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Make Me Feel Better

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Gerard isn't feeling well, Mikey is naked and Donna.. well, Donna finds a pair of jeans on the floor. Waycest.

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Gerard was curled up on the couch, a big blanket over his body. He coughed softly, already dozing off. He had been sick for a while now, and it wasn’t getting any better. Mikey stumbled into the living room, his arms wrapped tightly around his small frame. It was fucking FREEZING outside.

Gerard looked up and smiled. "Hey Mikey." He said quietly.

Mikey looked over at Gerard and returned his smile. "Hey Gee," he said as he wandered over to sit beside the couch.

Gerard coughed and closed his eyes again. "W-what have you been doing today?"

Mikey shrugged. "Not much. Went to a music store with Ray." He bit his lip and cuddled closer to Gerard.

He nodded and blushed slightly, hiding it with the blanket. "Get snowed on? I saw it a little while ago."

"Yeah," Mikey laughed quietly. "Ray wasn't too fond of 'snow in the fro'," Mikey giggled a little when he remembered how pissed Ray had been when it started snowing. Gerard giggled, but ended up coughing again.

"God damn cold." He muttered and stuffed his face into the couch.

"Oh, Gerard..." Mikey whispered, standing up and kissing his brother's hair. His cheeks turned a light pink.

Gerard smiled and blushed harder, looking up at him. "Can you get me something to drink?"

"Sure. What would you like?" Mikey removed his face from his brother's hair, smiling warmly at him.

"Uh... water or coffee. It doesn't matter."

"Two coffees then." Mikey strode over to the kitchen, not realizing his hips were shaking like Gerard's. Gerard looked over at him and giggled, turning back to the window. He wanted to go outside, but he knew he couldn't. Quickly, Mikey made the two required coffes and walked back over. Gerard smiled at him and took one, sipping it slowly. He winced as the warm drink went down his sore throat.

"You okay?" Mikey resumed his place beside the couch, biting his lip and looking up at his older brother.

He nodded and put down his coffee, scooting down and patting the newly opened space. "Sit down on the couch. I don't want you on the floor." He said softly.

He smiled gratefully and gingerly sat down on the couch. He stretched out and laid down, so tempted to push his slender body against Gerard's. Gerard smiled and rested his head on Mikey's chest cautiously, holding his breath. Mikey exhaled slowly, smiling at Gerard and closing his eyes. Once again, he leant down and kissed Gerard's hair. Gerard smiled and relaxed, closing his eyes and sniffling.

"I hate seeing you like this," Mikey whispered, his hands moving to Gerard's sides.

Gerard blushed and bit his lip gently. "Sick? You aren't the only one, trust me." He whispered back. Mikey blinked and tilted Gerard's head up. Ever so slowly, he joined their lips and he knew it was wrong but it felt so right. No one else could ever taste better than Gerard, even if he was Mikey's brother. Gerard gasped softly but didn't pull away, moving his hand to cup Mikey's face gently and closing his eyes. Mikey moved closer to Gerard, closing his eyes and working his lips slowly and rhythmically against Gerard's. Gerard slipped his hand to Mikey's hair, twisting his fingers in it.

"O-oh God.." Mikey let loose a soft gasp against his brother's lips, squeezing his side gently.

Gerard smiled and licked Mikey's bottom lip softly and cautiously, holding Mikey closer. Mikey parted his lips gently, pressing himself against Gerard, absorbing his body heat. He was loving every minute of this. Gerard slipped his tongue inside his mouth, exploring it and running his free hand down to his hip. Mikey's eyes rolled into the back of his head behind his eyelideds. He tried not to let off a soft moan. Gerard moaned softly, opening his eyes and looking at his expression, his eyes soft even though Mikey couldn't see it. He took his mouth away and slipped it to Mikey's neck, slowly and cautiously.

"G-Gerard.." Mikey moaned, forcing his eyes open to look at his beautiful older brother. He tangled his finger's in Gerard's hair and promised himself that he would never let go. Gerard started sucking softly, keeping eye contact the whole time with his younger brother.
Mikey moaned, slightly louder this time, watching Gerard eagerly. Gerard pulled softly on Mikey's shirt, before slipping his hand up it and onto his bare skin, moaning at the softness. Mikey moaned, watching Gerard.

"D-don't e-ever stop, p-please..." He murmured quietly, the words interspersed between soft moans.

Gerard nodded and slipped off Mikey's shirt slowly. "I won't sweetie." He whispered, kissing his collarbone.

"G-good.." Mikey moaned, trying to ignore the fact that there was now something arising in his jeans.

Gerard felt it brush against his thigh and moaned, only making the bump in his pants larger. Mikey looked down. Seeing Gerard's lips on his collarbone thrilled him. Gerard slipped down lower, kissing Mikey's stomach now and still looking up at him. Mikey ran his fingers through Gerard's hair, a sort of smirky smile on his lips. Gerard giggled and reached down with his hand, starting to undo Mikey's belt. Mikey looked down again. He grinned wide, his hands trailing to Gerard's hips, then his ass. Gerard moaned and got his belt off, undoing Mikey's pants quickly and kissing right above his boxers. Mikey moaned, his eyes fluttering shut. Gerard smiled up at him and pulled them down, kissing his cock softly. Mikey moaned loudly, a gasp emitting from his lips. A smile formed on his lips. Gerard slowly took Mikey in his mouth, reaching and starting to rub his balls gently.

"O-oh God! Gerard!" Mikey cried, low moans interrupting his speech. Gerard moaned and palmed himself through his pants, bobbing his head up and down quickly. Mikey moaned louder, raking his fingers up and down the sofa, leaving marks on them.
Gerard noticed and that only made him go faster, begging for more signs of pleasure without knowing he was doing so. Mikey cried out in pleasure, one hand tangled in Gerard's soft hair, the other clenching into a fist. Gerard moaned and took more into his mouth, relaxing his throat and deep-throating Mikey. Mikey's moans became louder and more high-pitched, verging on screams. He felt his stomach do that bubbly thing again and he knew he was close. Gerard moaned and took his mouth away, replacing it with his hand and pumping him quickly and roughly, looking up at him and on the verge of a climax himself. It was in that moment that Mikey gave in. He climaxed on Gerard's hand, blushing a dark red, moaning loud, moaning his name. Gerard cried out as he climaxed, throwing his head back, his eyes closed.

"I-I love you," Mikey moaned softly as he watched Gerard climax.

He rested his head against Mikey's stomach, trying to control his breathing. "I- I love you too." He whispered.

"M-my amazing older brother," Mikey laughed breathlessly.

Gerard laughed and moved up, laying ontop of Mikey his face buried against Mikey's neck. Mikey giggled slightly and wrapped his arms round Gerard.

Gerard closed his eyes and sighed happily. "I'm glad I finally got that off my chest. I've loved you for a while."

"Same.." Mikey admitted. "You're so beautiful, Gerard.. So so so beautiful.. And so perfect. Too perfect."

Gerard giggled and kissed his cheek. "Not as perfect as you."

"Nope. You're way too perfect." Mikey giggled. "Way too perfect not to be mine," he added quietly.

"Then how am I?" Gerard whispered, taking Mikey's hand.

"Your voice... It's like a nightingale. Your skin is so soft and amazing... I could go off into mindless strings of poetry about your eyes and your hair.. Man. I wish I had your hair," Mikey smiled. "Basically, you're like an angel. My angel."

Gerard blushed and nodded. "You're right, I am your angel." He whispered and kissed him.

"Mine," Mikey smiled and kissed Gerard back. He was perfect.

Gerard sighed and laid back down, jumping up as their mom's car pulled into the drive.

"Shit!" Mikey yelped, pulling the blanket over his naked body. He trembled, scared of what could happen of their mother walked in on.. well, anything that had happened.

Gerard scooted away from Mikey, wiping his lips as she walked in.

"Hi boys." She said smiling.
"Hi Mom," Mikey murmured nervously. He bit his lip and looked up at the ceiling.

Stranger: "Why are you covered up? Shouldn't it be Gerard?" She asked reaching down for the blanket.

"I was feeling a bit sick myself, so I.. I.. I, uh, I climbed in with Gerard?" Mikey made up an excuse, his eyes widening when his mother's hand reached for the blanket. He pulled it tighter around himself.

She thought about it and shrugged, taking her hand away and running it through Mikey's hair.

"Alright then. You feeling any better Gerard?" She asked and he nodded. He was feeling better, a lot actually.

"Yeah mom."

Mikey breathed a sigh of relief. He looked at the couch and noticed a rather odd stain. He knew exactly what it was and just hoped his mom wouldn't see it. She walked around and picked up Mikey's jeans from the floor, staring at him.

"Get a little hot there sweetheart?"

"O-oh, those? Um.. Yeah. I-I had a shower earlier and I-I left my jeans on the floor?" Beads of sweat formed on his forehead. Okay, he was a little nervous.

She sighed and folded them, starting to walk away with them. "Boys... I'll never understand them." Gerard hit where his leg was softly, whispering.

"Dude, that was your only cover. What are you going to wear?"

"Um..." Mikey racked his brain, eyes darting around the room for articles of clothing. "Oh fuck," he murmured when he realized Gerard was right. They were his only cover. "Where did you put my boxers?"

He looked around, finding them and handing them too him, only to be caught by their mom.

"Boxers too?! Good lord Mikey!"

"U-um..." Mikey stuttered, blushing a deep red. He slipped his boxers on and bit his lip hard.

She walked past them, giving them a weird glance back before walking in the kitchen. "What do you two want for supper?"

"I dunno," Mikey answered. "Do you think she's onto us?" He whispered in Gerard's ear, making sure his lip brushed the shell of his brother's ear.

Gerard fought back a moan and shook his head. "I don't think so." He whispered back. "Surprise us mom!" He yelled back at her.

"Good," Mikey whispered, nibbling on Gerard's ear just a teensy bit. He smirked a little and laced his hand with Gerard's. Gerard blushed and smiled, glancing at where the kitchen was and sighing relieved that his mom was no where to be found.

Mikey squeezed his hand, smiling softly. "We're so fucked if she does happen to catch us," he laughed quietly.

He giggled into Mikey's ear. "I think it's worth it though. In my mind anyway."

"Definitely," Mikey giggled. He moved just a tad closer, still a bit suspicious of his mother walking in and questioning them again. Gerard placed a hand on Mikey's hip, rubbing it slowly. Mikey bit his lip, determined not to let out a soft moan or gasp or anything that might cause some investigation from a certain Donna Way. Gerard smiled and snuck a quick kiss to Mikey's lips, lasting only a second. Mikey smiled and rested his head on Gerard's chest, jerking up when he heard footsteps. Gerard dropped his hands and scooted back.

"Whispering about something?" Donna asked coming over and handing them both tv dinners.

"Nah," Mikey murmured. He smirked a little and took his dinner from her. "Thanks, Mom."

"Mhm. Alright, I'm going to go lay down. Come get me if you need anything." She said and walked out.

"We will," Mikey called and snuggled back up to Gerard.

Gerard sighed and wrapped his arms around him, putting his dinner down. "Yay, she left."

A/N: Gerard = person on Omegle.
Mikey = me.

Just saying.
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