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Over and Out

by iamjazzhands 13 reviews

Vital if you read unitedsuck007. I'm sick of this.

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Okay. I have to be quick here because I'm on a friends phone. I've had enough. FUCKING ENOUGH. I would have left this site a long time ago but I felt I had to upload my sisters work due to her suicide in May 2011. In case you dont already know, I am the younger sister of unitedsuck007. She keft a lot of stuff in her microsoft for me to upload and I promised I would. But for freaking MONTHS now I have been getting absolute bullshit sent to me because of idiots on this site. Some of you ate extremely kind and excellent authors but some of ye are just unbelievable. Then an author who I really liked left a comment on Lorna's story saying she shouldn't be 'worshipped like some site jesus'. I'm not over sensitive; this just pushed me over the edge. I'm moving to lj. If ypu want updates pn stories like karma police, viva hate etc email me at or leave me a review. Fyi, none of the current stories on her page will be deledted, they just wont be updated. Sorry it had to end this way. I'm not even that angry at the 'site jesus' thing, rhis site just exhausts me now. The thing I put up yesterday was to try and calm shit down; obviously it didnt work. Jane
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