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Reclist of My All-Time Favourite Fics

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All in the title...Give it a read? Your story might be in there ;D ...Story suggestions are also much welcome! :3 [NEW RECS ADDED 7/11/12!]

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So, about three years ago, an innocent little thirteen year old named Lucy was browsing various My Chemical Romance sites and came across something called ‘a Frerard fanfiction’. She’d heard of them a little before, and, curious, decided to read it and see what it was like. She read and she read until two in the morning when she’d finally finished the story and decided that she was officially addicted. Since then, she started reading story after story, until wasn’t satisfied and she decided she wanted to write one herself. And once she started writing, she couldn’t stop. It stopped being writing about two guys from her favourite band- it became living, breathing worlds that she could escape to when reality got too much.

As a thanks to those fanfictions that have helped me escape, put a smile on my face, inspired me and made me laugh out loud, I’ve made a reclist of my all-time favourites.

NOTE 7/11/12: NEW RECS ADDED and note at bottom!


Frank/Gerard- Mr. Giggles by MyVengefulRomance: Basically, Frank gets Gerard a hamster for their anniversary and gets jealous because it ends up getting more attention than him- so, Frank hatches a plan of revenge. This fic is so ridiculous and giggle-worthy and original. One of my old favourites. [FicWad:]

Mikey Way/Pete Wentz- Tongue-tied and Terrified by StormVandal: Okay, so I read this a couple days ago, and it instantly became a favourite. Well-written, smile-until-your-cheeks-split fluff to the best levels. Also, great little humorous touches on a Frank/Gerard background relationship. [FicWad:]

Frank/Gerard: Reality Check by scarlet_fitch2027: Frank likes playing The Sims. Gerard finds out why. So cute, seriously- well written and original. A must-read. [FicWad:]

Frank/Gerard: Lemonade Mouth by scarlet_fitch2027: This is just made of fluff, adorableness, talent, and- oh, blue lemonade xD [FicWad:]

Frank/Gerard: Headphones by ChemicalKilljoy: Gerard likes playing his music loud. Frank and the boys discover a fun game. This is just adorabbubble and so cutely funny. [FicWad:]

Frank/Gerard: Blaze the Butterflies by CatscanFlyy: A wonderfully humorous and cute high school Frerard, where Gerard is the unsmiling new guy, Frank is head-over-heels and Lindsey steals sandwiches. Makes you smile so much it will split your face in two. [FicWad:]

Frank/Gerard: Boys Don’t Kiss Boys by ChemicalKilljoy: This is my all-time favourite fluffy high school Frerard. It’s laugh-out-loud funny, original, adorable and very well written. I love the humour to Frank’s thoughts, and…just all of it. If you haven’t read it already, go read it now. I can’t express how much love I have for it. Best. Ever. [FicWad:]

Frank/Gerard: Never Seen You Cry by DrGiggles: Frank wants to see Gerard cry. Aww, this is so heart-tuggingly cute. [FicWad:]

Frank/Gerard: Flagpole by StormVandal: Another wonderfully cute yet angsty high school Frerard. So damn adorable. [FicWad:]

Mikey Way/Pete Wentz: A Story About Pete Wentz’s Penis by StormVandal: This was the first Pete/Mikey fic I ever read, and really, it’s just pure, wonderfully fluffiness. [FicWad:]

Frank/Gerard: Hairplay by CatscanFlyy: Frank’s a hairdresser, and Gerard is his socially awkward client with a giant crush. My god, this fic is made from adorableness. [FicWad:]

Hey Mr. DJ: Frank is a radio presenter, and Gerard is the show's biggest fan. This fic is ridiculously adorable, garunteed to make you smile like a total loser at your computer screen.

Of Star Wars and High School: Ohmygod. Frank the geek in this is too cute for words.

Mistletoe by XxlovefrankieroxX: An adorable little Christmas oneshot including a Reindeer-dressed Frank...

3:56 am: Bert/Gerard. First Gerbert fic I read, and it's made off cuteness. Really well written, and I loved the descriptions of Gerard. sweet- if you want something to cheer you up and make you smile, I guarantee this will do the trick.

Fundamentals: Another very cute Bert/Gerard, in which the boys play scrabble. I really love the author's 'word' concept revolving round Bert here.

At The End Of The World: Okay, so this is Bert/Gerard, and I have to say, it is one of my favourite fanfics I've read, like, ever. Bert threatens to leak a sex tape he and Gerard made and Gerard, LynZ, Frank and Jamia conduct a side-splittingly funny mission to steal it first. It's just hilarious and cute and just ohmymoose, go read it now.

The Kind of Dirty Where...: Gerard tries to get Bert to bath. Adorableness ensues.

Watercooler Romance: Oh god, this...Basically, Frank is the new guy at work, and Gerard falls hard. It should be cliche, but damn, it's just made of epicness.


All Frank/Gerard

It's Not Easy Being Green:

This is Us:

A Natural Reaction to Rough-housing by Bexless: Ohmyfrerard. This is one of my all time fics- it has it all; humour, fluffy, angst, great writing and hotness. The characterization in this- especially Frank- is just brilliant.

The Way it Works by anew_leaf: Nghhhf. This. Is. So. Hot.

The Taste of Leather by XxlovefrankieroxX: Ohmygod. Leather pants. Frank. Gerard. Hotness.

Scars by XxlovefrankieroxX: This strikes the perfect balance between moving and hot. Very touching and sweet, and of course, well written.

The Icing On The Cake by XxlovefrankieroxX: One of my all-time favourites. Involves blue icing, a teasing Frank and…Well, the mind of XxlovefrankieroxX…what’s not to love? If you haven’t already, go read it. Hot stuff.

Curriculum by Synonymy: My friend recommended this to me a couple weeks back and…dear god. Very hot and dirty. Frankie is the student who’s been lusting after- and trying to silently seduce- the gorgeous Art teacher, Mr. Way. Sounds kinda cliché, but damn, it’s well done.

Five Years of FicWad by XxlovefrankieroxX: Frank is a secret fanfiction reader and, well, reading suddenly becomes reality...

Think Happy Thoughts by GerardWayisSex: Most of you have probably already read this, as it’s kinda a FicWad classic, but god damn is it one of my favourites. Gerard’s scared Frank won’t like his new haircut, and well, sexiness ensues.

More by shiningartifact: I came across this recently, and it’s one of the hottest I’ve read. Frank and Gerard jerk off together- not each other, themselves- in front of a movie. I don’t know why this is so hot, but it is. Well-written too.

A necessary Requirement by Bexless: So funny and hot and well written. Seriously, just read it.

The Mathematics of Cunnilingus: Frank and Gerard do some 'scientific research' for a school project...

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner at Audrey's: Gerard is the sensual chef who Frank has been drooling over for months. This is really original and awesome.

If I Cut Off Your Arms...: My favourite heathermouth's cute and original and hot, and seriously, just go read it. Frank is clumsy with scalpels in biology, Gerard bleeds a lot and somehow, sexiness ensues.

Parallel Lines: Bert/Gerard oneshot in which Bert is stubborn and difficult and Gerard is his (rather shmexy) gymnastics coach.

Nyan Puke Nails And Black Silk Scarves by Shiwoggi: This is so hot, so well written, so original. I love it.

Sparkle Motion by bexless: Dudes, it's bexless. Quirky, funny, hot, and frerard. What more could you want?

Chlorine: Frank is the hot pool boy. Gerard does things with the hot pool boy. Awesomeness and hotness ensues.

When I think About You (I touch Myself):

Songs and Poetry:

Sea by BJAisgod: Beautiful and hinting dark analogy of the sea.

Shooting Up on Stars by DisenchantedDestroya: This is my favourite song I've read on FicWad, I think. It's just brilliant.

Cruithine by DisenchantedDestroya: This is just stunning.

Elegy For Some Dead Kid by DisenchantedDestroya: Once again, she her poetry never fails to give me goosebumps.

Vice Versa by DisenchantedDestroya: Another fucking brilliant poem. Actually, I'm not going to post any more of hers, because they're all just amazing, and I'll end up posting them all. Just seriously- go check her work out. It's brilliant.

15 by scarlet_fitch2027: This sounds like a professional song- when I read it, I can hear it in my head. Brilliant stuff.

Who Needs Friends by DisenchantedDestroya: Okay, I know I said I wouldn't post any more of hers, but seriously, this one is probably my favourite. It's just awesome.

Rivers and Reality by YouCanRunAwayFromMe: The language and message in this poem is really powerful and honest.

Unconsecrated by Bella_Jixx: Claire sent this to me recently, and I was just stunned. It's a brilliant piece of creative poetry with a dark-fairytale twist and fascinating concept. One of my all-time favourite poems.


My friends, Jack and Stella by DisenchantedDestroya: God…This is…so original and brilliant. Fantastic. If you haven’t read already, I would highly recommend doing so.

Ghost Notes by XxlovefrankieroxX: My god, this is one of the best oneshots I’ve ever read. It’s fluid and evocative and dreamlike, and completely intriguing. A story with many, not-quite discovered depths. Just…I personally think it’s equally good as her smut work- if not better. Just amazing.

Memories Make Us by DisenchantedDestroya: A very thoughtful and moving piece of work that has so much truth in it.

No More Heroes by scarlet_fitch2027: This fic has my heart. Just…oh my god, if you haven’t, go read it. Pure hilariousness.

Eyeliner by ChemicalKilljoy: Oh, this made me giggle like a lunatic :'3

Roses Are See-Through: This is one of my favourite favourites- it's a ghost fic, but isn't really sad, more just...cute. Very cute. Really well written, and original.

The One Where They're All...Ducks?: Oh my god. Oh my GOD. This fic is bloody perfection. It's MCR about ducks with metaphors about the dark side of the pond where the birds have white bread instead of brown and Gerard got addicted to the stuff while he was hanging out with a scruffy duck named Bert. Not just MCR in this. Little bit of Frerard, but does it even count when they're birds? EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ THIS. IT IS EPIC. IT MADE MY WEEK.


Die, School Musical by scarlet_fitch2027: This story doesn’t get the appreciation it deserves, because it’s not a Frerard, it’s Gerard/Lindsey….But fucking hell, it’s a brilliant story, what does it matter? It’s the only story that has actually made me cry and laugh hysterically at the same time. Her talent is crazy.

Cigarettes and Sass by XxlovefrankieroxX: Not finished yet, but damn is it a good fic so far. Possibly my favourite chaptered story of hers. Basically, Frank is a porn star and Gerard is his biggest fan…but Frank doesn’t know that. Something very original and sweet about this fic, despite the smuttiness.

The Halo Files by benzedrine_barbie: Her use of language and the way she weaves the characters and the plot together is flawless. One of the best writers on this site, seriously. If you haven't read her work already, go check it out, because it is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

Shut up, Mikey by StormVandal: A lovely little short, chaptered fic. Lots of fluff and ‘aww’ moments.

Desert Rose by AdnarimSmada: Not posted on this site, as she sadly left due to all the trolling, but she has an email list- which you can be on- and I’ve been reading this fic. It’s actually a Panic! At The Disco (the first one I’ve ever read), and her blunt writing and characterization is just fucking great. A very refreshing and different style of writing.

A Misfits Guide To The Twenty Ways by scarlet_fitch2027: This is great, really. Brilliantly ridiculous and funny, and fucking well written. Very original.

Gotta Be Someone by MyChemFreak: Shock horror, this is an OC story…And the best one I’ve read. It’s so relatable and moving, and the relationships are so fragile and vulnerable. Really tugs at your heart, but it’s such a damn good read.

Sing It Like The Kids That Are Mean To You by benzedrine_barbie: It’s a high school Frerard, but it’s one of the best I’ve ever read. Don’t think cliché or predictable, think brilliantly written and original.

Frank/Gerard: Put an X on the Floor by Tyranny: Chaptered high school time Frerard fic. It’s Ray’s birthday and the boys are all going to Thorpe park. I love this- it’s so cute.

One for Sorrow by CatscanFlyy: Gerard in this is just...argh. Unsociable and adorable perfection.

To The End by ImRad: It's been ages since I've read this, but it's one of the best Frerard High School Fics I've read.

Something Better by LovelyPoet: This is actually a kidfic, which I don't normally read, but Frank is Gerard's kid's nanny, and oh my god, it's just so sweet and touching and I think it may have stolen my heart.

In Which Gerard Is A Quirky College Professor and Frank is the Best TA ever: This is so well written and cute. I love the characters.

The Skin of The Canvas: Wonderfully real, gritty fic about recovering alcoholic Gerard who falls for his art class' model, Frank. This fic really has a place in my heart- the characters are so alive.

Conclusions by Bexless: Just...One of the best fics I've ever read. It has it all; great characters, humour, hotness, beauty...just amazing. It'll take you a while to read, but fuck is it worth it.

Nightswimming: This was the first Frerard I ever read, and it's amazing. The characters are so real, and the Gerard in this has to be my favourite Gerard ever. The chemistry between the characters is brilliant, the writing is amazing, and fuck, it may just be the best fic I've read. Ever.

Crazy Kid Helping Crazy Kid by DisenchantedDestroya: It hasn't got very many chapters yet, but the ones so far are wonderfully-giggle worthy and orginal. I can't wait to see where this fic goes.

Get Me Closer (To God) by XxlovefrankieroxX: This is incredibly hot, but also very touching and sweet towards the end. Another smut masterpiece from FicWad's queen of smut.

Pretty, Sinking by CatscanFlyy: Again, only a couple of chapters in this so far, but it's really original and well-written. I can't wait to read more of it.

Buy Handmade: Gerard is a quirky artist, and Frank is training to be a baker. Oh my god, this fic...It's so touching and amazingly written. The characters are flawless and quirky, the idea is original, and really, it's just a work of art.

Where the Animals Should Go...: This story has a really special place in my heart. It's a frerard, set at high school, but instead of following the cliche, it's really original and touching. I don't know...there's just something special about this fic. I love it to bits.

A Leopard Can Always Change its Spots: Oh my god, I've been searching for this fic for ages, it's epic. Basically, it's set in a restaurant. Frank is the innocent, new catholic waiter, and Gerard is...well, the total manwhore who likes to turn straight guys gay. This story- seriously, it's really original, and just awesome.

Legalities of the Heart: Frerard lawyer fic...Gerard is the overly stressed manager, and everyone wants new employee, Frank, to take his mind of the crumbling business. Frank wants to too. There's so much adorable crush-angst in this, and great little humorous touches with Mikey and various P!ATD guys. Go read!

Summertime by TheBambooMuncher: A frerard summer holidays fic...Eep, it's so adorable!

Empty With You by monstrice901: I haven't actually finished reading this, but it's fuckin' awesome so far. Basically, Gerard's just got divorced, and Frank's trying to help him get himself back together on tour.

A Kiss With A Fist: This...Oh dude, it's Frank the not-so-tough-really boxer and Gerard the medic, and, well, isn't that enough? I found it a shame the character depths weren't explored a little more, but overall, I fucking loved it.

Strange Steps: High school. Gerard teaches popular kid Frank to dance for the school prom, and it's a good healthy dose of angsty teen Frerard.

You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us On Community Service (Nothing!): Bert/Gerard. This is unexpectedly touching, and super sweet. I read it ages ago and loved it so much I've spent the last hour trying to find it again.


Note 7/11/12: Would you guys be utterly awesome and review my new fic, Scabbed X-Ray Blues? It would be seriously amazing if you did!

Oh, and any fic suggestions (of yours or other people's) you'd like me to read and comment on here, submit a suggestion!

So, that's it for now, but I haven't finished adding stuff, so look out for more! Oh, and if any of you guys have fics you think I should read, drop me a review with the link and I'll check it out. If you haven't been mentioned yet, please don't be offended- like I said, I'm not done adding stories yet. Thanks so much for reading! :D Oh, and any readers of ToB, I've edited the ending of Chapter Twelve, so it would be amazing if you could check out the bettered version :D

Lucy X_O
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