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After a long day at work, Tseng goes to bed, and wakes up with a surprise (my first fic)

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Tseng pulled off his tie, after a long day at work. Rufus was really pushing it, having him travel around the whole of the northern continent, in search for powerful materia. Tseng hadn't had a break in 3 days now, not even a coffee break.

Tseng sighed as he walked into the kitchen, easing off his dirty jacket an slumping it over a leather chair. He grabbed a bottle of alcohol and drank it. He didn't stop for air. He was pissed at his boss for the amount of hard work he had done and the little credit he had received.

He walked into his bedroom, half asleep. He didn't care he was still in half of his Turk uniform. He was so tired he didn't care about anything.

He fell onto his bed, spreading himself across the double bed, eyes already closed, unable to think clearly.


Tseng opened his eyes, head throbbing. He couldn't see his clock from the bed. His hair was a mess, slightly greasy and tangled. He moved to get up.

A force from his hands and feet kept him down on the bed. It was still dark. Tseng tried to get up again. His wrists were tightly gripped, same as his ankles.

Tseng started sweating. He panted, the silent room still dark. He tossed from side to side, unable to move.

He realised he was naked. His trousers, shirt and pants crumpled up in a scruffy ball in the corner of the room.

He wasn't just naked. He had some sweet, white foam all over his body. "Who's there?" Tseng yelled, his voice fearful.

The door creaked as it was pushed back. Tseng could make out a small silhouette in the doorway, but was unable to see a face.

The light switched on. Tseng, blinded by the brightness, squinted to see a man in the doorway.

"Hello, boss," said an extremely familiar voice.

"Damn it, Reno!" yelled Tseng, sweat dripping from his head, "what the hell are you doing, sneaking into my home like that?"

Reno shushed him, shaking his head, "It's okay. I won't hurt you," Reno winked, tongue sticking out to the side.

"Se-se-security!" cried Tseng.

"Tseng, no one is here. Relax. I won't hurt you," Reno tried to comfort Tseng, but the boss was squirming on his bed, lashing out.

Reno got closer to his boss, who was helpless on the bed, and cupped Tseng's face in his hands, kissing Tseng softly on the lips. Tseng tried to worm away, but Reno had hold of him. He was a prisoner.

Reno pulled his clothes off, climbing onto Tseng and licking all around his neck, the white cream disappearing. Reno wiped some of the cream onto his finger, force-feeding Tseng. It turned out to be whipped cream.

Even though Tseng wouldn't admit it quite yet, he was enjoying Reno's soft tongue flickering against his body, his warm saliva running down his neck.

Reno slid his hands behind Tseng's back, running them up and down, Tseng's back arching. Tseng had goosebumps from the smooth, warn flesh running up his spine. Tseng moaned Reno's name, helpless but fearless now.

"There, you like it, don't you?" Reno questioned. Tseng lay there, flushing a deep shade of pink, turning his head away from the redhead.

"...A bit," Tseng admitted. He looked up, his hazel eyes staring into the redhead's mako exposed emerald eyes, "Please, Reno, uncuff me, and then we can have some more fun."

Reno smirked, undoing the cuffs and letting his boss free. Reno grabbed the back of Tseng's firm legs, lifting him slightly. Tseng pulled himself closer to Reno, nibbling his ear, kissing his neck softly, panting his name.

Reno moaned Tseng's name as the Wutainese Turk pulled his spiky red mane. Reno pushed his boss against the wall, bits of cream flying out from between them.

"Tseng...I've always loved you," Reno whispered, slightly embarrassed. The two men saw each other everyday, they had done for years, and it had taken all those years for this to happen.

"Reno," Tseng moaned, licking Reno's earlobe, "show me what you can do,"

Reno' hands tightened on Tseng's legs, his red hair being pulled, and bit into his boss's neck. Tseng's erection became harder, pressing against Reno's stomach.

Reno licked Tseng, working his way down the body. Eventually, Tseng stood against the wall, thrusting at his employee's face. Reno opened his mouth wide open, his white teeth shining in the dim lit room.

Reno grabbed his boss's dick, and inserted it into his mouth, sucking hard and fast, letting the Wutainesian deep throat him. Reno started to gag, but refused to take the cock out of his mouth.

Sweat from Tseng's body rolled onto Reno's lips. It tastes sweet, but not as sweet as what was about to happen.

"Reno, baby," Tseng growled, "I'm gonna, ugh," he moaned. Reno removed his mouth from the dick, opening it as wide as he could. His jaw hurt but he didn't want to miss a single drop.

Suddenly, the two Turks heard footsteps. Fast footsteps. A small figure stood in the doorway. A girl.

"T-Tseng?!" cried the familiar voice, "Reno?"

"I can't hold it any longer!" Tseng screamed, as he jizzed everywhere.

Reno tried to catch it all in his mouth, but failed to, only catching half of the sweet liquid in his mouth.

The other half landed on Elena, a fellow Turk.

Elena had stepped in the way, cum all down her front, several drops had splashed onto her face.

"How could you do this to me Tseng?" she cried. Tseng didn't have any words. He loved Reno, not her, but he felt bad.

"Elena, baby," Reno started, "me and see-"

"I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT!" Elena cried, "I loved you Tseng!"

Sweat dripped down Tseng's body. He and Reno made an attempt to cover themselves up, Elena still yelling, hysterical.

"Elena?" a voice echoed from another room. Another familiar voice.

A ginger haired man, with eyes like sapphires, stood in the doorway, wearing very little clothing.

"Elena?" Rufus said, "why did you run away? I was about to ejaculate. I thought you..."

Rufus paused in mid-sentence, to see Elena stood there, wearing very little clothes, in front of Tseng and Reno.

Worse, Tseng had started feeling Elena up.

Elena had no words. She didn't need any. The sex she had been having with Rufus for months now didn't mean a thing to her. She did it for a raise.

She was being licked out by Tseng. She didn't need anymore.

Reno felt jealous. He wanted Tseng ti himself. He started feeling Elena up too, suddenly pushing her over forcefully.

Tseng smirked at the redhead Turk. Rufus was disgusted. He walked over to his employees, smacking them across the faces.

Tseng started breathing heavily, "I don't want you Elena. That feel up 30 seconds ago was to piss the boss off. Rufus, you twat, you've been making me work too hard. I only want Reno now."

Elena cried, tears everywhere. Rufus, however, was cold as stone.

Rufus drew his gun, the only thing he had with him, and levelled it with Tseng's head. Tseng sucked in his breath.

"Heh heh, you think I need people like you? You make me sick," Rufus spat.

Reno jumped up, letting go of the shirt he had held over his cock, and stood directly in front of Tseng.

"You want him, you have to get me first."

Rufus laughed, "one bullet could rip through both of your heads in one shot, seeing as you have no brains. If you did, you wouldn't have done this," Rufus smirked, his bright blue eyes shining, hatred pumping through him.

He cocked the gun. Reno held his breath. Tseng muttered something in Wutainese and gripped Reno's shoulder firmly, his other arm wrapping around the redhead's waist.

"Rufus, don't kill them. Please!" Elena pleaded. She may have been hurt, but she didn't want them to die.

"I'll kill you in a minute too, stupid blonde bitch."

The silence was killing. The trigger was going to be pulled any second now.


Rufus hit the floor, Breaking the awkward silence.

Rude, the other Turk, stepped from behind the door, angry at what was about to happen. He tutted at the two men, who were making out passionately against the wall, and then turned to Elena.

"I love you Elena," he said. Elena gasped. She'd always had a tiny crush on Rude. Maybe it could work out...

A pool of blood seeped from Rufus' head. Rude sweeped Elena up into his arms, and carried her into his bedroom.

So that was it. Reno and Tseng moved into Reno's house, and Elena and Rude moved into Rude's house. They all carried on as Turks, keeping their relationships secret from the rest of the ShinRa for safety.
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