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Ranting Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off

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Commonly known fact: my middle name is 'spams like fuck'.

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I really hate doing this now, because it seems at present whenever I mosey on over to FicWad I'm literally in a fucking bottomless pit of unjustified, farcical drama. You may hve noticed I've been spending a lot less time here recently, and that's because of two reasons; number one is that my music exam is coming up and I literally have done fuckall for them (I'm being examined in cello and glokenspiel, because I obviously have no life) and number two is that I am being trolled like a motherfucker.

But, if you have been on this site recently, you would know that.

It appears to me, anyway, that this charming user, suzyrevenge, seems to think in some bizarre, totally mature way that hating me because I'm simply alive is super swag or whatever it is hipsters say these days. *apathetic wave of hand* Now, being nearly eighteen years of age and not a total dumbfuck (I still laugh at fat people falling over, yes, but that shit is goddamn hilarious) I am not childish enough to be offended because some little snotshit who still hasn't filled out her A-cups isn't a fan of my story. I am not that bitter nor infantile.

What annoys me to an extent is that she and her little buddies have now found it acceptable to hate on me because I'm from Northern Ireland, and yes, you guessed right, I happen to be Catholic. LADIES AND GENTS, WE HAVE A WINNER. I'm not one of those Jesus-Mary-and-Joseph-Church-every-Sunday-IF-YOU-DON'T-BELIEVE-IN-OUR-GOD-YOU'RE-GOING-TO-BURN-IN-THE-FIERY-PITS-OF-HELL Catholics, more of a Catholic who lives directly across from a Church and feels guilt-tripped into going there under the steely eye of my local priest (who also happens to own a pub, could this be more stereotypically Irish?) and because they give out free biscuits after mass.

May I politely inquire what the fuck is your problem? I can't help being born in the fucking country and frankly, being Catholic doesn't bother me. Obviously I have differences from the religion (gay fan fiction writer, pro-choice, feminist) but Christ, don't you dare hate on someone because of something like that. The whole freaking reason I go on FicWad is because I come from such a religiously prejudiced area and I try to fucking get away from these closed-minded knackers. Not only is this hate coming from the aforementioned but from other email addresses too-what's wrong with FicWad now? Aren't we meant to be a family, be united, fan fiction writing comrades in arms?

Apparently not. Apparently it's a-okay to hate on people because of what they believe in or where they come from. Apparently it's grand just to fucking bring up some war that ended ages ago and no one gives a fuck about; Ireland fought against England during World War I. Believe it or not, I did not instigate that. I was fucking born in 1993. Jesus Christ...

I have found, out of all the fandoms, in my own experience (I could be wrong) that the MCRmy can so be so cruel and thoughtless. I came on this site to write and have a laugh. I didn't come on here to be anonymously emailed and finding out that thirteen year olds can type swear words. Congratufuckinglations, you're an idiot. My cat can run across the keyboard and bam, he can write my newest chapter of Karma Police. I am sorry to inform you that you are not some child prodigy.

Well, sorry for the ranting. You know why if I just occasionally shag off this site.


Lornaigh Ni Ionnrachtaigh

You want ro see the idiocy that happens in my country every July? Look at "this": which was filmed literally down the street from my apartment.
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