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Remy sat next to me at lunch. And on the bus. But, other than that, I didn't see her outside of choir. She only lived a house doen across the street from me.

How had I not noticed her before? I shut the door behind me, clicking the lock shut and letting my big baby Sebastian jump.up on my lap.

It looked like mom was going to have a late night again. I sighed and leaned against the back of the couch, closing my eyes. Sebastian relaxed against me as we both fell into a little nap.

I woke to the sounds of Sebastian's paws clicking on the hard wood floors by the back door. Yawning, I got up and let him out.

His large black body vanished in the night. I wandered out behind him, stretching my arms.

All I could see of him was his red collar and the outline of his body. A small noise made my eyes shift to the street. I expected to see a car or something.

Instead, I saw Remy. She was climbing out of a window on the side of her house. Like before, I watched her eyes flicker around her.

Sebastian whined slightly. I patted his head and pointed to the back door. He went in.

I followed, closing the door silently. Plucking a piece of paper from the note pad, I wrote mom a note saying i'd be home later if she got back before me.

Sticking it to her door, I opened the front door and slipped out. It seemed like forever had passed, but it was only about thirty seconds. Remy was just at the corner.

I followed her silently. She led me deep into the city, passing buildings and gas stations.

She looked so comfortable. Her hands were buried deep in her jean pockets. I noticed her tattoo showing now, stretching over her shoulders and up her neck of her backless shirt.

It was beautiful. At least what I could see of it was. Her blue hair was pulled up into a braid.

My heart was racing. I had no idea where we were or how to get home from here. She turned a corner ahead of me.

I saw around her neck something I couldn't remember the name of. Not a necklace.....

The name stuck to the tip of my tongue. I rounded the corner and my vision was taken away from me by a black bag being stuffed over my head.

A hand covered my scream of shock. A sharp pain bloomed in the back of my head, making me black out.


I woke up, no idea what was happening or where I was. Voices drifted to me, buy I couldn't make out what they said.

Stay calm. I need to stay calm.

Okay. Let's see. There's a bag over my head still.

I'm tied to a chair. I moved my arms. With my hands behind my back.

And my head hurts. I froze as tbe voices came closer. Two men.

The bag was gone in a second. I blinked into the bright light, glaring to make out the men.

They were both wearing Halloween masks that covered their faces and hair. "Looks like he's awake." One ground out, his voice being alerted by the mask.

"Good." The second grabbed a fistful of my hair and turned me to look at him. "We have some questions." He punched me in the stomach.

I groaned and fell forward. "Why are you here?" One asked harshly.

"I don't know." I breathed. Hands held onto my shoulders as a fist connected with my cheek.

I cried out in pain. "You a cop? Ya little pussy." My cheek was burning. I felt like I was going to vomit.

"Not a cop." I gasped. "I'm a student."

"Aren't little kids like you supposed to have a bedtime?" The chair was tipped over. My head bounced on the hard floor.

"Any answers?" A higher pitched asked. The men moved away from me.

My whole body was screaming in pain. "Says he's a student." I listened closely.

"Set him up." The high voice said. I was picked roughly up, my body sliding around.

A hand moved my hair out of my face. The high voice gasped, making me open my eyes as much as I could.

The girl was wearing a Happy Bunny mask. "Untie him now!" She yelled at the men. They jumped and ran to move.

Fingers plucked at the ropes that bound me. My hands fell weakly at my sides and I fell forward.

The girl caught me, making me panic. One of her hands moved away from my back, making me flinch.

After a monent, thick rubber bounced against my side. Pain echoed through me as my pulse picked up.

"Frankie." I looked up at the familiar voice. My eyes met fearful blue.

"Remy?" I was looking straight at her, but I didn't want to beleive it.

No way. I fell into darkness again.

~BONG!!!!~ A twist. Idk why I'm so into this story, but oh well. Either ya like it or ya don't

I don't really care. R+R and all that.

Hugs and Aussie,
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