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This is it. (Hey look, a MJ reference.)

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I have a favor to ask.

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Getting to the bottom of this. I have to hurry. I'm locked in my room, Cian called the cops, oh shit I cut him I have to hurry. This is my note goodbye. Thank you for accepting me on this site, reviewing my meager two oneshots, making me laugh with your hilarious stories and making me feel as if I knew you. It meant alot to me. I'm going to miss being on here and I'm sad I never talked to many of you. To those who I did, you made me happy and fuck it, I felt like everything was okay.
[*Cian, I'm so so so sorry it had to end this way. I tried to stick it out, I really did. Oh Kee, I love you so much. Thanks for sleeping with me those many nights when I couldn't sleep because of those nightmares about the fire. Thanks for teaching me how to ride a two-wheeler, playing Harry Potter with me when we were kids, even for beatig up the bos at school for calling me a fag and such. I guess we were a violent family haha. I'm gonna miss watching Disney movies with you on sundays and headbanging to Na Na Na with you when we should be at school dances but weren't invited. I love you, big bro. I leave you my iPod (remember when Mom and Dad were alive and they used to get so mad when we fought over it?), my copy o Dawn of the Dead, and my camera I saved up for.

[*Liam, I know we never got along much after they died and I'm sorry. Take care of Blackie for me, alrght? And do not, I repeat do not get rid of me betta fish. Give him one of those German names you always wanted to give him. Also, ASK JAKE OUT. You were alwys so fricken' awkward around him and matter how manly you try to be, I know you like him. I'll miss making prank calls to Mrs. Grant and walking around the mall like we were pulling off a robbery. Heheh. Oh, and for the funeral please do not let them dress me in white. It's so drab. How about that My Little Pony dress I saw at Hit Topic? That'll make em' laugh. Play Helena for me, kay?

[*My name is Alisha O'Connor. I am fifteen, my favorite color is yellow and I love to climb trees and eat Twizzlers. This is my ugh, suicide note. Goodbye, love Alliecat.

[*/Stay beautiful, keep it ugly./
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