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Ask Prince Vegeta (Introduction)

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Vegeta and the gang have a talk show now apparently.

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Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN DBZ!

Vegeta walks onto the the stage in a tuxiedo with his typical scowl. A red carnation peeks out of his pocket until he discards it by throwing it into the audience and leaving a pack of ravenous fangirls to fight over it. A smirk creeps onto his face as he watches them brawl over the worthless bloom. He sits on a white leather couch and picks up a microphone.
Vegeta: Hello and welcome to Ask Prince Vegeta. Apparently you humans do not understand the difficult life of a Saiyan, so I have to explain it for you. Here with me are Bulma, Trunks, Bulla, Kakarot, Chichi, Gohan, Goten, and Piccolo.
The group joins Vegeta on the stage, all dressed in formal clothes, smiling and wving to the audience.
Goku: Vegeta, you said there would be food here. Is there any food?
Vegeta: (Casts an annoyed glance at Goku) There will be food after the show, baka.
Goku: Oh. Ok.
Vegeta: (snarls to himself) His brain is in his stomach, I swear!
Vegeta clears his throat and smiles to the audience.
Vegeta: We will answer three randomly drawn questions a day. They can be about anything, so be creative. (Narrows his eyes) But not too creative. We need all the questions we can get, so send them in!
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