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Final Results

by Kittenm 3 reviews

Okay, it's the 18th, these are the final results.

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Ray Toro: Ravan-VanSlaughter

Gerard Way: xxFamousLastWordsxx

Andy Biersack: YoshikiHide182

Spencer Smith: InsertCleverNameHere

Bob Bryar: BipolarUnicorn

Jon Walker: Drowning_In_Irony

Chester Bennington: XEvil_AngelX

Mikey Way: Mikeys_Glasses

Pete Wentz: Poisoned_Medow

Frank Iero: ShovedToAgree

Brendon Urie: Draculiod

Ronnie Radke: _You_See_Right_Through_Me_ (From IG, LOOK ME UP, @kittenm1)

Matt Walst: xx_Foreverakilljoy_xx (From IG)

Jinxx (Jeremy Ferguson in this): ME!

Sal Costa: XDemolitionLoverX

Ryan Ross: atomickilljoy

Jack Vincent: XxxMusicxLoverxxX

And of course, Barry and Neil's kid: XxxFallenAngelXxxx

I'm writing it now. All Unfilled parts will be paired with characters that my mind comes up with.
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