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A Word to the Wise

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When Frank makes a new friend, he has no idea what makes her the same, yet different.

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I stood at the bus stop, huddled in my jacket. Even though it was late summer, it was freezing. So early in the morning, the sun was still down, not out warming the air.

A girl walked up, her red bag bouncing on her hip with every step. She held a blue slip of paper in her hand.

She's got a new student schedule. No wonder I didn't know who she was. She looked up, pushing her blue hair out of her face.

It caught my attention and held it. It was a bright, neon blue, cut to her shoulders and looked insanely shiny and soft. Her soft blue eyes locked on mine, outlined with black eyeliner.

"Is this route thirty eight?" She asked me, her voice smooth and loud. I nodded silently. "Awesome." She stood next to me. "You look cold." She stated brightly. I nodded again, forcing back a shiver.

"Yeah. I hate the cold." Her deep red lips parted, gleaming white teeth showing in a smile. She opened up her bag and pulled out a black jacket, handing it to me.

"Here." She closed up her bag, her hair tumbling over onto her face again as she looked down. "I love the cold. But you know why it's so cold, right?" I shook my head. She smiled and sighed.

"Feel how humid it is?" She didn't wait for an answer. "It's a cold humid. The sun hasn't risen yet. But when it does, the heat from the sun will heat the water in the air. Which, when you think of it, we're all just slowly boiling away." She put her hands on her hips and looked up at the street light. "Oh, I'm Remy, by the way. Remy Walker."

"Frank." I shivered, putting her jacket over mine. It smelt like mint, making my mouth water slightly. She nodded slightly, cracking her knuckles loudly.

I flinched away from her a bit, only to go back. "So, you know your way around the school right?" Age lookrd at me. I nodded. "Think you can show me to my classes?"

"Y-you don't wanna hang around me. You at least have a chance to get in with the normal group. Hanging with me is like socially killing yourself." She laughed loudly.

"I'll take my chances. Besides, who said I'd make it in the normal group anyway?" She grinned.

I felt my cheeks grow warmer as flashing yellow lights pulled up to us, turning red as the doors opened. Before she could notice my burning face, I got on and fell into the first open seat.

The seat fell next to me under the weight of a body. I looked up to see a smirking Remy.

I felt the bus jerk forward, Remy moving slightly. Her blue hair was bright even on the nearly pitch black bus.

My fingers and toes were heated by the heater a couple seats back. Remy took my hands in hers, the great seeping into me, making the hair on my arms stand on end.

"I-" she just smiled at me. I smiled back, my lip ring tapping a tooth.

She made me smile. Very few people have ever been able to do that.

Random randomness!!! New story my dears. I'm fucking freezing at the moment, so it's just meh. And I feel like hell. I might update a few other things tonight, but idk.

Hugs and Bottles,
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