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4. Ryan

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Hey guys. So, unfortunately we weren't able to post this on time, due to trouble we had with one of our authors. I'm sure you've all seen Kaleidoscope_Eyes's post about looking for a new author. This was the first and only chapter in Ryan's POV written by KilljoyMinnieIero, and all the others will be written by someone who is yet to be announced. That being said, please enjoy this chapter. :)

Again, we apologise for the late-ness.

- ReddyDevil, Kaleidoscope_Eyes and bloodbunny15


I unlocked the door to my house, my brain buzzing with thoughts. School was over. That was it, it was gone. I could do whatever I wanted with my life. Shaking myself out of those said thoughts, I threw my bag in the hall and kicked off my Converse. As I walked into the kitchen, I spotted a note on the table. It read: 'Ryan. Your father's business trip has been delayed, so he won't be back for a few more days. I've gone out with some friends for the night. There's pizza in the fridge. Don't wait up for me. Mom.' I sighed before screwing up the note and flinging it into the bin. Same thing, different day.

Grabbing an apple, I ran upstairs to my room. It felt really weird knowing that I had no homework, and never had to do any ever again. As I reached for my guitar, I let my thoughts wander. Never again would I have to see any of those jerks from school. That was in the past. I was free to live the life I wanted; to do what I liked, to say what I thought. And of course, I wouldn't be alone. Brendon, my best friend, surely would always be there for me. Thinking of that reminded of the conversation Brendon and I had in his car that morning. A road trip - just for the summer, of course. The more I thought about it, the more I fell in love with the idea. My parents were rarely home, they wouldn't notice my disappearance. It would give us the time we needed to clear our heads, and to think about the future. School was over, so we had no responsibilities, and we hadn't made any summer plans. And like I said to Brendon before, it could just be for the summer, we could always come back. That was it.

Dropping my guitar on the floor, I grabbed my phone and dialed Brendon's number. After a few rings, he answered. "Hey Ry, what's up?"

Before Brendon could even finish, I'd started to speak. "Hey Bren! So you know before we were talking about leaving? Well... Lets do it!"

"Seriously Ryan? Or is this just another one of your crazy ideas?" came Brendon's grainy reply.

I sighed. "Seriously Brendon. Let's just... go! Jump in your car, and go wherever we want. I have money; my parents have a huge savings account for me that I have access to." There was silence, which indicated that Brendon was thinking.

"You know what Ryan..." was his slow reply. "It actually sounds like a good idea. Tomorrow?"

"Whoa, what? Why so soon, Bren?" Now I was panicking, this was happening too fast.

"The sooner the better Ry." This calmed me down slightly, trust Brendon to be so logical. "So pack a backpack, grab your guitar and I'll pick you up at, say, 10 tomorrow morning?"

"Awesome man, see you then!" I replied.

"See you tomorrow, Ry," he said before I heard the tell-tale click of him ending the call. I lay back on my bed and took a bite out of my forgotten apple. It was really happening.

This time tomorrow, Brendon and I would be on the road. We would finally be free.

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