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A daydreamer wakes up to reality of life.

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Athrum finally gave up on trying to sleep and rolled out of her sleeping furs. She pulled on a top, one of the first she had crafted out of clifthoof hide. It still fit her, though it hung to the end of her rib cage instead of her waist. She rummaged around in her trunk until she found a skirt with no embellishments on it. Although, she knew she should feel more mature now, inside she still felt the same as before the rite began. She wandered when this adulthood phase would click inside her brain.

She stepped to the window that faced Skysong Lake and the rock formation known as the Throne of Elements. She never had gone there, she wasn't humble or strong enough of a shaman to venture just yet. Someday she planned to go and whisper to the powerful elements and spirits that were present there.

For on top of all the things she planned to do with Selm and the family they would create she would find time to continue her studies to become a powerful shaman. She glanced up at the ribbon of color in the darkened sky and leaned heavily against the window frame. The sounds of the twilight animals and insects played a haunting melody.

Athrum rested her chin on her hand as she let her mind wander to things that she wanted, namely Selm. He would wrestle with her in their own home. Laugh and whisper sweet things in the privacy of their own bedroom. She wanted five kids to teach and watch grow, and tan hides that Selm would bring from his hunts.

She saw herself standing at his side to defend the clan lands from the ogres. She even romanced a scene of her being kidnapped by the ogres. Her love for her mate would see her through the ordeal, he would ride his wolf over the hill commanding the warriors of the clan. They would wipe out the fat creatures and he would tear the cage apart and sweep her into his arms. "It will be so beautiful," she whispered lost in the fantasy.

Even though she was now an adult, she still had to do the familiar chores. Fill the barrels outside the hut with water, the rain had been sparse these days so she was forced to carry water from the stream that flowed from the lake. She was use to carrying the large buckets full of water, she barely lost a drop as she scrambled over the uneven ground between the barrels and stream.

During her many trips, she would keep an eye upon the road for any sign of Selm. She was growing restless as the day waned and still no sign of him. With a frown pasted upon her features she tended to the small herd of boars that were squealing loudly with want of food.

She went inside and helped her mother cook the afternoon meal, which she ate rather upset. Her younger siblings were all screaming and running after each other with sticks as they play hunter and prey.

Mother would slap the nearest one on the back of the head and pointed to the nearest spot to sit. A few moments later the hut was relatively quiet as the young ones growled and tore at the roasted meat. "Your father and I are very proud you have finished your hunt successfully," she said grabbing a lock of hair on her younger daughter's head. The girl yelped and stopped pushing the roots off her plate, she wrinkled her nose as she chewed.

"Thank you, Mother." Athrum stated trying to be patient with her younger siblings. Right now they were testing her to the edge. She wasn't able to pin down the reason of her frustrations, she simply kept her mouth full of food.

"Your teacher was morning and informed me that you are expected to attend your lessons in the morning." The older orc glanced at her daughter, her brown flesh had scars from the sickness that nearly killed her. She was one of the lucky ones that were still able to bare children, many in the clan could not.

Athrum nodded, she knew this was part of his ultimate design to gain all she had planned for herself. One she was happy to continue, she needed to be a powerful shaman to aid the clan and more importantly be able to protect her children when her mate was away hunting.

Yet, no lessons in the afternoon meant weeding the garden, Athrum left the main part of the house only to stop short near the edge of the plot. She could see the side path that lead out of the clan lands, a lone figure walked up with exaggerated weariness.

Her heart fluttered for a few beats until she recognized the orc. Karga. She had most of the clansmen huddling around her by the time she reached the massive logs in the center of town. On her face was blood of her kill. Athrum stepped toward the group as one of the shamans performed the traditional tasting of it and gave the nod of approval. "Impossible," she whispered which was drowned out by the cheers of the others. "They were supposed to know the difference."

"Ah," her mother snorted, stepping out of the house with a bowl of bones. "Karga's back. She sure does know how to gain the glory." She tossed the scraps to the two large riding wolves hunkered down by the back entrance who greedily snapped them up.

Athrum huffed and marched into the garden nearly trampling several rows in her haste, she fell to her knees still carrying the weight of the shock she had just witnessed. Was it all a lie? Could Karga have been right in her thinking blood was blood? It couldn't be. Did the female actually go and stumble upon a talbuk so sickly it couldn't defend itself? This same woman who hadn't been able to kill even a small animal with her father's holding it for her. He finally had to break the neck to end the creature's misery.

Soon a shadow fell upon her, Athrum glanced up at the crimson covered face.

"Nice doe you killed out there," Karga said with a smirk touching the dried blood on her cheek. "Not the best kill ever, but one nonetheless. I knew your bulk would come in handy someday."

Athrum stalled at the implications that were being hinted at, her features clouded with hate as she stood to her full height which was a several hand spans taller than Karga. She meant to imitate, Karga only laughed at her. "It is good thing you are built like a male."

Athrum's dark purple eyes narrowed at the other female, she had never thought herself built like a male. Sure, she didn't have the heavy bosom that every other woman were sporting. She believed males didn't even notice such things, they wanted a hearty female to bare them children and be able to withstand all the hard work that clan life demanded. "How do you know all this?"

Karga only snorted and walked away, strutting like she owned the place.

Hate gnawed at Athrum's innards like a Windroc's sharp talons. If that was indeed talbuk blood, than Karga would have swiped some from her kill. How else would the other have known how she killed the doe? The worst part of the whole ordeal, she couldn't prove it, which gave her a taste of acid in the back of her throat. Karga was bending the rules once again and Athrum was helpless to stop it. She cursed through gritted teeth at the minor set back. She convinced herself it meant nothing, Karga couldn't cheat the rules forever. Selm would see the truth and he would still pick her.

Everyone gathered around the heat of the bonfire, food was spread out several boars had been roasting for several days in the pits for this occasion. The elder shaman rose to his feet and held up his hands. "Great Grandmother Gyah has commissioned me to speak in her stead. We are all to recognize the works of the two, Karga and Athrum for they have passed their om'riggor test." The others in the crowd cheered, the pair was patted on the back and shoulders from the clansmen. "They are now fully part of this clan as adults," another roar from the others as they accepted the two into the ranks.

After that short speech, the clansmen attacked the feast with vigor. Everyone ate, talked and made an appoint to at least say a few words to the two females.

Athrum was again disappointed at the whole affair, she had scanned the mass of faces not finding Selm anywhere. She had thought he would be here to congratulate her in the new status of being. She made her way to the roast and pulled her dagger free from the sheath attached to her belt and cut a chunk of meat from the flank.

Athrum sat upon a mound of dirt near the mouth of the small river that drained from Skysong Lake, she closed her eyes and attempted to clear her mind. She found it impossible, her thoughts would keep turning back to Selm. He still had not returned from whatever mission he was set and she was getting antsy about the lack of word. Granted the male could indeed take care of himself, she so wished to talk to him before Karga.

Her teacher slapped her on the top of the head. "I said concentrate, your mind is elsewhere."
Athrum gritted her teeth, she couldn't get her brain to listen to her commands. There was far too much going on around her. After a few more moments of trying to settle the thoughts in her head, her teacher sighed and sat beside her. "Most children have this already mastered, Athrum."

"It is my destiny to become a great shaman, it was whispered the day of my naming."

"This I know all to well," the older male took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. His eyes moved about the landscape around them. "Sometimes things are shown to us and we are not sure how to interpret it fully. Yes, you were very powerful in your first few cycles. But that power had not grown with you."

Athrum choked at this, her wide eyes snapped to his face. She felt as if someone had sucker punched her. "What are you saying?" She stated barely above a whisper, her stomach twisted with fear.

"I think you were meant for something other than carrying the mantel of the shaman." He put a hand upon her shoulder in an attempt to comfort her. "You will always be strong with the spirits but not as you were lead to believe. Granted, I did not see what the other shaman had that day. But cannot invoke such things from the spirit world. I know you are strong, Athrum, you will find your path. Keep your ear to the wind and your heart opened to the Other World."

It was far too much to bare, she barely had noticed when the old shaman left her side. She was staring into the flowing water before her. All she had been dreaming and planning was starting to crumble against the strong tides of change and she felt she might shatter.
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