I place one of my legs between his, and push gently at his crotch. He shudders from the pleasure and groans into my mouth. I let my lips slide down, sucking at his adams apple, nibbling on his collar bone, biting at his nipples, licking and kissing down the plain of his stomach.

I start to work back up, feeling him squirm and moan just makes me hotter. Every bit of me needs him. His noises make my heart beat faster.

I nip and suck at his throat for a little bit, before he moans, "Fuck, Adam, you're gonna leave hickies..... Very hard to cover up hickies."

"I know. I want the world to know that you're mine. No one else's." I mumble against his throat. Every little lick and bite is making him whimper and squirm, pushing my knee into his groin.

"Fuck. Okay......" He moans. I finally let up and let him catch his breath. And then he switches us over. I can feel his lip ring as he kisses his way up from my pants line to my lips, then starts the same treatment I gave him on my throat. "If I'm gonna have hickies because you want the world to know that I'm yours, you're gonna have hickies to let the world know that you're mine." He says as he sucks on my collar bone.

"Mmmkay." I manage to turn my moan into an answer as his fingers twist and pinch at my nipples, sending a line of fire to my crotch. My body and mind are urging him on. I squirm as his knee comes between my legs.

I let my fingers fumble with the button on his skinnies as his fingers find the button on my own jeans. He manages to get the button on mine undone first, and he pulls them down with my boxers. I finally manage to get his skinnies off him, but am unable to get his boxer-briefs down with them. So I have to pull those off him too. We had actually thought to take our shoes and socks off first, so no awkwardness about those.

I feel his lips leave my throat and start kissing along to insides of my thighs, sucking and nipping at the sensitive skin there. And then he takes me in his mouth, and I nearly come right there. He laughs at my squirms, and the vibration along my length feels amazing.

"Fuck, Andy......" I moan. It's been 20 years since I've been with a man. I think....... I..... Don't have a lot of memories from the first few years of touring, I mainly know what Neil, Brad, Barry have told me. "Andy...... Stop for a second....." I mumble, realizing that this is probably something I should tell him.

Andy pulls back and looks at me, concern in his eyes, "What, sweetie?" He asks softly.

"I..... From what I remember, it's been 20 years since I've been with a man...... But, I'm not sure...... I don't remember a lot from the first few years that I toured......" I mutter shyly. What if he doesn't want me after I've admitted that?

"Oh.... Sweetie...... Are you scared? I'm glad you told me..... Just..... Tell me if you want to stop.... Or...... I could bottom, if it would make you feel safer....." He says, looking at me with soft, gentle eyes. He kisses me softly and switches us over, letting me on top.

I let my mouth show my gratitude as I take him into my throat, gagging slightly. The salty taste of his precum coats my throat. I let my tongue lap over his length, hearing him groan as I suck at him. I pull back right as I hear him groaning, feel him squirming, beneath me. In short, I pull back right before he comes.

"Fuck.. ADAAAMMM!" Andy whines beneath me.

"Shut up, I'm just getting something." I say, pulling at the small storage drawer in my bunk. Finally, I manage to get it open and pull out the small bottle of lube. Neil bought it for me as a joke awhile back. I pour a fair amount onto my fingers, and slip one into the squirming man beneath me. "Whose are you?" I ask him, slipping in another finger.

"Yours." He moans, pushing back against the gentle rocking motion of my fingers. I scissor my fingers, and he gasps as he stretches. I let my fingers twist, stretching him and making him gasp and moan and whimper. Every noise he makes makes my heart beat faster. I press my lips to right over his left nipple, feeling his rapid heartbeat. I pull my fingers out, and push three in. I plant a kiss to his forehead as I search for his prostate.

His whimpers are driving me nuts, and I know that I have to hurry up, so I give up on trying to find his prostate with my fingers. I pull my fingers out, asking him, "Are you ready?"

He mumbles a faint "Yes." and I know that I should hurry before my band gets back. I lube up my length, and slowly start to push into him. He gasps and squirms, a sheen of sweat covering his body, and probably my own. I groan from the wonderful mixture of heat and pressure. I wait for Andy to adjust before pulling out, and pushing back in. I slowly build up my pace, and after a little bit, Andy gasps really loud. I know that I've hit his prostate, and I angle my thrusts to hit it. I feel him wrap his legs around me as I bend my head down to kiss his lips. I let my tongue slip into his mouth as I thrust. My hands go to wind in his hair, and I feel him gasp and start to squirm beneath me. He bucks and wraps him arms around my back, making a mess of the bed. Feeling him contract around me as he comes makes me even hotter, and I thrust faster, getting closer to my own release.

My lips press harder to his as I thrust into him one last time, before releasing my load into him. He pulls me closer to his chest and holds me there until I finish. After I'm done, I roll off him, pulling out and sighing.

He climbs back on top of me, and kisses me gently. Then he clambers out of the bunk, and starts dressing. I watch as he pulls his shirt over his head, and his underwear and jeans onto his legs. Watching him jump, trying to pull the skinnies over his hips, is hilarious. He looks over at me, snickering, and flips me off.

"You just did, Andy. My band's gonna be back soon, and you're already dressed." I say in responce, smiling. I climb out of the bunk and pull on my underwear and pants. Then I pull him in for a kiss. He walks ahead of me right as we hear the door open and close.

"Adam! We're back!" Comes Brad's yell. Wow, they really think that I couldn't hear that stupid door. I may have sex hair, be exhausted, and just have fucked my new boyfriend, but I am not deaf, that door is fucking loud.

"I know. That door is loud." I say, walking into to small living room, where I drag Andy down onto the couch with me. Everybody looks at us and start cracking up.

"Ummm....Adam... Andy.... Your hair...." Neil says between gasps of laughter.

"I know, I know, It's bad." I say, grinning, while Andy looks at me, horrified.

"You messed up my hair!!??" He whines. Everybody cracks up all over again.

"Okay, judging from your hair, Adam's shirtlessness, and the fact that we were gone for a fair while, I'm guessing that you two did it." Barry says, finally managing to calm his laughter.

"Errr....Ummm..." I smile a bit, rubbing at the back of my neck, trying to find a non-embarrassing way to admit to it.

"As long as you were in your bunk, it doesn't matter, Adam. You were in your own bunk, right?" Neil says.

"Of course we were in my bunk!! Like I was gonna fuck someone is yours!!" I say idignatly. Neil gets on my nerves sometimes. He just laughs and walks back towards the bunks, Brad and Barry following him.

I kiss Andy one more time then shoo him out the door.

The was the first time Andy and I fucked.

4 Years Later

"Do you, Adam Wade Gontier, take Andrew Dennis Biersack to be your lawfully wedded husband, to love and to hold, in sickness and in health, for so long as you both shall live?" The person marrying us reads. I take hold of Andy's hands, look into his startling blue eyes, and utter my answer.

"I do." I say soundly and surely. Our bands are behind us, having trading make-up and leather for clean faces and suits. Our families, and extented families, and friends, are in the seats surrounding the gazebo.

The person marrying us, I don't know the word for him, turns to Andy and says, "Do you, Andrew Dennis Biersack, take Adam Wade Gontier to be your lawfully wedded husband, to love and to hold, in sickness and in health, for so long as you both shall live?" Andy looks down at me, his face wiped clean of make-up, looking amazing in his suit, and smiles.

"I do." He says loudly enough for everybody to hear, but quietly enough for it to sound like it was just for me. My heart nearly thuds out of my chest, knowing that in just a few moments, I'll be putting that ring on his finger, and that he'll putting putting a ring on mine. It seems like just yesterday that I was down on one knee, proposing.

"Who has the rings?" The man asks, and Brad hands me the small blue box with Andy's ring in it as Jinxx hands Andy an identical box with my ring in it. We gently open the boxes, and I place his ring on his ring finger of his left hand, and he slides mine onto my ring finger of my left hand. "I now pronounce you partners for life. You may kiss the groom."

I pull Andy down and press his lips to mine. "C'mon! Just make-out already! It's not like we haven't seen it before!" Brad's brother, Matt, yells from the front row. Andy and I just flip him off, but we do end up making out anyway.

And that was Andy and My's Wedding.

A/N: I finally finished it :)
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