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Frerard smut.

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Basically, this is my first EVER smut. It's set around christmas for some bizaree reason. And even if it only got two reviews and they were both saying it was bad, it would literally make my day xD

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Well. This has probably turned out to be the best christmas in my entire eighteen years of existance.
Gerards mum Donna, his dad Donald and brother Mikey are stuck in France on the skiiing trip me and Gerard didn't want to go on. (he's too clumsy to be trusted with skii's, and i just wanted to stay here with him) the snow is far too heavy for any flights, which also means i'm snowed in with Gerard and have been for the last 7 hours!

7 whole hours of watching movies, playing board games and hanging christmas decorations at the last minute.
there would be no traditional christmas dinner or, no family present opening, but i do not care one little bit as i am very deeply snowed into a house with Gerard Way, THE definition of sex.
we've already watched the nightmare before christmas and all the home alone films, cooked a pizza (the only thing in the freezer that was both in-date and edible. other candidates were: two mouldy fish fingers, ground earth peas, or ice pops) for christmas dinner, and now i'm sitting cross-legged on the floor, forehead pressed against the forehead of a particular raven-haired, pale skinned, black wearing, misfits obsessed teenager just like myself, that i am hopelessly in love with. Quite pathetically in love with really. it's almost tragic.

every time he even speaks, my attention snaps to him immidiately, when he says my name my heart skips a beat, when he looks at me with those startling hazel eyes i melt inside, i would do or BE anything for him. i'm like his submissive little bitch. if he ever actually called me that, i think i'd get so turned on i'd spontaneously combust right before his eyes. i mean, if GERARD WAY called you his 'submissive little bitch' and said that he 'owned you' i'm pretty sure you'd just agree and let him do whatever he wanted to wherever he wanted.

and now, we're having a staring contest that i suggested, (only because i'm the best at them and i always win, but i assure you, after the first few rounds i started letting him win just so i could see him do that sexy little victory dance where he shakes his perk little arse and swings his arms around)
and we've been sat like this for at least 35 seconds, (i always seem to count) i'm looking into those black-rimmed, full lashed bottomless pits of emotion, realising that even though i would fuck him so hard he wouldn't be able to walk for a month, he is just pure beauty, and i kind of feel shallow for only seeing him as a sex symbol and not the pure beauty laced in those facinating irises. when it gets to this point, i don't even want to blink incase i miss something. even if my eyes are in fact burning like hell and starting to form salty stinging tears.
now, i can see my beautiful best friends eyes starting to water too, and his face grimacing slightly as though he cannot hold on any longer.
i decide to let him win again and make an obvious blink with my red-rimmed, heavy lidded, hazel eyes.

a wide, heart-melting, knee weakening, boner causing smile spreds across his perfect face, showing off all his tiny adorable teeth. "HA! you lose!...AG-AIN!"
Gerard giggles. he stands up and starts doing that victory dance that always makes me hard. no. no. no. no. no. no. no. no. he is shaking his arse and swaying his hips....ugh, he looks so hot. curse my stupid hormonal, Gerard loving brain!

i have a boner. ohmygod, i'm wearing my tightest jeans today, they're not helping by rubbing against it! just think of dead puppies...aww, but i love puppies, who would even be sick enough to kill a puppy?!....not important. imagine nan naked! okay....thats disgusting, however, it's working. imagine nan naked. imagine nan naked. imagine nan naked. it's WORKING. just as i think my 'problem' is sloved, my brain decides to put a thought in my head "imagine. GERARD. naked" and so i do. and now, my problem is back, but instead of thinking of dead puppies or my nan naked, it decides to remind me of something else "hey. remember that saucy dream you had the other night about Gerard?...the one where he mercilessly ripped off your clothes and started licking you all over? how nice was that? remember those noises he was making when he sucked you off 'oh Frank, oh you taste so good' and when he whispered in your ear 'you're mine bitch' remember that? think how it made you feel"

"what if i don't want to?"
i open my eyes and let out a small whimper as i can see that Gerard is STILL doing his little dance. he is wearing THE tightest mother-fucking skinny jeans i ever saw. if they get any tighter, they're going to cut off his blood circulation. "and we wouldn't want that now would we?" my mind teases me "mabye you should just take them off before he hurts himself. mmmh, imagine that." problem is still here. for.fucks.sake. the jeans not only enhance his arse, but his- "I AM THE WINNERR!" he announces proudly before jumping on me, knocking me to the ground, him landing directly on top of me. my legs are apart and his legs are between them. our chests are pressed together and his face is roughly two inches from mine....aaand i have a boner. this is slightly awkward.

but c'mon, if this little heap of skin and bones sexier than sex itself just landed on top of you violently, i'm pretty sure you'd have a boner too. our eyes lock as he stares at me with a shy, embarassed, slightly crooked smile forming on his thin pink lips. those lips. wow. wait. why the hell is HE embarassed?! i'm the one with the erection here! he edges even closer to my face, closer and closer and closer until i can feel his increasingly speeding heartbeat next to mine and his warm, coffee smelling breath on my lips. a few moments pass before...
"urm...lets...urm...make the chocolate cake!" Gerard announces sounding confused in his own voice.

"and by 'make the cake you mean get it out of the cupboard and put it in the microwave, right?" i ask, so desperately trying to sound casual, even though my heart it beating faster than a humming birds on speeds and my face is burning a dangerous crimson colour.

"haha, yeah. i guess you're right" he giggles again, pressing the buttons on the microwave "all in a hard days work" he mocks being exausted after pressing the buttons, forcing me to let out a stupid embarassing sqeaky fangirl noise that was supposed to be a laugh. "haha, i don't know what that noise was Frankie, but it was fucking adorable" i feel my fluttering heart skip a beat and cheeks blush again and before i can reply, Gerard has his arms around my waist and his face in my hair. holy height difference. he squeezes me tight for about 10 seconds and then pulls away "what was that for?" i ask, slightly breathlessly.

"i just needed one of your hugs" he smiles back, the smile is full and reaches his beautiful thickly lashed eyes instantly. "one of MY hugs?" i ask, slightly confused, wishing i hadn't asked anything and wishing that i could take it back immidiately. DING i am saved by his microwave. thank.fuck.for.that.


as we sit dangerously close to eachother on the saggy sofa, i can't help but think how i would love to have Gerard for Christmas. well, not just for christmas, for all eternity. and it's in that moment i decide that i'm going to be his submissive little bitch, and make him want me as much as i want him. i know he's gay, so that's not a problem but he doesn't have a clue that i am, and he probably doesn't like me that way, so lets just see how this goes. first i need to get closer to him. our knees are touching but that is it. an idea springs to mind.

i wrap my arms around myself, pretending to shiver and chatter my teeth. of course, he notices and looks concerned. sucker. "you cold Frankie boy?" he asks "i-i'm freeeezing. must be the s-snow" i try and sound innocent, but i'm not sure how far it's getting me/wether he's buying it or not "c'mere then" he says firmly, holding his arms open. i crawl over to him, trying my best to look seductive but probably failing durastically.

i fail even more as my hand slips and and my face lands in Gerards half eaten microwave cake, but i hardly notice as i'm settling into his arms and cuddling my head into his chest "you've a little something ..on your face" Gerard stutters. "oh? whereabouts?" i ask. even though i know the EXACT whereabouts of the sweet chocolate cake. however, i don't think anything could have prepared my hormone crazed brain for what happened next.

Gerard slowly leaned his head towards me and stuck his tounge out, licking the chocolate substance off my nose with his warm wet tounge, he then kissed it lightly afterwards and grinned sheepishly at me. "all gone" he smirks. my heart beats even faster "e-erm. th-thanks" i manage to half stutter back. it's as if Gerard knows what game i'm playing and has decided to play along. it's always better that way. time to step up my game then.

if there's one thing Gerard likes talking about (and having) it's sex. he always asks me loooaaads of questions from his porn magazines and online quizzes and stuff. what can i say? we have a VERY close friendship "so" i say casually "bit of a random question" Gerard looks interested. he sits up a little and says "most of your questions are a bit random. go ahead." i turn my head to the side to face him. i don't think he's going to believe i've asked him.

"what, y'know, what....kinks do you have?" he quirks an eyebrow at me "err....why? i mean, i'll tell you, but...why?" i was really hoping he wouldn't ask that. i don't think 'because i want to fuck you senseless, but i want you to enjoy it' would sound very good. "i was just wondering. honestly"
he looks at me quizically. "well. i prefer being on top." on top of ME please! "and i erm, i quite like hand-cuffs and being in control and that kinda stuff, oh, and i LOVE it when people moan for me. what about you?" he likes being in control. in-ter-esting.

"i like feeling helpless, like i have no control what so ever. it turns me on for some reason. i love when people beg for me, but i don't like being in control at all. being called a slut and bitch drives me crazy, god, i love it. haha, you probably think i'm weird" he stares at me with wide eyes. "hmm, interesting. when was the last time you had sex? and who with?" he asks curiously "Ray Toro at the school summer dance. y'know, the guy with the big afro? that was a good night. but it was August. ugh, so long ago. what about you?" i notice him turn his head so that he's looking straight at me "hmm.....probably October time, with that ginger boy Bob Bryar, he was alright, he didn't really seem into it though and......WAIT A MOTHERFUKING MOMENT.....did you just say that the last person you had sex with was a guy?! i thought you were straight?!"

"erm, no. i'm pretty sure i'm gay. guess i just didn't know how to tell you. haha. i actually have a huge crush at the moment. ugh, he always goes round in these tight jeans. i just want to rip them off him" he looks amused "and who would this be Frankie?" i look at him teasingly. "that'd be telling" i wink. "whatever, you'll tell me one day" how can he be this stupid?! HE is the only one i know who wears tight jeans! ugh, next part of the plan for action:

i snuggle down into his chest even more and pretend to yawn. "sleepy?" he asks gently "me too. i mean, you wanna just have a nap? it's a loada shit on telly anyway" that was far, far too easy. i narrow my eyes suspiciously at him "erm. surre"

i know exactly what i'm going to do. i remember Gerard saying that people moaning turned him on. i can feel that he is still awake. his breathing is normal, if not faster and he's not snoring (he snores) so i close my eyes and pretend like i'm asleep.
"mmm...again" i mumble sleepily. i notice Gerard shift a bit under me. i have caught his attention. i am so good, i should just be a fucking actor. "who you talking to Frankie? you sleeping?" he says calmly "mmm.....Gerard. do that agin" i hear him snigger slightly. not what i was hoping for "so you are sleeping. do what again?" he asks. i decide to ignore his question "uuuugh, untie me" i feel him shudder "i know. i'm your little slut. beg for me" i moan desperately, oh what do you know? my 'problem' is back.

"Frankie, what are you talking a-about. stop it, you know moaning turns me on!" i pretend to 'move in my sleep' and now my face is in his neck, breathing on it slowly with hot breaths. "stop teasing, just do it...uuugh!" i moan. i can't believe this is working. i mean, i guess i kinda never ruled out that he might have a thing for me cause he always stares and what not, but i just assumed that was because i was his only friend and he was lonely and gay.

i feel him move. what the fuck is he doing? why is he leaving. oh my fucking god, i've ruined it. i've ruined our friendship. he's just gonna leave me here with a boner. he gets up off the sofa, and lays me down gently. "i'll show you fucking teasing, you whore" i shudder. he just called me a whore, and for some reaosn i love it. but where the fuck is he going?! i hear him going down-stairs to his basement room.

about ten minutes later i hear the stairs, and quickly close my eyes again, getting back in the position he left me in. just flat on my back. i hear a paper bag rustle and then....and i don't think ANYTHING could have prepared me for this....he straddled my waist. i am in shock here. i have to try and make it look natural when i 'wake up', i pretend to stir, fluttering my eyes suddenly, and yawning. "erm. Gerard? what are you doing? what is that in your hand? why are you-"
"ahhh, i can't take it anymore!!" he crashes his lips on mine and throws the ribbon he had in his hands accross the room, he rags his hands roughly through my hair, and as our lips touched, they burned like fire and chilled like ice. sending shivers down my spine and tingles down below.

he moves his hands into my hair again as our lips worked close together. i bite his lip gently and he groans, into my mouth, making that lovely tingling down south become a twitch. he traces my bottom lip with his slimy tounge, asking for an entrance. as much as i want it, i have to tease him, just to see how far he'd go. i keep my mouth firmly shut and shake my head slightly "playing hard to get are we?" he whispers seductively in my ear biting my earlobe and tracing his tounge all the way down my jaw line until his lips touch my now slightly quivering ones.

no tounges or groping, no gasps or moans. just lips pressed on lips, working teasingly slowly next to eachother. strangley this turns me on more than the desperate hard kissing that we had before. Gerard moves down slightly, across my chin and onto my neck, trailing light kisses and tiny little nipping bites down my neck and to my collar-bone, he starts sucking at the skin and pulling away every now and then to let hot breaths on it. god, this man sure knows what he's doing. i don't think i have ever felt this good before. he pulls away and comes back to my mouth again. planting a single peck thats enough to drive me wild. but then. he pulls away.

"Frank. you have no idea how long i've wanted to do that for" he breathes calmly.
"awwh, Gee, YOU have no idea how long I'VE wanted to do that for" i reply. just telling the truth as i have wanted that for about two whole fucking years now.
"wanna do it again??" he asked slightly too eagerly. his hazel eyes lighting up like a child, the way i loved to see them.
"no, not really" i sarcastically lied.
"but..but..whyyy noottt??" Gee moaned; giving me puppy dog eyes and batting his long dark eyelashes, realising my game and playing along nicely. "do you want me to beg?" he asks, crawling seductively towards me from the side of the sofa he was on, and nuzzling his nose into my chest "that's the kind of thing you're into right?" he purrs into my ears. making my vision go slightly blurry and a shoot of pleasure from...well, y'know where.
"i would LOVE to hear you beg. because yes, i am into that. very much in fact. i'm your little whore and you need to beg me to come and play" i wink at him. his eyes turn black with lust, he kisses me on the cheek and whispers in my ear:

"so, am i going to have to beg then?" he now, whispers into my hair, planting a small kiss on my forehead.
"definately" i say softly back to him.
"fine, i just hope you realise that you're going to give in very soon. i'm going to make you want me aswell as beg"
"we'll see about that" i purr back. a look of determination spreads upon his face. and i love it. however, i get the feeling he might be right, it wouldn't take much for me to give in to him.

"well here goes nothing" he smirks, thinking carefully "i have read a lot of porn magazines, are you sure you still want me to do this?" he quirks an eyebrow at me. i begin to stutter "i mean, if you didn't want to. i mean, if you're only doing this for me. y-you don't have to, it's just i like, no love you and i just always have all these really dirty dreams about you, and i've always kinda has this little suspicion that you might like me too and-" i'm cut off by him grabbing my crotch, i let out a groan "everything i do is for you. but not because i have to, because i want to. i love you too, but i thought you were straight so i didn't say anything. now do you want me to beg or not?" he asks quizically, still holding my crotch. "more than anything" i wink at him "well then. here we go"

he gets close to me again "Frankie, o-oh F-frankie. you make me hot" he whispers in my ear, making my cock twitch violently. but i refuse to give in that easily. "i want you so bad, let me have you? oh-ohhh, but i can have you in my head. on this sofa, in my bed, on the table, in the car, in the tree-house. oh, all the naughty things i've fantasized about doing to you in that tree-house, oh....yeeaaaah" he sighs "p-pleeease?" he moans, but i shake my head teaslingly, sticking my tounge out at him, and crossing my arms, even if i am imagining all the things we could do in that tree-house. "please Frankie. i want you so bad. let me fuck you" he moans desperately. again, i ignore him. "okay then, if my words aren't enough..." he trails off before he's sucking at my neck, making me moan like a whore "Ge-geee!" i wail as my member throbs.

"just say you want me" he says as he bites at my soft-spot on my neck, making a deep, hollow moan come from the back of my throat. "say how much you want me Frankie, go on" he says, almost demandingly in my ear. "p-pleease, you make me s-so hot, making me want you like this, you naughty boy" my stomach flips when he calls me a naughty boy "you haven't seen anything yet" i reply, winking at him. watching him turn red "oh, haven't i?" he purrs back. he climbs on top of me, straddling my waist, dangerously close to my little hardened friend down there. he looks at me deviously, before grinding his hips down on mine, making me moan. he does it again "oh, yes Gee. right there. OH! do it again!" he suddenly stops. "why did you stop?" i ask, flashing him my puppy dog eyes.

"say you want me. tell me how bad you need me...please, it makes me so hot. i mean, just look at you with your legs open for me you sexy little bitch, i love it. you little slut" he gets up, slowly puts his pale, artists hands down his pants, rubbing and moaning like that time i caught him touching himself in his room when he thought he was home alone, and had to excuse myself to the bathroom to 'relieve' my own little problem "oh, yes...uh! FRANK!" he groans. and i decide that's enough, i can't take it anymore. i want him so bad, he's won. "fuck Gerard, i want you so bad. you make me so hot. i'd be your bitch anyday. just fuck me? i want, no, neeed it so badly"

he takes his hand from his trousers and saunters over to me slowly and teasingly "hurry up...i need you" is all i can manage to moan. he seductivley crawls on top of me, lying me down on the sofa and lying his whole body on me, almost protectively. "told you i'd make you want me" he breathes onto my neck. sending the throbbing down below into aching. he, so painfully, teasingly kisses my neck and starts reaching for the buttons of my top, he goes down slightly and un-does them with his teeth, leaving slow kisses each time he opens one. is this dude TRYING to kill me? i don't even think i'm going to last much longer. and i can feel that he has some wood going on down there aswell "oh god, just fucking do it!" i cry desperately.

"patience bitch" he reaches up and slaps me round the face. and it turns me on. since when do i get off on pain?!
he releases the last button and slowly kisses the bottom of my stomach, dangerously close to my cock. "ahh, mmm, G-gee, ugh!" remembering that moaning turns him on. "c'mon" he gestures down-wards towards his room, he tells me to go down first and 'get comfortable' while he does something. is it wrong that, that worries me? probably.

i trudge down the stairs and sit on his bed. after about 5 minutes there's still no sign of him. i take off my jeans and start palming myself through my boxers, eyes closed tightly and head thrown back. i can't help but moan his name "G-gerard....yes! uggghh" i start rubbing faster and faster, when i suddenly feel as if someone is watching me, i open my eyes, and sure enough, there's my raven haired loverboy.

"who said you could touch yourself?" his question shocks me, as he looks really quite angry about it. "well you certianly didn't say i could. what you gonna do about it? i think you should teach me a lesson" i wink and growl at him. "then that's just what i'll have to do" he pulls out the paper bag i heard earlier from behind him and my stomach churns. i mean, i like all this 'roleplay' and what not, but i hope he doesn't whip me or anything, i'm a sucker when it comes to pain.

but no. to my suprise, he pulls out a pair of black fluffy hand-cuffs and swings them around his finger "you've been a bad, bad, bad little slut haven't you?" i just nod, not trusting my voice anymore. then he pulls out another item. and i shudder. a cock ring. "where do you even get all this stuff?" i find myself asking with a very shaky voice "i used them on past boyfriends." he says casually. then adding, "all while imagining they were you" i shiver at the thought as he pulls the cock ring onto my throbbing cock slowly and tightens it so that it almost hurts, while hand-cuffing me to his bed posts. "this is gonna be so much fun" he whispers into my neck. i think i have to agree. this is gonna be so so fun.

he kisses from my jawline all the way down my neck to my collar bone, forcing me to moan loudly. my member throbbing in the cock ring and already aching to be released. he removes my boxers and then his own, revealing his huge penis. i mean, i always thought it would be big....but, wow. "ready?" he asks with a crooked grin. "r-ready for w-hat?" i manage to stutter back, but before i know it, he's back on top of me, grinding his hips and rubbing his semi hard cock on mine. i was a bit dissapointed that he was only semi, but i know how to change that.

"Gerard!! harder!!, ugh....god, f-fuck fuck i want to come to badly" his eyes go wide and his cock is now fully hard. "all in good time" he says back, before leaning forward and kissing my now sweat covered torso, going lower and lower down until he was kissing my happy trail, forcing me to shudder and my cock twitch violently, he licks slowly up the shaft and looks up at me afterwards, only to see that i'm a writhing sweaty mess. his eyes go black with lust and look hungry.

he kisses from the shaft to the tip, making it twitch again, before breathing his hot breath on it. "ughhh...j-just do it! mmmm..." he looks up at me again with a devious smile "as you wish" then before i know it, his wet warm mouth surrounds me, forcing me to yell out his name "ugh, GERARD!" he carries on bobbing his head, occasionaly swirling his tounge and sticking it in the slit. "so, so close" i barely whisper "fuck me" i hear myself growl.

he freezes at hearing me say this before pulling off me, making me whimper at the loss of contact. he looks up to face me "did you just tell me to fuck you?" i feel a swirl of nerves in my stomach, all this was some kind of game to him wasn't it? yeah, just tease him for a bit, but don't actually fuck him. this is what this is about isn't it? "y-you don't want to?" i hear myself whine slightly. nervously awaiting his answer.

"oh believe me, i want to" a sigh of relief comes from my lips "go on then, do it. i want it, i want you inside me" his eyes go wide and he tenses again. he gets off the bed and then straddles my chest, his extremity right in my face. hard and leaking pre cum. "suck." he demands and i gladly oblige, i lean forward and take the tip of him in my mouth, a loud moan escapes his lips. i take his whole member in my mouth, struggling to fit the whole thing in, i bob my head as much as i can with the handcuffs holding me down.

"mmmm, f-FUCK! that's good. uuuuuggh, you little whore!!" my cock twitches violently when he calls me that. i want to come to so badly, i push my tounge into his slit, lapping up all his pre cum and i can't help but think he tastes good "tasting my pre cum, you little slut...mmmm" i moan around his cock, sending vibrations up it, making him shudder. i can feel him tensing so i pull my mouth away, he looks at me quizically "i-i want you to be inside of me when you come"

he smirks that evil little smirk that turns me on even more, not that that's even really possible. he reaches up over me and un clicks the handcuffs, i bring my arms back down to my sides, relieved from where they were held before as they were starting to cramp. my member still throbs and throbs and aches for release, but something tells me i'm not getting that any time soon.

i see Gerard close a drawer and he comes back with lube. he squirts some of the oily liquid onto his palms and begins rubbing it all over his rock hard cock. he seductively crawls back on top of me, leaving a trail of his hot breath all over my torso. he lays his body which is covered in a thin sheen of sweat over mine and starts grinding our hips together again, forcing me to moan and writhe under him. his face screws up slightly, his mouth forming a small 'o' shape, the sight of him causes me to moan again.

"ugh, fuck me!" i cry desperately, dying for him to release me so i can come.

"Okay. But just remember, you asked me to. I hope you wern't expecting me to be gentle dear Frankie"

I actually don't think I can speak at this moment. I have to try. "aodfno.....i mean...sfocjndeo, no, what i meant was..dfogvnoem.....aaahhh! I want you to fuck me so hard I can't sit, stand, ride a bike, so i'm completely immobile! do it!"

Gerard just stares at me with wide eyes and his heartbeat goes at twice it's normal rate.

"erm.....okay..then." He looks so nervous about it. What? all this for nothing?

"Gerard, what's wrong?" I ask, sitting up carefully, kinda putting a downer on the moment. "it's just. Where does this leave us Frank? Is this just gonna be a one time thing and then we never even talk to eachother again, or are you looking for something more serious, cause i don't wanna be left in the dirt here"

I can't believe it. He's right. Our friendship is now over, we have to decide what the next level is.

(A/N: things are about to get quite soppy. Just skip a bit of it if you only came here for sex, you won't miss anything important)

"Gerard. I don't know how you feel about this, but I know that since at least two years ago, when we were sat in this very room, we were listening to a misfits CD, and you were reading things out to me from NME magazine, you were droning on about some amazing new band that they were talking about in there, and you were talking and talking, but i wasn't listening. I was too busy watching the way your eyes lit up every time you saw something good about the band, and how they glinted in the light. Watching the way you flung your arms about as you talked to make a point, the way your long black hair that you had then hung in your face, the way your mouth moved, I watched your mouth the closest, hoping that even if it was only once, just once i might get a kiss from those lips. And your smile, it just always made me feel like there might be a better tomorow. And i knew, in that exact moment, that it was you. Not anyone else who might be out there waiting for me, but you. And only you. I've never even looked at anyone else since, and i would be so heartbroken if you didn't feel the same. And i know i'm just talking and talking, and you're probably not even listening to me right now, but I just have to say it all right now while I can. I love you Gerard"

He stares at me silently, with tears in his eyes and blushing slightly. Well this is awkward.

"And.......If you don't feel the same, I guess I can't really leave because we're snowed in, so I can just go sit in Mikey's room and curl up in his closet and die, y'know?"

He continues to stare. "say something please Gerard, you're really freaking me out right now."

"h-how? how could you not think I felt the same? Of course I do. I don't want this to be a one time thing, I love you too Frank. And.......Well, I'd be so honoured if you said yes to my next question"

He's not he? I give him a "go ahead" look.

"Will my, y'know....b-boyf-friend?"

"no Gerard, I won't" I answer back.

"But.....what? after all that? and.....what?!"

"you didn't let me finish"

He gives me a suggestive look

"go onnn.."

"Not until you fuck me." I growl.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand he's off, he tells me to suck on his fingers which i gladly do, and then he kisses me and tells me he loves me. "don't go all soft on me Gee, I still want you to do me hard"

He grins an evil grin and slips a finger into my entrance, I let out a whine. "shut up Bitch. I don't want to hear a sound from you. Not a single sound, you got that?" All I can do is nod.

He slides in another finger and starts sissoring them. It kind of stings at first, but that's probably just because I havn't done this in a while.

And then he hits that magical spot and I can't help but scream out in pleasure "oh my god, there! do that again!!" he looks at me sternly "I said I didn't want to hear a single sound" I whimper and put my head down slightly. He continues sissoring, now purposely missing that little magic spot as punishment for talking. I really want to tell him to just do it because i'm still in a real need of release, when were talking, I calmed down a bit and even forgot about the cock ring, but know i just need release so badly.

Just when i'm considering getting in trouble, he removes his fingers. He then lines up his cock with my entrance and rams straight in without warning, hitting that magic spot on the very first hit. It takes all my will power, but somehow i manage not to make a single sound.

he slides nearly all the way out before ramming back in again "you like that?" he asks evilly, knowing I won't answer.

"Answer me" I shake my head no as he rams into me again, as he keeps hitting that special spot that makes me want to scream.

"If you give in, i'll just have to fuck you harder" he teases. He rams again, and hits it again.

"ahhhhhhh! jesus fuck....harder"! i yell so loud, I bet people across the street would have heard.
"anything you want, slut" I shiver at the fact he's still calling me that.

He continues to go harder and harder and faster and faster, and I feel like if he doesn't take off the ring, i might actually pass out or die. "t-the r-ing...unngh!!"

"oh.....yeah..god, ahhhh!" he slams into my prostate repeatedly, sometimes he's purposely miss it just to annoy me.

And then he pulls off the ring and starts touching me, and that's it. It's all over for me, i release my load all over mine and his stomach's and he (at the sight of this) releases into me. He flops off me onto the bed and nestles his face into the crook of my neck. Hmmm...nice Gerard again I see.

"That was so hot.......boyfriend." he whispers, kissing my neck and then my lips, I kiss back for a moment before looking him in the eyes. "Way better than I ever imagined it would be" he whispers again. Yeah, NOW he's quiet. "I....I know we talked eariler, and I know this was kind of rushed, but I really do love you's only you" He smiles.

"I love you too boyfriend" I wink and feel a surge of happiness because i never thought i'd be able to say that, and then kiss him on the lips again before we both fall asleep in eachothers arms.

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