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Oh. Fucking. Yeah.

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Lemme introduce you to this.

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Our Take On The World

Sam has music in his blood. He can't go a day without pushing in his earphones and delving into a world of melodies. However, he's not a pop-rap guy. When he puts in those earphones, he listens to rock, punk, alternative, hardcore, put heavy guitar in it and he'll listen to it. Sam knows he has a voice- an amazing one. He desperately wants to start busking on the streets of Hobart, but he realizes that singing on the street without guitar or anything sounds odd. Determined to be like the musicians he idolizes, Sam sets out to find his partner in crime.
Alice is an extraordinarily talented guitarist. She is part of an instrumental punk-rock band, one that she formed with her best friends Austin and Jared. Together, the three belt out their punky tunes down near Salamanca Place. The only thing that 'Chain Up The Doves' are missing is a vocalist. When Alice meets Sam at a restaurant, will the band be complete?

Genre(s): Comedy, Romance, Teenage Fiction
Warning(s): Coarse language, mild sexual references.

Okay. I'm writing a novel.
I even have a shitty little notebook and pencil.
I really really like this idea.
Fuck that, I love it.
I've written the first page already.
Like I said, I adore it.
I will be using Jared, Alice and Sam in this.
But don't worry. I'm writing something with Andlay in it.
Well. Wish me luck.
If I do get this motherfucker written and possibly published, I'll go under the pseudonym Evangelina DeLia. Ya like it?

-Claire xxx
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