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Thank You.

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You're my guiding lights.

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Dear FicWaddians,

Eight months ago, I was just a girl. Not a hero, not an author, just a girl. I was severely bullied. I had short-ish blonde hair, a broad Australian accent and a tan. I didn't want tattoos or piercings. I didn't listen to much music. Then, on March 8, a revolution happened.
A month before, I got a phone for my birthday. I didn't realize it then, but that one little device would change my life. I sat on my bed, going through its functions. I found that it could download sings. Sweet!, I thought. So I began downloading songs. I came to one particular song and fell in love. That song was 'Sing' by My Chemical Romance. I loved the lead singer's voice. I loved the lyrics. I adored it. So I downloaded another song by the same band- Na Na Na. I loved that too. I thought to myself, Hey, why not look up more songs by these guys? So I did. I looked up the lyrics to other songs. The first two were 'The Only Hope For Me Is You', the other was 'Save Yourself, I'll Hold Them Back'. I adored both. Slowly, days passed, weeks passed, and I hadn't stopped playing My Chemical Romance. I began to wonder what their other albums were like. Were the songs as meaningful and awesome? I wanted to find out. So I downloaded all the albums. I fell in love and I don't regret that decision.
It was Gerard Way's voice that comforted me when I felt pathetic and useless. It was Gerard that told me I had so much to live for and that I should put the scissors down. It was in their arms I fell in my darkest hours. It was My Chemical Romance that gave me the strength to carry on.
As I do with all my fandoms, I began wanting to read fanfiction. So, I typed in 'My Chemical Romance fanfiction' on Google and up came a link. FicWad: fresh picked and original fan fiction!, the link boasted happily. I clicked on it and I was in heaven. I instantly made an account, my first one. It was called GerardAllTheWay because.. well, I'm not sure. I reviewed, I rated, I felt at home. Suddenly- I felt the urge to write my own fan fic. So I did. It wasn't very good, but I liked it. I was proud. People told me they liked it. I felt so, so, so proud.
Wheneevr I got a positive review, I smiled so wide. I was happy. Then, I made this account. And this is where my life is now. Thank you guys for being there for me, for saying the sweetest things, for telling me to get my ass on and update.
I've made so many friends on this website and I know that there's still more to be made. I'd love to get to know ValentineRevenge more.
Thank you. For saving me.

-Claire. Age 13. Avid My Chemical Romance fan and author.
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