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I'm So Sorry..I-i just feel terrible

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I promise I'll delete this

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I'm so sorry..I need to let all of this out
-I lied to my friend; I (well she) made a deal that if I didn't comit/attempt suicide, she wouldn't either..and the same with self harm
I fucking lied; I came close to attempting to end this hell I have the glories to call a life how many times; and in this instance, I have fucking gashes (huge ass cuta, bigger and bled more than I ever did to myself)

I was going go update, but I go on my laptop...all the fic hapters deleted, I am so stressed i forgot everything I was going to put

And everything is going wrong... I'm sorry...I wish I could fucking update, write as amazing as I want, but no, I'm just me...the kid who is the example when parents say "I'll be proud if you don't turn out like her"

Again, I'm so sorry, I have this shit where I get ahead of myself, and my emotions take depression is hard
Sorry for the depressing spam, I just feel terrible (and the reality that my best friend wants to commit suicide and self harms doesn't help at all)....fuck i am so sorry (as i repeat once more)
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