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Ash, Andy, Finlay, Brendon and Two Other Voices I Didn't Know About Narrate My Adventures on Planes

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So. Hello again. I am safely back home in Oman, feeling like LynZ because I'm in a mini-skirt, a black vest top and a white tank top underneath. Anyway. I have two new voices in my head- please give a warm "FUCK OFF" to Alice Armstrong.

Alice: Hmph. A hello would be nice, bitch.

For fuck's sake, Al,I thought of you on a plane.

Alice: Whatever. -lights a cigarette-

PUT THAT OUT! Oh. Yeah, there's another voice. Say "hello" to Jared Bell.

Jared: H-hi.

He's very shy. I don't see how, he's dating Alice and she's like..... woah.

Alice: Has anyone ever told you that you have a big mouth?

Shut up, Alice. Anyway, I will now narrate my plane trips to you.


Oh, alright. They've changed a bit, they have. Andy cut his hair, and now, Finlay and Andy are engaged. (They're, like, 20 now.) Ash has gotten rid of the blue streaks in her hair and cut it all off. Her hair is now like Gerard's in the BP era. I wanna cut my hair like that and dye it black. I might do it next year for my birthday, I dunno. I hope so. Anyway, she's also gotten a small tattoo of the words "Join the Black Parade and March Forever" on her wrist. Uh, Fin looks the same. Brendon's cut his hair and now gels it up into spikes. Dear God. Um. Alice has purple hair, in Bob's BP Era style. Jared's got long, dark hair. He's hot.

Jared: W-what?

Shush, baby.

Brendon: Anyway, on with the plane stories. We got on the A380 from Sydney to Dubai, and Claire slept for most of it.


Andy: And we fell asleep to Jack White.

Finlay: Mmm, Jack White. Sexy.

Can't argue there.

Alice: Then, uh, she woke up and watched a whole load of sitcoms coz she's bored and then the plane fucking lands.

Ash: Then, because Claire's so fucking exciting, she falls asleep in the airport.

Brendon: Then she gets on the plane from Dubai to Muscat, where she gets two whole fucking seats to herself. And some apple slices. And some- well, er, I'm not sure what it was. Some creamy, custard-y, yogurt-y looking thing?

I should add here that I did not eat said awkward custard-y thing.

Finlay: Anyway, the plane lands and she gets in the car and comes home.

And now I'm in a predicament. See, er, I sort of like someone. But then there's Sophie. And I really love her but I really do like this other person. And I'm just not sure. Like, do I end it with Sophie or just keep on telling her that I love her (which isn't a lie) but secretly liking someone else? AGH. My head is exploding.

Anyway, thank ye for reading this load of bullshit. And if you could give advice, I would love it.

-A whole bunch of flaming homosexuals

Alice, Jared and Ash: We're not gay.

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