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Giving Personalized Stories A Shot

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I have to write a new chapter for my other story, ""Fury's Initiative"":, finish a six person collage I'm drawing for the Avengers, MAKE a canvas collage for the Avengers, read two books, and write a proposal for an Afternoon Arts program I'm applying to for fall term, but oh well. I love chaos, deadlines, and stress. It's what I live off of so I decided to do some personalized stories. I know, about a ton recently went up but I've been wanting to do this all summer. I was hesitant because of all the other crap, but I've decided I really want to.

This may be a total cliche, but I have writers black and lack of motivation for my story mentioned above and I think this may help.

I'm only going to be writing one-shots. I don't think I can do full out chaptered stories, sorry. That is assuming people actually want me to write for them.

Anyhow, here's the form. Fill it out at your own leisure:










Likes, Dislikes:

Story line:

Characters you want included:

Thank you all, I'll try to get them up soon :D
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