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My Chemical Elton John

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Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Crossover - Characters: Mikey Way - Published: 2012-08-13 - Updated: 2012-08-14 - 156 words

I want to do a story from Mikey's point of view. Obviously he'll be gay. It won't be very long, probably around 10 chapters. I want the title to be an Elton John song. I'm torn between Daniel, Your Song, and Love Song. I'm going to let you guys vote. But here's the catch... each story idea behind each title will be different.

Daniel would be about Mikey's love interest who becomes a foreign exchange student and dies in a tragic accident.

Your Song
Your Song would be about Mikey's fall from popularity after coming out of the closet (in a big, spectacular way.) Possibly causing him to resort to very cough dangerous behavior.

Love Song
Love Song would be about Mikey's first time falling in love. Very cutesy, but sad.

Please vote for your favorite story idea so I can get to work as soon as possible!

-KilljoyOnFire (CJ)

UPDATE 12/7/12

I've decided to do Daniel.
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