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You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In A Tour Bus

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Mikey comes out of his shell in a way Gerard never would have expected... WARNING: Waycest.

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If you don't like Waycest, I suggest you don't read this. I don't usually like it, but... people can change. I wrote this for Static_Monster. (staticmonster? I don't know.) aka Tori. I know you're reading this so...I LUV YOU ZI!!!

Anygerardway, here's the story.


You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In A Tour Bus

Gerard's head rolled to the side, causing him to collapse sideways onto the couch. My Chemical Romance had performed an electrifying concert just hours before, and he was exhausted. It was the definitely one of the best concerts on the tour so far. The fans were louder, the music was more passionate, and the connection between the crowd and the band was stronger. Gerard had noticed something else, too. A certain pair of brown eyes had been watching with envy as he and Frank amped up the stage gay. Gerard saw him staring as he grabbed a handful of Frank's hair and kissed him roughly on the mouth. Those brown eyes had watched with half jealousy and half longing behind glasses as Gerard and Frank put their hands all over each other.

Those same brown eyes gazed at Gerard on the couch now as he tuned his bass guitar and played a few notes. Gerard felt the eyes boring into his skull. He opened his own eyes and looked up at his brother, sitting on the opposite couch. “Mmm…” he mumbled sleepily. “Where’s Ray and Frank?”

Mikey broke the eye contact and glanced down at his guitar instead. “They’re getting takeout.” he informed his older brother. A guitar pick fell from his hair onto his lap. He’d tried to stash them in his light brown locks after he saw Ray taking one out of his fro. But it simply just wasn’t thick enough.

Gerard closed his eyes again and allowed himself to sink into the cushions. Tomorrow was a concert-free day, and he couldn’t wait to sleep for the full 24 hours. But something wouldn’t let him sleep.

“Mikey, could you stop playing? I’m trying to sleep…” Gerard complained. He adjusted himself on the couch so that he was lying on his back. His neck and shoulder blades settled into the pillow. Sleep was so close…

“Nah.” Mikey continued to play. Gerard thought he heard the first notes of Give ‘Em Hell, Kid, but fatigue clouded his ability to hear. He grunted in protest and smothered his ears with the pillow. But Mikey’s persistent playing still filled his head.

“Mikey!” he shouted at his younger brother.

“Gerard!” Mikey shouted back, mocking him. He began to play louder.

“Ugh!!!” Gerard groaned. He dragged himself off of the couch and marched to the small bedroom in the back of the bus. It wasn’t really a bedroom, just four bunks behind a plastic partition. It wouldn’t offer much to drown out Mikey’s playing, but it was worth a shot. He was about to dive into one of the two lower bunks when a pair of arms caught him.

“What the hell-” Gerard was cut off by a hand covering his mouth.

Mikey pushed him against the wall. Sleepiness drained from Gerard’s body, suddenly alert and awake. What the hell was his brother doing? Mikey pulled his hand away from Gerard’s mouth and instead rested it on his brother’s hip. Gerard squirmed uncomfortably. He opened his mouth to ask his brother exactly what the fuck he thought he was doing, but he was stopped when Mikey suddenly leaned forward and captured Gerard’s lips with his.

Shock filled Gerard’s body. His brother was kissing him. He became even more shocked when he realized…he was kissing back. Hesitantly, but kissing nonetheless. Mikey was really into it, sucking on Gerard’s lips and biting them ever so slightly. Gerard placed one hand on Mikey’s chest, not knowing where to put them. He tried to push Mikey away, but Mikey held him still, determined to keep the kiss going.

Kissing Frank had become routine, a cycle for the show. Sure, it was fun, but Gerard never really felt anything for the short guitarist besides close friendship. Brotherly love, even. But with his own brother, it felt different. Exciting. Gerard had seen Mikey kiss several girls throughout their teenage and adult years. He had always wondered how those girls felt kissing Mikey. Was Mikey a good kisser? Did he use tongue? Was he a gentle kisser, or a rough, passionate one? Gerard had always been curious, but he’d pushed those questions to the back of his mind. Now, the questions were dug up from his memory and answered.

Mikey’s kissing was tender, yet firm. Gerard wondered where he’d picked up all the techniques he was using, like tracing Gerard’s lips with his tongue and running it along the roof of Gerard’s mouth. He hadn’t asked for entrance to Gerard’s mouth, he had just went for it. And Gerard let him. He let Mikey slide his hand up his shirt, and even allowed him to take it off. A nervous tingle spread throughout his body. He couldn’t believe this was actually happening. Surely he’d fallen asleep despite Mikey’s loud playing and this was all a dream.

But no dream had ever been this vivid. Gerard could feel each and every one of Mikey’s fingers separately as they explored his body, running through his hair and down his back. He even found himself exploring Mikey with his own hands. They toyed with the hem of his brother’s shirt and across his hips. Gerard suddenly realized that he had his hands on Mikey’s ass. He hadn’t meant to, but there they were.

Mikey’s response was pulling Gerard closer so that their bodies were pressed against each other. Gerard could feel Mikey’s entire body against his. They fit like puzzle pieces. Gerard gently squeezed Mikey’s tight, denim-clad rear out of curiosity. Mikey gasped into his mouth and thrust his hips forward, crashing into Gerard’s. The older brother groaned and felt his blood flowing down south. Oh God. He was actually getting hard for his brother.

Mikey guided Gerard to the nearest bunk, the one Gerard had tried to sleep on just minutes before. But Gerard was actually kind of glad that he hadn’t been allowed to sleep, because then this wouldn’t have happened. Mikey pushed him onto the mattress so that he was lying on his back. Then he straddled him, never breaking the kiss.

Gerard realized where this was going, and he tried to sit up. “Mikes…” he started.

“Shut up.” Mikey growled, forcing his brother back onto the pillows. Gerard widened his eyes, shocked by his typically shy brother’s display of domination.

Mikey pressed his lips to Gerard’s again, and they resumed the kiss. Gerard’s hardness strained against his jeans as their tongues danced and cavorted around each other. It all felt so wrong, but so right. Mikey’s hands traveled down to Gerard’s crotch and unzipped the bulging zipper. Gerard’s lips faltered against his brother’s, not sure if he wanted this or not. But he didn’t really get to decide, because his pants were already on the floor. Mikey’s clothes were soon to follow.

“Ngh…” Gerard grunted as Mikey slowly rode him, gently grinding his hips into his brother. Burning, aching pleasure spread throughout his pelvic region. His hardness throbbed, begging for attention. Mikey’s attention, specifically. Gerard noticed his brother’s erection and gulped. This was actually happening. It was all so surreal... Never in his life had Gerard fantasized about his younger brother in this way. He’d wondered what it would be like to kiss Mikey, but never imagined actually kissing him. Let alone being in bed with him…

Gerard’s thoughts were interrupted by a sudden cool breeze. His boxers were no longer on his body. Mikey bit his lip and stared at Gerard’s erection, suddenly hesitant. Gerard’s face burned red with embarrassment, but he did nothing to hide himself. Why was Mikey staring? He wasn’t small. Nowhere close to being small. And neither was Mikey, Gerard noticed as his brother stripped off his own boxers.

Mikey took a deep breath and climbed off of Gerard. That was it? Was Mikey just being a big tease? But Mikey wasn’t getting out of bed. He was adjusting himself so that he could-

“Mikey!” Gerard gasped, his hips shooting skyward. His brother was sucking on him.

Mikey struggled to fit Gerard’s cock in its entirety into his mouth. He somehow managed and began to run his tongue up and down its length. Gerard was frozen. His brother was…his brother was sucking his cock.

And he liked it. What the hell is wrong with you? His conscious scolded him. What would your parents think?

They’re not going to find out, Gerard replied to himself. Then he winced. What was he thinking? What was he doing? He couldn’t let his little brother suck on him. No matter how good it felt, he couldn’t let him. “Mikey, we c-can’t d-do this…” Gerard said, stuttering out of nerves and pleasure.

Mikey didn’t stop. He began to suck harder, even reaching up to wrap a hand around the base of Gerard’s length. He gently nibbled on the head, causing Gerard to throw his head back with a sharp gasp.

“Nnghh…Mikey!” Gerard groaned. The pleasure was almost too much to bear. He curled his toes and bit his lip to prevent himself from moaning again. All thoughts of stopping Mikey soon flew out the window.

“Why can’t we do this?” Mikey questioned, momentarily taking his mouth off of Gerard’s cock. “Because we’re both guys?” he leaned forward and kissed Gerard on the mouth. Gerard tasted something strange and wet on Mikey’s lips. Could it be… his own precum? Gerard shuddered.

“Is it because we’re brothers?” Mikey’s brown eyes met Gerard’s hazel orbs. Gerard lost himself in those brown eyes. His heart melted- something that was only supposed to happen in books and movies. He’d certainly been in love before, but never had his heart done these flips and turns like it was doing now, looking at his younger brother. What was happening to him?

“M-Mikey…” Gerard stammered, not knowing what else to say.

Mikey reached under the pillow and pulled out a black scarf. Had it been under there the whole time? Had Mikey planned this? Gerard couldn’t ask, because the scarf was being shoved into his mouth. Mikey wound the rest of it around Gerard’s head so that he couldn’t spit the material out. He reached up to claw it off, but Mikey pinned his wrists above him. “We can do this the easy way, or we can do this the hard way. You choose.”

How can I choose? You gagged me, Gerard wanted to say.

“Either way, I’m still in control, so I guess it doesn’t really matter.” Mikey said with a slight grin. He produced yet another black scarf from beneath the pillow. Gerard watched helplessly as his brother bound his wrists together and secured the scarf to the bunk’s headboard.

“You’ll be a good boy now, won’t you?” Mikey purred. He got out of the bed and began to search through his duffel bag, stored underneath the opposite bunk. He dug through the contents, flinging aside clothes and magazines until he found what he was looking for.

Mikey returned to Gerard holding a dark blue bottle Gerard had never seen before and an object confined within plastic. It looked like the kind of packaging that a calculator or a toy with small parts would be inside. Mikey ripped it open and withdrew a purple…

Gerard thrashed against his bindings as he realized what the purple object was. There was no way he could do this with his own brother. No way in hell. Mikey laughed, amused at Gerard’s hopeless struggle. “Oh, calm down. You’ll like it.” he said. “I promise.”

Tears filled Gerard’s eyes. He couldn’t believe his baby brother was capable of this. Mikey hummed and flicked open the blue bottle with his thumb. Gerard recognized the tune. Come on, come on, lick that battery, come on, come on and fuck this whole wide world…

“It’s cherry flavored.” Mikey told him, squeezing a red-tinted substance onto the toy. “All they had at the store was cherry. But could you imagine any other flavor? Banana? That would be disgusting…”

Gerard wasn’t listening. He was still desperately trying to escape his bonds. But Mikey had done a good job tying the complicated knots. Damn Boy Scouts.

“Stop squirming.” Mikey commanded him. “The more you resist, the more it will hurt.”

Gerard slowly stopped moving, accepting his incestuous fate. Mikey smiled approvingly at him. “Good boy.”

Gerard arched his back slightly as he felt the tip of the toy pressing against his entrance. Mikey frowned and adjusted his grip on the dildo. “You’re tight.” he commented. And with that, he shoved the toy inside of Gerard.

Gerard screamed against the gag, having no warning about the sudden intrusion. Mikey didn’t even bother to warm him up. He just started thrusting the toy inside of his brother like his life depended on it. Gerard let out sounds that sounded like something between a gasp and a scream. He was sobbing and his wrists burned from struggling, but deep inside (literally and metaphorically,) he liked it. Mikey had kept his promise.

Gerard soon found himself raising his hips each time the toy was thrust into him, groaning out of pleasure. He knew he would be disgusted with himself later, but at the moment, he didn’t care. It felt too good to care. Mikey ran his tongue up Gerard’s length and began to suck again, never ceasing to fuck his brother. He positioned the toy at a slightly different angle and pushed it inside of Gerard. Gerard felt an intense pleasure he’d never felt before and cried out in surprise. Mikey continued fucking him with that angle. With Mikey sucking on him, the double pleasure was amazing. His inner muscles began to clench as his orgasm approached.

Mikey noticed this and took his mouth off of his brother’s cock. Gerard whined due to the sudden lack of pleasure and tugged against the scarves. Mikey continued to thrust into him with the toy, gradually becoming slower and gentler. Gerard moaned in protest and bit the gag, wishing he could tell his brother to go faster. He was so close…

Mikey pulled the toy out and smirked at his older brother. “Something wrong?”

Gerard gave Mikey his best puppy eyes and mewled in discontent. “Mmmfff!” he tried to say his brother’s name, momentarily forgetting about the wet gag in his mouth.

“I don’t understand. Speak up!” Mikey teased, gently stroking the older brother’s length. Gerard whimpered. It felt so good, so good but he needed more…

Mikey slowly pushed the toy inside of Gerard. Slow torture. When it was nearly all the way in, he left it there and climbed out of the bed.

“MMMMMFFFF!!!” He was just going to leave him here like this? Gerard began to thrash and pull against the scarves again.

“I’ll be back sooner…or later…” Mikey said distantly, kissing his brother on the forehead before leaving the bus.

Gerard let his head sink into the pillows again, trying to process everything that had just happened. It was going to be a painful, sleepless night.
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