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I want to die. But don't know why.

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One-shot. Gerard talks about depression.

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Little one shot I wrote. Based on true events yadda yadda..

Why did you do it?

I don't know. I really don't know, why I feel the need to harm myself.

I guess its because, I'm not good at anything really.

I'm not smart, not funny, not talented. I'm the stupid fat kid.

But that's not a reason, theirs people worse off than me. I'm just a fucking attention seeker right?

I'm not abused, or poor, or starving, or unloved.

Its self-punishment, I deserve it. All of it.

Its good people don't suspect whats going on really, on the outside I don't let it show. I laugh and talk along, but when I'm alone, the feelings take over me. Like a straight jacket. consuming me. Polluting my mind with my own minds words.

You'll never be good enough

Look at Mikey, you don't see him cutting open his wrists do you?

You just want the attention you're pathetic.

You're family will disown you for sure. Fucking emo.

I try to pretend I'm okay, I get up smile laugh everything. But I can't escape my own mind. I'm a prisoner. Sentence; Life.

Its like trying to dig yourself out of a huge hole. No light at the end of the tunnel, No hope. Hopeless and alone.

Telling people would be stupid. Because they would ask the question..


And I really really don't know.
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