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Fallen for the enemy.

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Frank Iero A clumsy gang recruit stupidly falls for the mayors daughter, who is being held hostage by..him?

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Frank Iero A clumsy gang recruit stupidly falls for the mayors daughter, who is being held hostage by..him?

We trudged through, the dark murky forest the frost crunching underneath our boots. The sky at night was the most beautiful and captivating things I've ever seen it seems to go on for ever..

"Iero, would you keep up for fucks sake we're going to lose them" My 'parter' Gerard growled at me, by them he means our competition, A group of Mexican drug dealers who seems to be steeling all our business. Our boss Bob sent us here to take them out and clear up the mess, you see thats my job really not nice but very well payed.

We neared a big old building, the green paint had turned into rust and the windows were bordered up with grubby wood.

"Iero, you better stay down and not make a fucking noise. Just let me handle this one, yeah?" He said in a condescending tone, I sighed better not argue.

We crept into the old building and hid behind a wood crate, crouching fingers on our triggers waiting.

"Where is Bob Bryar and his team situated at, tell me now girl" A thick mexican accent yelled out.

"I..I Really don't know..please let me go home. im begging..I k-know nothing" A young female voice sobbed.

"I will ask one more time" He hissed.

"Please, I don't Know" She was crying very heavy now.

"Kill her" He dismissed.

"Way, we have to do something" I whispered defending the girl that was now sobbing and begging.

"We have to wait, Iero. If blood has to be spilled then so be it" He hissed back.

I couldn't wait around and watch a girl get murdered. I wouldn't.

I heard the trigger click and the girl pleading with her killer.

I couldn't do this. I stood up from behind my hiding place much to Way's dismay and took at shot at the gunman it hit him straight in the chest. He buckled and fell, as if on command 20 gunmen came out from the shadows grinning.

Way and I began open firing, we got most of them except for one, that came up from behind and shot Gerard, he dodged but the bullet caught him square in the legs, I fired at him and it hit him in the face.


"Are you okay?" I asked lamely

"No im not fucking okay, lets go" I quickly realized the girl had fled at the first chance she got, and I was forced to drag Gerard back to base 3 miles away.

Our hide out was a small house hidden by the Forrest in had simple interior and exterior.

I was again forced to sit and listen to Gerard explain why he had got shot, which gained me another 'you fucking idiot' and a punch.

"Our best gunman taken down, it should have been you Iero, now fuck off home, I want to see you here 6am in the morning we have another assignment a very important one" Bob spat at me.

I had nothing, the lifestyle I had forced you to give up everything, friends, family my hobbies and my comforts I lived in the smallest condo in New Jersey it consisted of a microwave, TV and a bed, I didn't have anything to do so I collapsed into bed, which I placed under the window so I could look at the stars. I quicky fell asleep.

At six am I woke myself up grabbed some clothes off the floor and headed to 'work'

"Iero in here" Bobs voice called from the little living room.

"Okay, as you both know. The mayor of Belleville owes me an awful lot of money, that he does not wish to pay, if I tell anyone I will surely get into trouble for selling drugs in the first place, so boys we are going to get revenge. Tonight, all of the mayor and his perfect fucking family will be going to the county fair, they have to. So in that time, will break into Mayor Fitzpatrick's house and take everything and anything want..Sound good?

Im sure by we he meant me and Way, but I nodded anyway, besides I do need a new coffee maker.


"Leah, are you sure you don't want to come, just for an hour?" My mother asked hovering at the door.

"Yeah im sure, I have to study or else ill fail these finals" I lied convincingly smiling.

"Well, okay im a phone call away honey" She smiled opening the door.

"Okay, have fun" I yelled at her as she shut the door, I went to the window and watched the Rolls Royce pull out of the drive way and on to the open road.

YES, the hard part was over. I got in the shower excitement bubbling, this party would be awesome.

I had my stereo turned up full and had been in the shower for a good 20 minutes. I put on my purple short bathrobe and turned off the shower and my music.

Walking along to my room I heard a creek followed by another and then another. I ran to my room and shut the door, looking out the window I saw a black van parked in the drive panic was bubbling in the pit on my stomach. I ruffled in my draws and found the small pistol I had been saving for days like today.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you" I creepy voice said from the door, A man stood with black greasy hair and white skin stood at the door looking at me like I was a piece of meat.

My eyes widened and my stomach dropped I opened my mouth to yell but before I could two soft hands clamped over my mouth.

"Take her to the van Iero..And think of all the fun we can have with this one" He winked and grabbed my ass as silent tears fell down my face and I was thrown very roughly into the black van.

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