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Gerard spends time with Molly after delivering a special gift to Holly.

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“Honey, can you get that?” Holly asked glancing over at her daughter.

“Sure, mommy.” Molly set her spoon down then moved to pick up Holly’s cell phone off the end table next to the sofa. “Hello?”

Gerard was surprised to hear his daughter’s voice. “Good morning, Squirt. How come you’re answering your mommy’s phone?”

“Cause mommy is buttering toast.” She explained walking back over to the kitchen table.

“Oh.” Gerard tried to picture the scene in his head. “Uh, can I talk to her?”

“Mommy, it’s daddy.” Molly said holding out the phone.

Holly wiped a trace of butter off her hand then took the phone. “Hey, Gee.”

“Good morning, Holly. Feeling better?”

Memories of him tucking her in bed last night flooded her mind, “Yep.” She managed to answer.

“That’s good. Hey I was wondering something. I know you said you are going to some architectural salvage stores today and I was going to offer to watch Molly.”

“Oh, well our plans have changed.” She explained as she set a small plate with the freshly buttered toast on the table. “Arthur called earlier and he has a family emergency he needs to deal with and since it’s the holiday weekend his employees aren’t available.” She grabbed her coffee cup before going on. “So Molly and I are going to open the gallery today.”

“Oh.” He too grabbed his coffee cup. “You guys are gonna run the place?”

Holly laughed, “Yeah, really all we have to do is be there, I guess. I have no idea how to handle a sale if someone wants to buy a piece. Have to admit I’m sorta nervous about this but Arthur sounded so frazzled when he called I agreed to help him.”

“It’s nothing too serious is it?”

“His mother fell at her home. She lives in upstate New York.” Holly explained what the gallery owner had told her. “She was taken to the hospital but that’s all he told me.”

“Oh well hopefully it’s not bad.” Gerard said then took a sip of coffee.

“That’s my hope too.” Holly agreed. “But thanks for the offer.”

He sighed, “Yeah, sure. Talk to you later.” He disconnected feeling a bit sad. When he’d called he’d believed he’d get the chance to see both of them today and now that wasn’t going to happen. Taking his cup of coffee he walked over to the windows. The view was beautiful this morning but his mind was on other things. Now he had a whole day ahead of him with nothing to do. Well, that wasn’t quite true, he reminded himself. He knew what he should do. Grabbing his phone he called his brother. Might as well go with him to take their mother to the airport.


Gerard was on his way to Mikey’s when he got a call that surprised him.

“Hey, Gee. Just wanted to touch base with you.”

“Been a long time.” Gerard said as soon as he placed his cell on speaker to free his hands. “How you been?”

Bob’s voice filled the car. “Been good. Heard you guys are working in the studio.”

Gerard felt awkward talking about that subject with their former drummer. “Uh, yeah. So what have you been up to?”

“Just been doing some freelance tech jobs around home.” Bob answered. “Didn’t really feel right about doing much long distance until now.”

“You mean while Holly was staying with you?” Gerard asked.

Bob sighed, “Yeah, I suppose that’s true.”

Gerard was fishing for information. “So I heard you’ve met someone special.”

“Oh Holly’s been talking.” Bob laughed. “Yeah, that’s true. Angie is someone special. She’s a drummer for a local band.”

“Cool.” Gerard said as he slowly made a right turn. “I’m happy for you, man.”

“Yeah well here’s the thing.” Bob said getting to the real reason for his call. “Only thing what worries me is thinking maybe Holly moved out because of Angie.”

Gerard sighed, “Only thing Holly said was you met someone.” He lied not adding that Holly had mentioned she felt she and Molly were cramping Bob’s style now that he had a girlfriend.

“Well I hope that means she didn’t think she had to leave because of Angie. They could have stayed with me a long as they wanted. Gotta admit the place seems damn quiet without them.”

Gerard wasn’t sure how to respond to that.

“Anyway.” Bob went on. “I was wondering how Holly is doing.”

“You haven’t talked to her?”

“Well sure I have but you know how Holly can be. She says everything is good and I will admit she sounds happy but still I worry. I was glad to hear that you guys told Molly the truth."

“Not as glad as I was.” Gerard muttered.

“Yeah, I know.” Bob said softly. “And according to Holly she says Molly is really happy about that truth.”

“Yeah but the kid has come up with some hard questions to answer.”

Bob’s laughter filled the car. “I bet. Damn that kid is so smart. She tell you I was teaching her how to drum?”

Gerard tried not to let that fact bother him. “Uh, no.”

“Yep." Bob went on. “She picks up on things fast.”

“I’ve noticed.” Gerard hated that Bob still knew Molly better then he did. “I’m just fuckin' glad I’m getting to spend time with her.”

“Holly told me that Molly spent the night at your place. Gotta say that sorta surprised me. Molly is pretty protective on her mom. I’m sure it wasn’t easy to be away from Holly for a night.”

“She was a little upset at first.” Gerard admitted. “But it turned out okay.”

“That’s good.” Bob said. “Molly needs to be a kid, know what I mean? She shouldn’t be spending all her time being afraid for her mom.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean.” Gerard turned the car into Mikey’s neighborhood. “It’s good that she and Bandit spend time together, too.”

“Yeah, I heard the two of them are pretty happy to know they are half-sisters.”

Gerard laughed, “Oh yeah, that’s true. Molly really enjoys being the older sister and taking care of Bandit.”

“Molly is a lot like her mom. It’s important to both of them to take care of other people.” He paused, “Speaking of that, I heard Holly’s been back at the shelter.”

This comment made Gerard realize Bob had spoken to Holly recently. “Yeah, she and Christa went down there yesterday.”

“You okay with that?” Bob asked.

Gerard drummed his fingers on the steering wheel. “Doesn’t really matter if I am or not, does it? Holly’s gonna do whatever she wants to do.”

Bob heard the trace of anger in his voice. “Of course that’s true but I was just wondering how you feel about it.”

Gerard sighed, “So why did you really call?”

Bob knew he was moving into dangerous territory. “Because I care about Holly. Always have and always will. Gee, I know you’ve been waiting a long time for her to come back so you could get things settled between you two.” He added softly, “I care how you’re dealing with things too.”

“Because you don’t want me fuckin making Holly unhappy again.” Gerard ground out. “Right?”

“No, that’s not true.” Bob said, “I don’t only want Holly to be happy I want you to be happy too. If you want just tell me to fuck off. That’s fine. But I didn’t call to upset you.”

Gerard pulled the car into Mikey’s driveway and cut the engine. “Shit, I’m sorry.” He said letting go of his anger. “But the truth is you’re right, I have been waiting for Holly to come back. But now, I don’t know what to think. I mean were getting along pretty good but she’s keeping her distance if you know what I mean.”

“I do know what you mean.” Bob answered. “But Gee, didn’t you kinda expect that? Holly needs time to figure out what she wants to do with her life. Shit, she almost died. Her recovery took a long time.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“And really for the first time in her life Holly isn’t being held down by guilt. Telling Molly the truth was the last bit of the past she had to deal with and she’s done that. Now she’s coming into her own as an artist and this is really big for her. She told me about working for that restaurant guy. That’s a huge thing for Holly. She’ll finally have enough money she won’t have to stress about things.”

“She wouldn’t have to anyway.” Gerard said making no move to leave the car. “I’m responsible for part of my daughters care. I’ve told Holly that.”

“Yeah, I know.” Bob admitted, “But don’t you see? Holly doesn’t want to depend on you, she doesn’t want to have to depend on anyone but herself.” When Gerard remained silent he added, “Don’t mean she doesn’t want you in their lives. She told me how important it was that Molly knew you’re her dad. She wanted that to happen. She went back to LA so that could happen. Just give her time, Gee. And support what she’s doing.”

“You telling me what I should do?” Gerard asked. “What’s best for Holly?”

“I’m telling you what I think is best for both of you.” Bob said sincerely. “I want both of you to be happy and not just for your daughter.”

Gerard saw Mikey open the front door. “Thanks, man.” He said softly. “Well I’ve gotta go. Taking ma to the airport.” He explained.

“Oh, sure.” Bob understood the conversation was about to end. “Hope you don’t mind I called.”

“Not at all. Keep in touch, okay?”

“Yeah, okay.” Bob answered. “Talk to you later.”


Hours later when Donna’s plane had finally taken off Gerard and Mikey trudged through the airport on the way to the parking lot. Mikey glanced over at his brother. “You do get that ma just wants you to be happy, right?”

Gerard sighed. He really wanted to hurry back to the car. Being in the airport had taken its toll on his nerves. Several times he and Mikey had been approached by fans. It wasn’t that he didn’t enjoy meeting them but right now he needed a cigarette and some time to think about what his mom had said.

“Of course I do.” He answered hurrying his steps.

Mikey was trying to gauge his brother’s mood. “Well it’s good she and Holly made peace.”

“I was sure they would.” Gerard answered feeling a bit happier when the exit suddenly appeared. He waited until they walked through the sliding glass door to add. “Can’t imagine Holly staying angry at anyone.” He was shocked by his brother’s answer.

“I can. What Ma said when Holly was in the hospital was brutal. I mean I get she was shocked to learn you were getting a divorce and I know she thought Holly had something to do with it but…”

The fresh air made Gerard stop and take a deep breath before saying. “You though she’d still be pissed at Ma even though she’d apologized.”

Mikey wanted to make his feeling clear. “Holly wouldn’t have stayed mad if Ma’s comments had just been about her but the fact that indirectly they were about Molly…yeah, I don’t think Holly would let anyone hurt her little girl. I don’t think this visit would have turned out so good if it wasn’t apparent how much ma loves Molly.”

Gerard considered his words. “Yeah, think you’re right about that.” Absently he fingered the necklace in his pocket that Donna had given him before boarding the plane. “But ma really is trying to make amends.”

“The necklace?”

Gerard nodded, “Yeah, wonder why she made such a big deal about giving it to Holly.”

Mikey had wondered the same thing. “I’ve never seen it before but Ma made it sound like it’s something special. When you gonna give it to Holly?”

Gerard smiled, “After I dump your butt back at your house. I’m gonna stop by the gallery before I head home.” He saw his brother frown. “What?”

“Oh nothing.” Mikey said quickly.

They had reached the car so Gerard waited until they were seated inside. “Just say what you’re thinking.”

“Well.” Mikey began slowly not wanting to anger his brother. “Just seems you’re sorta seeing Holly a lot. I’m not saying that’s bad but...”

Gerard sighed, “But you think I’m pushing her, right?”

“Look, I know how all this time you’ve had time to think and I know you’ve really waited for her and Molly to come back. But they’re here now and they ain’t going anywhere for awhile.”

“And I shouldn’t push her.” Gerard shoved the keys in the ignition. “Yeah, I hear you.” He pulled the car out of the lot and both men remained silent. It wasn’t until they were on the highway that Gerard spoke. “You’re right it seems I’ve been waiting a fucking long time for them to come back. I’d go over how it would play out in my head over and over.”

“How it would be meeting Holly again?” Mikey guessed.

“Yeah.” Gerard sighed, “And while it’s been good…”

“You want more.” Mikey said softly.

“I want to spend time alone with her.” Gerard admitted. “I’ve missed her so damn much. She was always like my best friend, she understood me even when I didn’t. I miss that.”

Mikey glanced over at him. “But you don’t just want her to be your friend.”

“Fuck, no.” Gerard muttered. “I want more but I’m afraid that will never happen. Holly seems to finally have her life together.”

“But so do you.” Mikey reminded him gently. “So maybe in time both of you will want more.”

Gerard hoped that with all his heart but something was troubling him. He needed to voice this fear. “When Holly and I were together I was a different person. I was fucked up. What if now that I’ve changed…” he shook his head.

Mikey understood. “Oh, you think Holly was attracted to you because you were fucked up? You think she was with you only because she wanted to help you?”

“Well yeah.” Gerard admitted.

Mikey sat back a moment gathering his thoughts. “No, I don’t believe that. Yeah, you were fucked up but that’s not why Holly was with you. Cause lets be honest she was fucked up back then too.”

“But let’s be honest about something else.” Gerard said then added after making a lane change, “She likes to fix other people’s problems. She’s always trying to help people.”

“Yeah, that’s true. But the reason Holly was originally leaving LA was because you were fucked up and she didn’t want Molly to be around you. She came back because she knew you’d gotten your shit together and she wanted Molly to know you’re her dad.”

“But she really didn’t know I’d gotten my shit together.” Gerard muttered. “She had no contact with any of us.”

Mikey sighed, “She knew, Gee. I talked to her when she was in Chicago.”

“What?” Gerard’s head swiveled around to glare at his brother. “You talked to her and didn’t tell me?”

“Alicia doesn’t even know I talked to Holly.” He admitted bracing himself for Gerard’s anger.

“Why wouldn’t you tell me?” Gerard asked.

“She called me.” Mikey said softly. “I could tell how hard it was for her to call. She wanted to know how we all were doing but mostly she wanted to know about you.”

“Shit.” Gerard shook his head. “I honestly was starting to think she was completely done with me.”

“How could she be? You’re her daughter’s dad. She admitted to me how much she wanted Molly to know the truth because she knew how much Molly already loved you.”

“She said that?”

“Yeah, she did.” Mikey smiled. “Gee, if you hadn’t gotten your shit together Holly wouldn’t have come back. So she’s not here because she has some desire to help you. She wants you to be a father to your little girl.”

“But is that all she wants?’ Gerard forced himself to ask.

Mikey sighed, “I don’t think Holly knows that answer to that herself. But I think giving her time will help her decide.”

“I know you’re right, Bro.” Gerard said slowly. “But damn, patience has never been one of my better virtues.”


Gerard slowly walked towards the art gallery absently fingering the necklace in his pocket. Maybe Mikey was right, he was deliberately finding reasons to see Holly too much. He should just keep the necklace and give it to Holly on Saturday when he’d see her. But that was a week away and to him that seemed like a lifetime. He slowed his pace trying to come to a decision. It still wasn’t too late to return to his car.

As he neared the large glass windows of the gallery he spotted her immediately. From his location on the sidewalk he could see her smiling and laughing obviously talking to someone. He took several more steps then came to an abrupt halt. Now he could see her clearly. She was involved in a conversation with a man he’d met last night. Pure jealously filled his soul as Richard, responding to something she’d said, threw back his head and laughed. Neither he or Holly seemed to notice the gallery was filled with other people. Angrily he started to turn away intent on returning to his car when a movement caught his eye. There in the window, off to one side, was Molly. She was smiling at him, her little hand waving happily. Now he had no choice but to go inside the gallery.

“Daddy.” Molly ran to him as soon as he opened the door.

“Hey, Squirt.” He lifted her into his arm. “How are you today?”

“I’m hungry.” Molly answered wrapping her arms around his neck.

Gerard hugged her to him. “Well guess that’s because you’ve been helping your mom work so hard running the gallery you haven’t had time for lunch.”

“Yep.” Molly nodded.

He glanced over and saw that Holly had spotted him walk in. By the look on her face she was surprised to see him. Slowly, still holding Molly, he walked towards the spot where she stood with Richard at her side.

“Hey, Gee. What are you doing here?” She asked.

He carefully sat Molly back down on her feet before answering. “Uh, just took Ma to the airport and thought I’d stop by on my way home. She wanted me to give you this.” He reached his hand in his pocket and pulled out the necklace. He was shocked by the look on Holly’s face when she saw it. Slowly she extended her hand to take it but said nothing.

Richard picked up on the awkward silence. “Well I should be going.”

Holly forced herself to look at him and smile. “But you just got here.” She looked over at Gerard forcing her mind to think. “Gee, do you have a few minutes?”

He wasn’t sure where this was going. “Sure.”

“Well, I know Molly is hungry but I can’t stop to make her lunch.” She said her eyes looking around the gallery at the other art patrons. “Could you take her upstairs and make her a sandwich?”

“Of course.” He said as Molly happily slid her hand in his.

“Thanks.” Holly reached into her pocket to produce the keys to the loft which she handed him at the same time replacing them with the necklace.

Gerard was still trying to understand the strange look on her face when she’d seen the gift from his mother but he understood now was not the time to try to understand her reaction. He took the keys from her. “Molly and I will eat lunch and I’ll bring her back down later if that’s okay.”

Holly smiled, “Thanks.”

“Good seeing you again.” Richard said to Gerard with a nod.

It has hard but Gerard forced himself to smile, “You too.” He tightened his hold on Molly’s hand then started towards the back of the gallery where he knew another stairway led to the upper floor.


Hours later Holly sighed as she locked the gallery door. The day had been busier than she’d anticipated and she was glad Arthur had shortened the gallery’s operation hours because of the holiday weekend.

As she made her way back to turn off the lights she sighed again. She hadn’t meant for Gerard to stay with Molly all afternoon. She’s thought he would make lunch for her then bring her back downstairs but he hadn’t. He and Molly hadn’t reappeared all afternoon and she’d been too busy in the gallery to take a moment to walk upstairs to speak to him. Now as she flipped off the lights her fingers slipped into her pocket to feel the necklace still nestled there. For a moment she stood in the darkened gallery trying to come to terms with her emotions.


“Mommy.” Molly smiled as Holly walked in the loft. “Me and Daddy been watching movies.”

Holly’s eyes had immediately gone to the sofa where Molly was curled up next to Gerard. But her sense of smell had kicked in too. Gerard saw the confusion on her face.

“Uh, I started dinner for you guys.” He explained. “Molly told me you were gonna have mac and cheese.”

Holly nodded, “Yes, I was going to make it after I closed the gallery.”

“Well it’s almost done.” He explained. “Figured you might be tried after working all day so I made it for you.”

Holly was touched by this thoughtfulness. “Thanks it was busy today.” She walked towards them, slipped off her shoes then sat down heavily in a chair. “But I didn’t mean for you to spend all afternoon up here. I thought you’d just make Molly lunch then bring her back down.”

Gerard was trying to gauge her emotions. “I didn’t think you’d mind me spending the afternoon up her with Molly. We had lunch then started watching some movies.”

Holly nodded, “Of course I didn’t mind. I just thought you probably had things to do today.”

“Nothing that was more important than spending time with Molly.” He answered truthfully. Believing he’d overstayed his welcome he started to rise. “But guess it’s time for me to be leaving.”

“Daddy.” Molly frowned. “You’re not gonna stay for our dinner?”

Gerard glanced over at Holly but saw she was glancing towards the large front windows. “Uh, I better be going.” He said softly.

Holly suddenly spoke. “You should stay for dinner.” Her eyes locked with his. “I mean you did make it.”

Gerard tried to lighten the mood. “Oh, afraid to eat it if I don’t have some?”

Holly smiled, “That’s not what I’m implying.” She knew he was kidding her.

“Yea” Molly jumped off the sofa. “I’ll set the table.” She rushed off across the loft to the kitchen area.

“Thanks for this.” Holly said softly.

Gerard smiled, “Don’t have to thank me. Molly and I had fun. Besides you can never see the Lion King too many times.”

“That’s one of her favorites.” Holly laughed. “Surprised you didn’t watch Jungle Book too.”

“Actually we watched it first.” Gerard settled back down against the cushions. “So sell any art work today?”

Holly nodded “Two pieces. I think Arthur will be pleased. Since I didn’t know how to handle the transactions correctly I simply took all the information and promised the pieces will be delivered on Monday. That’s how Arthur told me to handle things.”

Gerard’s fingers absently went to his pocket. Holly saw the motion. “Gee, you can smoke if you want.”

“Been trying not to smoke as much but I haven’t had one all afternoon.” He admitted.

“It’s okay.” Holly said standing. “I’ll grab you an ashtray.” A moment later she set one beside him.

“Wow you have an ashtray?” He laughed. He was pleased when she sat down beside him on the sofa.

Glancing over to make sure Molly wasn’t listening she lowered her voice. “Okay actually I smoke occasionally.”

His eyes narrowed, “You do?”

“I have smoked for years." Holly admitted. “Since I was in my early twenties. I completely quit before Sonja was born then I started again. When I realized I was pregnant with Molly I completely quit again.”

Gerard was surprised, “You mean back in Jersey you smoked?”

Holly didn’t want to discuss that time in her life. “Yeah” She said quickly. “But I’ve never smoked all that much. I’m one of those weird people that can start and stop easily. Now I only smoke every once in a while. But never in front of Molly.”

Gerard frowned, “Then I should either.”

“She knows you smoke.” Holly sighed “Yeah, it’s bad of me but I’ve explained to her how its an unhealthy habit. One I don’t want her to think I partake in.”

Gerard digested this information. Even now he was finding out things about Holly he hadn’t known about from their time together. He folded his hands deciding not to smoke. “Yeah, I understand.”

“Gee, really, go ahead.” She could tell he really needed the nicotine.

He shook his head, “Nope, I’m fine.”

Holly shrugged, “Whatever.”

He didn’t like how her mood had suddenly changed. Sadly he knew it was because she’d just spoken about Sonja and the time she’d lived in Jersey, the time she’d been with him. “Uh so.” He searched his mind for something to talk about. “What was Richard doing at the gallery?”

Holly pulled her stocking feet up on the sofa hugging her knees. “He just stopped by.” She answered.

Gerard knew that his next actions might upset her but his concern for her took over. Gently he reached out and pulled her legs toward him making her body twist to face him.

“Gee.” There was annoyance in her voice.

He ignored the sound while scooting himself further away from her body. Now he could pull her legs straight in the process. He slowly began to massage her feet.

“Gee, stop.” Holly tried to pull her feet away but he held tight.

“You’re feet hurt.” He said softly knowing it was the truth.

“I was on them all day.” Holly answered.

He nodded while his fingers continued to massage. “Yep, I know. So how’s your back?”

Holly sighed, “It’s fine actually.”

“Good.” He smiled looking into her eyes.

Part of Holly wanted her to pull her feet away, this was too reminiscent of their past but the fact that he felt so good was making her pause.

“Mommy’s feet hurt a lot.”

Neither had realized Molly had walked back over to the sofa.

Gerard nodded to his daughter. “Yep, that’s why I’m trying to make them feel better.”

“Mommy need a pain pill?” Molly asked, he voice full of concern.

Holly hated that her little girl worried so much. “Nope I’m okay, Honey. You got the table ready?”

“Yep.” Molly smiled.

Before Gerard could stop her she pulled her feet from his lap. “Good, I’m hungry. Let’s eat.”


They enjoyed dinner together and afterwards Gerard had insisted Holly take a shower while he and Molly cleaned up the dinner dishes. When she returned to the living area in sweats they had just sat back down in front of the TV.

“Dishes are done.” Gerard smiled.

“You know I could have done them.” Holly said taking a seat across from them. “I mean you made dinner I should have a least cleaned up and washed the dishes.”

“No need, me and Molly handled it.” Gerard answered. “Didn’t we Squirt?”

“Yep.” Molly moved to curl up on his lap.

Gerard saw that Holly was once again frowning. “Well suppose I should be heading home.” Sadly that announcement met no disagreement from Holly.

“But I want you to tell me more about me and Bobo.” Molly said her bottom lip starting to tremble.

Gerard understood. “Hey, you can’t tell me you’re ready for a bedtime story.”

Not caring it was too early for bed Molly nodded, “I am ready.”

Gerard looked at Holly for guidance.

Holly sighed, “Well we are getting up early in the morning. Gotta pick up Alicia before eight.”

“See?” Molly smiled, “Not to early for bed.”

“Honey, go get your PJ’s on and Gee will be in to tell you a story once you’re in bed.” Holly told her daughter.

“Okay.” Molly jumped off his lap to make her way towards her bedroom.

“You don’t mind?” Gerard asked softly.

Holly shrugged, “Of course not. Once she’s asleep I’ll just work on the wind chime I almost have completed.”

It was hard for him not to voice his opinion that she looked tired and should get some sleep too but he didn’t. Instead he took this opportunity to ask. “Uh, Holly? Why did you get that funny look on your face when I gave you Ma’s gift?” The question had been bothering him all afternoon.

For several moments Holly started at him. Finally she spoke. “I didn’t realize I got a funny look on my face. I was just surprised. I’m sure she meant for me to put the necklace away for Molly until she’s older.”

Now he was very confused. “What? No. She didn’t say anything like that. She just told me she wanted you to have it.”

Again Holly grew silent.

“Holly, what’s the deal? I don’t understand.”

“You really don’t know?’ Holly asked softly.

Gerard hoped Molly wouldn’t interrupt this conversation. “Know what?”

Holly sighed, “Gee the necklace belonged to your grandma. I remember the first time I saw Donna wearing it. I told her I thought it was beautiful and she explained to me that it had been her mothers, a wedding gift that was very special to her. So I’m sure she wants it to go to Molly one day.”

Gerard digested this information. “No, I didn’t know it was grandma’s. I mean I’ve seen ma wear it before but I didn’t know.” He paused, “But Holly she wanted you to have it.”

Holly didn’t want to think about this. “I’ll thank her.” She said softly then wanting to change the subject she forced herself to smile. “Molly’s probably waiting for you.”

He took the hint. “Yep now I just have to think up an adventure.” He said rising to his feet.


He turned to face her.

“I’ve decided I am tired. Think you could lock up on your way out? Think I’ll go to bed now.” She knew she wouldn’t sleep but the thought of talking to Gerard after Molly was asleep was something she didn’t want to face.

Sadly he understood her motives. “Sure, no problem. Guess I’ll see you and Molly next Saturday.”

Holly stood, “Yeah, well, thanks again.”

“Please stop thanking me, Holly.” He whispered.

Their eyes locked briefly then Holly quickly retreated to her bedroom.
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