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I hear you callin'

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brookeyn is a lonley 18 year old and Ace is the 18 year old son of a rockstar and what will happen when they meet warning this my story the characters are made of my mind only the music I ...

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chapter one. I curled up into a ball crying my parents were arguing with the neighbors so I ran away they didn't do anything but my parents hate them and my dad said I am to blame for their hatred of them I clutched my chest sobbing violently I Felt Awful and alone I Hear someone walking down the ally Since no one walked down here I felt scared I looked at this person he has long black hair teased up a little and dressed in a black KISS shirt and leather jacket and ripped up jeans and black boots he looked in my direction and started walking over "hey ms.are you OK? ms.why are you crying?." he said knelling besides me I sniffled and sat up "no reason" I Lied "there has to be something wrong or you wouldn't be in this ally in the freezing cold would you?" he said then sitting by me
"I don't even know your name" I said looking at my feet
"my name is Ace and yours?." he said "Brooklyn" I Said "hello brooklyn why are you crying?" he said. then put his hand up
"hold that thought" then pulled out a journal and wrote some words down then put it back in his backpack "I'm sorry I had song Idea." he said I wonder what he had written then I felt tears stinging my eyes again as my parents voices echoed from up-stairs there drunk again I Lowered my head he wrapped his arm around me "your freezing Brooke" he said "so?" I Said wondering where he is getting at acting all sweet and stuff when he just met me the wind blew roughly and coldly I Shivered he got up and helped me to my feet "let's go" he said I fallowed him
"um..Ace where are we going?" I asked shyly

"my house if your okay with that" he said before taking my hand in his. as he walked to house he opened the door and we both tried to walk in at the same time causing us to crash into one other
"sorry" he said then lead me inside he took of his coat and laid it on the dark purple couch his home is beautiful black walls and red carpet floors. and
a leopard print bar across the kitchen counter band posters are framed and hanging on the walls, and huge bookshelf full of books I stare off into space
"Brooke? Brooke?! hey" he said snapping his fingers in front of my face "y-yes?" I Stuttered then a women came from the hallway she had long dark brown hair almost like mine but hers wasn't tied up in a forced hair bow but hers flows down past her shoulders and is dressed in a black shirt and skinny leather pants and she smiles kindly

"Ace, I'm glad your home it is freezing outside" she said hugging him then she saw me "hey who's this?" she asked he walked over to me "mom this is brooklyn I Call her Brooke for short. Brooke this is my mother Beth simmons " he said I shook her hand "hello Mrs.simmons" I said
she shook my hand, "hello Brooke," she said "mom where is dad?" Ace asked.
"in his studio you can see if he done recording and I'll have dinner done soon" she said walking off into the kitchen "Brooke wanna come with me? " Ace asked "s-sure" I Said
fallowing him down A set of stairs we walk into a recording studio where a man is singing he has black hair like Ace's but longer and dressed in a white tank top and jeans he waves
"one second put the headphones on" the man mouths we did and I Hear a slamming guitar riff and Lyrics that say
"they complain about my noise but I look them in the eyes and I said it!" I removed my earphones when Ace did
"so dude tell me how was that!?" his dad screams and high fives him "dude who's your friend?" he asked his hazel eyes looked at me I looked down shyly Ace puts his arm around me "dad this is Brooke" he said I Reached out my hand he shook it smiling
"Brooke this is my dad Sebastian simmons singer of the rock band lost it and busted" he said "hello Mr simmons" I Said
"hello Brooke, is that short for brooklyn?" he asked I Nodded we all walked up the stairs and then sat at the table it had a pool table sketch inside the black and neon greed table the legs looked like the sticks
"I love your house" I Said While my finger traced the picture "why thank you Brooke your very sweet" Beth said then place a plate of foods in front of me the meal is pizza and tacos "my favorite" I said quietly "so Brooke what kind music do you like?" Sebastian asked
I 'm forced to listen to pop and other painful music "my parents are strict with my muisc" I Said "that sucks ...really bad dude" he said with a laugh
we ate then we left the table and Ace and his dad where going through a box of records and pulled one out they both nodded to each other
then the frist guitar riff started "oh man dude this takes me back touring' with poison was the most fun I ever had!" Mr. simmons said before joining Ace air drums I Got up and join them "you like poison?" Ace asked I Nodded I Listen to rock when my parents weren't home me and Ace where dancing "ow!! you stepped on my foot" Mrs.simmons said while dancing with her husband he fake cried on her shoulder all my parents did was watch reality shows and slam dance to Katy perry and stare into there iPad's and never talk to me I looked at the clock
I Have a curfew of 9:00pm only
it read 10:00 "I gotta get home you guys my parents are gonna kill me" I Said "aw man you have too.?" Mr simmons said "I'll walk you home" Ace said taking my hand in his we walked to my door I was looking into his lovely green eyes I Was gonna say something then his lips hit mine I felt his arms wrap around my wist then he pulled away I looked into his eyes again "wow.." we both said he release me and looked at me loving "goodnight Brooke" he said "goodnight Ace" I whispered then walked into my house I saw him smile as he walked inside is house
I Laid down on my bed and pulled out my journal and wrote
I"'m in love with the rocker next door he is beautiful I Think I'm in love with him
P.S don't tell my parents but he kissed me"
I Put my dairy under my bed and fell asleep.
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