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Holy Effing God

by MyFamousLastWords 1 review

I don't know if people still do this but I need to express my excitement.

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Just holy god.
I randomly came on this site as I'm listening to MCR and I remembered when I was younger (considering I'm only 15 now, this shows how young I was when I was here!)

Like, goodness me! Back in my day on Ficwad cough you'd always get people just randomly putting stuff like this, just talking, so if you don't do it now and it's strictly only stories allowed oh well. I need to get this out because I do okay.

I wrote all of this stuff when I was 11-13, if even 13, I have to check the date when I last wrote something. I don't write fanfics at all anything, barely listen to MCR and just god this is awesome.

I wonder if anyone from my day on Ficwad is still here, that would be bloody awesome!
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