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It is a normal day at Saiyan School... until Goku's teacher reveals some frightening news. TOMORROW IS VACCINATION DAY! *Insert Doom Music Here*

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"Alright class, before you go, tomorrow is vaccination day," Miss Keena announced as the young Saiyans packed up their bags. Most of the class simply shrugged this off, but Goku was hit by a sudden feeling of dread. He dropped his books and stared in shock at his teacher. She had to be joking! There was NO WAY he could get a needle!
"Kakarot, are you alright?" Miss Keena asked. Goku snapped back into reality and nodded.
"O, yeah. I'm fine." He shakily gathered his books and waited for the bell to ring.
"What's the matter, Kakarot? Scared?" Vegeta drawled.
"N-no!" Goku lied. Vegeta smirked as the dismissal bell rang.
"Oh really? We'll see about that tomorrow, won't we?" Vegeta laughed evily and the exited the classroom.
"Kakarot, come out of your room right now or you're not getting any dinner!" Bardock raged. Goku curled into an even tighter ball under his blanket.
"I DON'T CARE!" he shouted.
"You are thirteen years old! Act like it!" Bardock roared, a bit annoyed with his son's fear. Why couldn't he have a normal fear ike giant worms or even snakes? Nooo, it had to be NEEDLES! Bardock marched up the stairs and ripped Goku's door off it's hinges. "Kakarot,why are you so afraid of getting a shot? Honestly, you've been through worse pain than a pinprick!" Goku peeked out from under the blanket.
"I can't explain it, they just hurt so bad!" Bardock rolled his eyes.
"Just try to get some sleep, alright?" Goku nodded, and Bardock returned to his training. Goku fell asleep quickly, but had horrible nightmares about evil doctors chasing him with giant needles.
"Son, it's time for school!" Bardock called up the stairs. Goku sat bolt upright in his bed, quaking.
"I-I can't go to school today, dad!" he protested.
"Kakarot, you are getting your shot and that's final!" Goku sighed, and began to get dressed. There was no use in arguing with his dad.
By the time he arrived at school, Goku felt lightheaded, and slightly nauseaous. Miss Keena called names off her list of doom one by one to report to the nurse's office. By the time she got to the K's, Goku had paled considerably.
"Kakarot? It's your turn," said Miss Keena. Goku gulped, and thought about running, but then he remembered what Vegeta said yesterday. He took a deep breath and staggered to the nurse's office.
'Come on, Goku; you can do this! You're a Saiyan! You're tough! You're strong! Besides, Vegeta would never let you live it down if he knew you were afraid," Goku thought.
The door of the nurse's office drew near, and Goku reached out to open it. His hand shook and his knees felt weak. He bit his lip until he tasted blood, pinching his eyes shut, and pushed the door open.
He waited on a cot for the nurse to give him the dreaded needle of doom. He kept his eyes shut and clenched his hands into fists around the blanket of his cot.
"Hello Kakarot. How are you feeling today?" the nurse asked conversationally. Goku mumbled something under his breath, and the nurse smiled. "There's no reason to be afraid, dear. Just try to relax," she cooed. Goku heard the clattering of glass vials and opened one eye. The nurse was preparing a syringe with a rather long needle. Goku squeaked, and turned his head away as the nurse neared him.
'I'm brave! I'm strong!I can do this!' Goku thought desprately. His muscles tensed as the needle neared his arm. 'I can do this!' He felt a sharp stab of pain, and he screamed. His hair went gold, and the pain of the injection faded away. The nurse stepped backward in shock with her empty syringe in her hand.
"Kakarot... how did you?! Super Saiyan?! You're only thirteen!" the nurse babbled. Goku shrugged as the nurse placed a bandaid over the injection sight. "W-well, you may return to class now."
Goku returned to the classroom, his hair still golden. The students of his class gawked at him, and Vegeta looked as though he would kill someone. Goku smiled proudly.Perhaps there was nothing wrong with being afraid.
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