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Give And Take

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The truth comes out.

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I am so sorry for the lack of updates there's been recently, but life has been crazy here, and I've had no time to write. Also, sorry if this is short, but I literally had no idea what else to put in and besides, I have no word count on this thing! Speaking of which, the auto correct is really weird and occasionally I miss the change, so if there are Ann weird typos, blame Apple! I fact, looking back, there's one now! Not intentional, promise!

Chapter... 13?

Whatever it is, I think that there's only gonna be three/four more chapters, cos I have loads of ideas lined up, and am kinda sick of this one. It's too... Mushy.


11? 12?


Frank glanced at the TV screen that his boyfriend (fucking finally) was currently staring at, engrossed. When he saw what was playing, he rolled his eyes, but couldn't help but smile slightly at how stereotypically male Gerard was being.

Like the rest of the world, they had tuned in to the Olympics and the older man was seemingly fascinated by the event currently on screen - woman's tennis. To be fair, the competitors were all wearing skirts short enough to be illegal in most parts of the world and they all had very good legs, but Frank was still a bit put out by the older man staring quite so intently at the game. Even if their relationship was still in early days. Actually, especially as their relationship was still in early days.

Iero didn't want to seem too possessive, but at the same time, decided that his boyfriend's attention needed to be diverted. "Enjoying the show?" He whispered huskily, leaning down over the back of the sofa to gain access to Gerard's ear.

"She has got amazing legs." Was the singer's blunt, albeit true full reply. He was clearly oblivious to Frank's advances. Well, that plan went well.

The younger man glanced at the screen, which was showing two woman - one blonde, the other dark - dance back and forth across the court. The blonde one was letting out a fierce shriek whenever she hit the ball, and sent it flying back at her opponent. Gerard was right; they did both have amazing figures. That didn't stem Iero's resentment towards him noticing though.

"Who's winning?" The guitarist questioned.

"The Russian." Way answered. "I'm fucked if I know which one that is though."

"Too busy staring at their legs?" The query had meant to come across as light-hearted, but Frank couldn't prevent the bitterness that leaked into it.

"Uhuh." Way nodded, before taking note of his boyfriend's tone. "No, Frankie, I don't mean it like that!" He chuckled and pulled at the younger man, until he'd joined him on the couch, and they were curled up together. Gerard tore his gaze away fom the TV and looked at Iero, smiling slightly at the fact that the guitarist was blatantly jealous at his appreciation. 

"It's just..." He paused trying to find a Way to explain. "It's how they move, you know? And when they run, you can see the muscles beneath their skin pull their limbs into shape. It's amazing to watch."

"Huh." Was Frank's answer to that. He could see where Gerard was coming from, but somehow didn't believe that was the sole reason he'd been so engrossed.

The older man seemed to sense this, as he pulled his boyfriend closer and cuddled against him, nuzzling his neck through the dark hair that hung over it. "Besides Frank, why would I want to ogle them when I have you hanging around the place?"

The guitarist couldn't help but giggle at that. It still seemed insane that after all this time, he'd finally got the guy he wanted. The man he'd been tripping over for nearly eight years now. It was just bizarre, but at the same time, perfect and wonderful and magical and just generally great. Gerard was his. Finally.

"You're insane." Iero laughed, then leaned over to kiss the other man's nose, making him giggle. "What do you want to do today?"

"Why do we have to do anything?" The singer answered in a dramatic tone, flinging himself back over the sofa's armrest, hand to his head. Frank chuckled. "Can't we just lie around all day and not do anything?" 

The younger man laughed and lay down, head on his boyfriend's stomach. "Whatever you say, Gee." 

Gerard knew it wouldn't last though. Frank was naturally a person with a lot of energy, and it would only be a matter of time before he got bored. In the meanwhile however, he was more than content to just lie there, holding on to Iero. 

It was roughly six minutes before the smaller of the two began to shift restlessly. For another, he just fidgeted, twitching, but trying not disturb the other. After that though, he gave up on this, and decided to make his need to move - to do something - Gerard's problem.

Crawling down the singer's body, he lifted the shirt there and began to place feather light kisses to the pale skin there. Frank grinned when he heard Way's breathe hitch and began trekking up his torso, leaving a wet trail in his wake.

When he reached Gerard's chest, and the older man's shirt was rucked up under his armpits, Iero lifted off and pulled his boyfriend up to meet his lips. The kiss was soft, but deep as their tongues tangled. The guitarist shifted forward to sit in Way's lap, and wind his arms around the man. They just sat like that for a while, kissing and holding each other. It was nice, sweet. 

Obviously, it was the younger man who changed this. He moved a hand up to twist in the soft hair that hung over the back of Gerard's neck, in order to pull him closer. The singer obliged happily enough: He trusted Frank. The kiss became more heated as the guitarist pushed his tongue back, and began to practically fuck the older man's mouth with the organ. Way moaned against him, and the younger man felt the rumble of satisfaction deep in his chest.

Frank's brain had disengaged completely as his hands drifted down the singer's back to his butt. Gerard tensed up and pulled away, the moment the younger man began to grope him through the denim. 

"Sorry." Frank murmured, drawing back as Way ducked his head and stared down at his lap. " I forgot."

During the week and a bit they had been dating, this had been a recurring problem. At first, Gerard had blamed had adverseness to sexual contact was due to the possiblitly of  him being infected with something. It hadn't taken long for Iero to notice that there was something more than this though - the singer would stiffen whenever his hands strayed too far, or even when a make-out session became too heated. 

Eventually, after Frank had asked, Way confessed that he wasn't entirely at ease being touched like that. After... What had happened, it made him feel vulnerable, scared. It didn't help that his boyfriend was substantially stronger, both physically and mentally.

When Gerard had told him this, the guitarist had kicked himself. Of course the older man didn't feel comfortable being groped for fuck's sake. He'd been fucking raped! 

Consumed by guilt, Iero had eased off after that, but at he'd just proved now, sometimes he forgot himself.  

"It's ok." Gerard murmured in response to Frank's apology. "I'm sorry for being like this."

"You have to stop apologising, Gee.  It's not your fault and I don't blame you for anything." The younger man shuffled forward again, this time pulling the other in to a hug. Way smiled and wrapped his arms around him.

"Now what?" The singer asked eventually. Earlier he would have been perfectly happy to spend the day on the sofa, doing absolutely nothing but watching crappy TV and cuddling Frank. Unfortunately, the mood was different now; regretful and sad, as opposed to happy and playful. They couldn't sit around with that hanging in the air.

"I dunno." Iero shrugged. "Fancy getting out of town for a bit? Just see where we end up?"

"That sounds perfect." Gerard smiled.

"Come on then!" Frank jumped up happily. "Let's grab some stuff - you know to eat and shit, and we can spend the day out."

Way grinned, the younger man's positive attitude catching on. "Taking the dogs?"

"Course!" The guitarist yelled from the kitchen, where he was rummaging through a cupboard. In search of what was anyone's guess. "Can't leave my babies behind!"

Gerard laughed at that, and went to the drawer where he knew the canine's leads where kept. 

No more than twenty minutes later, they were in the car park, putting several over excited dogs in the back of a Range Rover, before climbing in themselves.

"Music?" Frank glanced at the other man as they pulled out of the parking lot.

"Anything." Was Way's reply as the sunlight streamed in through the windows. All of a sudden, he was feeling a lot more positive. This feeling only increased as the guitarist punched a button on his radio and the beginning of 'Sweet Child Of Mine' began to play. Only idiots didn't grin upon hearing that solo.

Frank turned his head towards the older man and winked, apparently feeling the same optimism that had hit the older man. Gerard laughed at nothing in particular and wound down the window, allowing a breeze to rush in as he sang along to the song.

He didn't know why, didn't care why, but he somehow thought that everything was going to be alright. 


After an hour's drive the two found themselves on the edge of a woodland that neither had known existed. Iero had just driven, as promised, and gotten hopelessly lost. Gerard had no idea how they were going to get home, but didn't
particularly care either.

This place was so much quieter than the city, so much more open. Way felt as though he'd spent the last few months being smothered, and only now could he breathe again. The forest was full of closely pack trees giving the light filtering down a green tinge. Other than the dogs yapping around them as they gambled around happily in the sun, the only sounds were bird song, and the rustling of leaves as the lazy wind danced through them.

"Can we move out here?" Frank sighed happily. Like Gerard, he was just standing there, taking in the surroundings.

"Maybe we should." The singer agreed. "Just build a little log cabin and never tell anyone about it."

"I could do that." Iero reached out to grab the other man's hand. "Shall we explore?" Gerard nodded wordlessly, and allowed his boyfriend to lead him forward through the trees.

"We're never gonna find our way out." He commented.

"Who cares?" Was Frank's reply, and the singer was inclined to agree.

They wandered around like that for at least three quarters of an hour, not speaking just absorbing the clean, fresh air and beautiful surroundings. It was still warm in the shade, but not stiflingly so, and really, this couldn't get any more perfect. 

"Are you happy?" It was the younger man who broke the silence.

Gerard looked at his, more than slightly surprised by this unexpected question. "How do you mean?" 

Iero shifted, appearing uncomfortable. "I mean, how you are now? Living with me; not being married to Linds' any more."

Gerard sighed, wondering where this was going. "When she first filed for divorce, I didn't believe it. I just thought it was some sort of cruel joke and she didn't mean it. Then suddenly it was all legal, and she'd moved out and then... Then the only thing I could focus on was getting her back. It wasn't like with you and Jamia, you know? I was heart-broken and there was nothing I wanted more than just to make her fall in love with me again. Obviously, that didn't happen. Not that I blame her after everything I did." The last thing was added almost as an after thought. Then Way pulled them to a stop so that he could turn and look Frank in the eye.

The singer's next words were softer, less matter-of-fact. "I don't feel like that any more though. True fully, if Lindsey appeared on my door step tomorrow and said she'd made a mistake, wanted me back, I'd say no." Gerard broke off and snorted. "So much for five years of marriage. Anyway," He continued. "The point is, yes I am happy now. I kinda wish we were in this situation through better circumstances, but I wouldn't change it. I love living with you, and I love what I have now."

Frank grinned. He couldn't help the stupid wide smile that split across his face. He wasn't stupid, but he still felt worried that whatever Gerard felt for him would be over shadowed by the love that lingered from his previous marriage. Finding out that this was not the case made him insanely happy.

Iero rocked up on to his toes and pressed a chaste kiss against the older man's lips. "Good. 'Cos I was kinda considering asking you to move in permanently."

This statement was met by a beam of Gerard's own. "I- I- Thanks, Frankie."

"Like it's a massive burden for me." The guitarist rolled his eyes. "Just means you gotta shift the rest of your stuff over to mine." Most of it was already there anyway - the older man had kept on deciding that he needed things from his house and making trips there and back to get it. 

Way captured Frank's lower lip between his own and just held their mouths together for a moment or two. "Thank you." He repeated softly, and they continued to walk.

"Hey, Gerard?"


"You don't have to answer if you don't want to, but why did you and Lindsey break up?"

The singer sighed at that. He knew this question would come sooner or later, and was frankly surprised that the younger man had been patient for so longer, before curiosity got the better of him.

"It was stupid really. Things weren't right for ages even before she moved out. We were fighting almost daily, just over stupid things, ya know? But we both managed to really get under each other's skin. We always made up sooner or later though, so I thought we were just going through a bad spot.

"Things just got worse from there. And eventually, I decided that I couldn't deal with it anymore. I was pissed off, not thinking straight... And I went off on a bender." 

Frank's eyes widened at that. If it was anyone else, it wouldn't have been that big a deal - but this was Gerard, with his infamous alcoholism and revered good behaviour more recently. 

"Yeah, that's not all." The singer snorted, noticing his friend's expression. "I went to a club, and got completely shit faced. Then of course, I went home with someone and fucked them. I felt so guilty the next morning, vowed I'd never do it again, would be the best fucking husband in the world from then on. By the time I got home though, it was too late. I don't know how Lindsey found out, but she'd already left. When I next saw her, she confronted me, and of course, I wasn't gonna lie. 

"I think she was more sad than angry when I confessed. She wasn't gonna take me back - said it was better for both of us this way. And of course, you know the rest from there." Gerard hesitated before saying the next part. He had omitted it from his story so far, but somehow felt that it he owed Frank the whole truth. It wasn't like this was going to change how the guitarist felt for him for the worse. "Actually, you don't." Way continued, before the other man had a chance to start speaking. "The fights started for a reason. Lindsey... Found out how I felt about you. That it was more than friendship, on my part at least. Let's just say she wasn't happy about it, and it was all downhill from there."

Frank remained silent, pondering over this new information. It wasn't what he'd been expecting, but part of him was elated, knowing that the singer's feelings had been present for that long, and ran that deep. However, he didn't think that this part would be the best bit to focus on. 

"How long have you felt like that?" He asked softly. "For me?"

"I dunno. It's kinda always been there, but buried, you know? I loved Lindsey to bits and couldn't see past that to what I felt for you." Gerard smiled slightly, despite himself. " I'm glad that's changed though. What about you? How long have you felt like this for me?"

"Pretty much the same answer as you." Iero grinned. "It really only came to my notice when me and Jam broke up though. Just after we got divorced, we were in a cafe together, talking about the future and shit like that. She's like, 'so what are you gonna do now?' and I say 'get in Gerard's pants'." The guitarist laughed at the memory. "I think she thought I was joking, and yet, here we are now!"

"Here we are indeed." Way mused. "It's more than that though? Isn't it though? Not more than a fuck to you?"

Frank couldn't help but laugh at the older man's expression. "Of course it is, Gee. Do you have no faith in me?"

Gerard mumbled something off hand, and Iero laughed before grabbing him and pulling him to halt. "Look, I love you to bits, ok? No matter what shit you've got going on, or anything like that, ok? Loved you for what, seven years now? Let's just say it's not going to end any time soon."

The singer smiled and leaned down to kiss the shorter man. "Love you too."

"I know." Frank grinned, unable to believe how casually he was taking this declaration of love, when his heart was pounding in his ears, and his stomach was twisting into knots of joy.

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