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Dropped Something

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Deryck was going to get his way, no matter if Cone liked it or not...

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Pairing Deryck/Cone

Have you ever seen those people; who intentionally walk ahead of someone, just to come to a stop and bend over at the waist because they 'dropped a quarter' or 'found a penny'? What happens to the person behind? Some would ask; well the poor innocent person walking behind, who probably didn't catch onto the sudden halt of the person ahead, walks straight into them. Most times ending in a storm of akward 'sorry's and silences.
Even knowing about the akward turnouts of these actions, why is Deryck so compelled to do them, in front of one person inparticular?

He won't admit it, but ho-ly fuck does he have a crush; yes CRUSH, a schoolgirl type crush; on one of his fellow classmates, and best friends Cone.
"D, why the fuck are you walking so slow?" Cone asked, barely looking up from the book he had started reading in their last class.
"I 'dunno, go slow smell the roses or shit like that." The smaller blonde grinned to himself.
He's going to like me; wether he likes it or not
:Fuck, dropped something." The blonde abruptly stopped leaning down to pick up a pen he intentionally dropped; a way for him to test the waters, see how this plan of his would unfold.
And of course, being to into his book; Cone had no idea Deryck had stopped, leaning over. Causing him to walk straight into the bent over boy.
"Fuck, erm sorry." The black haired boy spit out, rushing off to his locker, shoving his beet red face into the pages of the hardcover.
"Dude, why'd you just embarrass Cone like that?" Steve walked up; ironically wearing a sports jearsy marked '32' on it.
"He likes me." Deryck was on cloud nine at this moment; thinking it was obvious that if Cone got THAT red over a mishap like this, he was hiding something.
"Um no, you like him." Steve clarified, voice low enough to keep the singer's sexuality from the rest of the school.
"Yeah, did you see how red he got? Anyone could'a mistaken him for a firetruck." Deryck stubbornly remarked, crossing his arms over his chest.
"Maybe because he's embarrased. Just because he turned red doesn't mean he likes you. That's almost like thinking since I'm wearing a jersey I have to be amazing at sports." Steve shrugged, being blunt with his friend
"But you suck ass at every sport." Deryck growled, becoming angry at the fact his friend wouldn't support his theory.
"I'm sorry, not trying to burst bubbles. But he's straight as a board, unlike you..Your more of a hockey stick, or circle..yeah circle works." The drummer clarified his choice in shape to himself.
"Whatever, he can't be that perfect..and still be straight." Deryck pointed out, maybe a bit to loudly as they passed a certain locker, with a certain very embarrased boy trying to recover in front of it.

Cone's POV

Why the hell hadn't I seen him stop?! Why the fuck did I have to walk into him?! FuckFuckFUCK, of course having to read a fucking book causes you this, at fucking school.
The tall boy scolded himself mentally, not even beginning to wonder why he would have, that type of reaction in school.
Wait a sec, I'm straight. Righ- YES I like girls, not guys. Girls, and Deryck is not a girl. So why, aw fuck I don't fucking know. At this moment he was just thanking whoever was listening that he decided on a pair of baggy shorts for today.
"Whatever, he can't be that perfect...and still be straight." Deryck exclaimed from somewhere behind me.
He thinks I'm perfect? Why the fuck did I just get to humbled by this?!
"Cone, you okay?" The tall boy looked over, seeing Dave leaning against his open locker door.
"Yeah fine, w-why?" Trying to cover up his arguement with himself, he turned, grabbing his stuff for the last class of the day; which he had with Deryck..Perfect.
"You have that whole 'I'm-fighting-myself-in-my-head-look'. The guitarist shrugged
"Well look at the bright side, I'm not losing." Cone joked, letting on a smile before grabbing his stuff and walking off to class.

Sitting at his usual spot near the back, the bassist let out a near silent sigh.
Do I seriously like Deryck? Nonono I've been his friend for years...and I'm pretty sure I'm straight..
"What's wrong?" An all to familair voice broke into Cone's overly stressed thoughts.
"Stress." He looked up, being greeted by a pair of all-to-amazing brown eyes.
"That sucks. If you don't mind my asking, but why?" Deryck asked, taking the spot at the table beside him.
"I think I am falling for my friend." Deryck looked down, showing a look of confusion, torn between sadness and giddyness.
"Really is she nice?" The bassist nodded, trying to keep up the act that it wasn't the boy sitting beside him.
"Well I hope you get her." Deryck mumbled somewhat sad, under the inferance that Cone could get any girl he chose.

"Okay class, for this next project, you will be working in partners!" The teacher, Ms.Grey announced, overly happy.
"So partners are, Liam and Marie, Darren and Winston, Deryck and Cone."
"WHAT?!" Both boys yelled out, the blonde being somewhat happy in the teacher's decision while the taller one feeling like the world had been against him.
"It's not that hard you two, and being Cone is one of my best in this class and Deryck..not so much I thought of it as a way to boost your marks, push you two to higher potential. And it's easy, all you have to do is fill out a booklet about one another."
"Fine, I'll go with D." Cone mumbled, resting his head against the palm of his hand.
"Okay then, here are the books, fill them out as soon as you can." As soon as all of the project books were handed out, Ms.Grey went on teaching about something or another that taught the class about proper essay writing skills.
"So who's house?" Deryck whispered halfway through the lesson
"I guess mine, unless you want to go somewhere else." Cone whispered back, eyes facing the front of the class, in attempts not to fall head over heels for his friend.
"Okay, so I'm going home with you tonight." Deryck joked
I guess you are

Back to Deryck's POV

"So, all we have to do is interrogate each other? Easy. As. Fuck." I flipped through the book, not noticing that Cone was behind me, staying as quiet as he could.
"Yeah, so take a left here." The taller boy directed, as they walked back to his house.
"Okay, where exactly do you li- hey a dollar." Deryck leaned down to grab at the coin that someone had dropped on the ground, totally forgetting about the boy walking behind him.
"Fuck, Deryck quit that!" Cone growled looking embarrased, like he was hiding something.
"Sorry, didn't mean to." Deryck shrugged feeling guilty that he had made the bassist snap.
"It's fine, just gets annoying every time I run into you like that. It looks wrong." The last bit of the bassist's sentence causing the blonde to think an array of thoughts you should never think of in public, let alone when your standing right beside the other half of those thoughts.
"Um can we hurry? I need to go to the bathroom." Deryck lied. Because as we speak my jeans go from being somewhat baggy to feeling like skinnies
"It's the third one in, and why are you so re- nevermind." Cone stopped short, noticing the akward discomfort the singer was feeling.
"Here?" Deryck shook, remembering that Cone had 2 sisters.
Great way to make a first impression, with a fucking boner!
"Wanna use the back door?" The bassist offered, not wanting to Deryck to have to suffer through the humiliation of his 'problem' in front of the 2 girls he was related to.
"Yeah, that would be nice." The shorter boy's voice coming out like a squeak.
"Okay, now up the stairs." Cone pointed to a flight of stairs, leading to 3 doors.
"Which is yours?" Deryck looked at the identical doors.
"This one." The bassist opened the only one on the right side, revealing a large room.
Filled with posters, clothes scattered along the floor, music and tabs filling half the papers that covered his desk and dressers.
"So bathroom?" Deryck walked towards a door at the far side of the room, receiving a nod from the room's owner he slid in. Hastily taking care of the akward discomfort.

Nobody's POV

"So, you play bass?" Deryck asked, trying to change the subject as fast as he could from the moments before.
"Yeah, for about..3? years now." Cone answered, thinking
I was 14 when I stared, 17 now yeah 3 years The bassist thought to himself as he leaned back against his bed.
"Want to get started? Then we have the rest of the time to just hang out." Deryck offered, receiving a slight laugh from the taller boy
"When did we agree on you staying?" Cone joked, absolutley fine with letting Deryck stay at his house.
"Um well, nevermind I can go home after." Deryck shrugged pulling his book out of his dark blue backpack.
"It's fine, stay as long as you like." Letting out a sigh Deryck pulled up the chair Cone had sitting by his desk and grabbed a pen out of his bag, looking at the first question.
"You know my name."
"Really Cone, I need this."
"There you just said my name!"
"Full name, look at your book and you would know that." Deryck joked, getting a smile out of the taller boy
"Okay, so what's your full name?" Trying to act serious the bassist looked up and down from the boy sitting in his chair to the book with the questions.
"Answer me first then I'll tell you." Deryck fought, wanting an answer
"His name is Jason Paul McCaslin." His older sister Jen answered, giving her younger brother a 'ha-fucked-you-didn't-I' smile.
"Wha?! You don't tell him!" Cone sat up guestering like an idiot towards Deryck.
"Whatever. Who's this? Jay never said anything about a boyfriend in the picture." The oldest of the 3 kids crossed her arms, looking back and forth at the two boys who were redder than fuck.
"We're not dating, just friends who got stuck together for a school project." Deryck explained, looking down.
"Whatever, and mom told me to tell you dinner at 6..hope you like Chinese." Both of the boys nodded, fine with the food choices.
"So now you know mine, what's your full name?" Cone asked, his composure returning
"You didn't tell me though, your sister did."
"Since when is my sister in this?" The taller boy sitting at the end of his bed jokingly crossed his arms
"Since she answered your boyfriend first." The words came out of the blonde's mouth even before he could think.
"I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean it...I meant friend and flustered with words and so-" The shorter boy; who was freaking out got cut off by a kiss, placed firmly on his lips; from the bassist.
"Well I don't remember saying yes." Cone smiled lightly, as he pulled away.
"So um, are we uh." Deryck's mind was going 50 miles a minute
"If you want, yes." Both boys smiling from ear to ear
"Now why do you get the bed?" Deryck kidded, crossing his arms as the bassist returned to his past position of laying sprawled across his bed
"Well it's mine, and nobody said you had to sit all the way over there." A smile played against the shorter one's lips as he slid beside the taller boy curling up against his side, feeling a protective arm drape over his shoulders.
"So full name?" Cone broke the silence
"Deryck Jason Whibley"
A silence covered the room like a thick blanket, as neither of the boys knew what to say.

Maybe I should drop stuff more often Deryck thought to himself, smiling as he nuzzled in deeper to the bassists side.
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