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Chapter 18

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Disclaimer: I do not own Yu Yu Hakusho/its plot/characters/etc. and make no money from this story.
Recap: Komeko understood the meaning of her dream when Karasu showed up with a half-blooded Tsuiseki baby. Komeko did her best to save the child and make it to Koenma.

“Did you hear that, ogre?” Koenma quietly asked Jorge.

“Hear what, sir?” Jorge wiped a few of his remaining tears away.

“I guess it was nothing.”

Time passed by as Team Urameshi fought against Team Masho. Kurama was still down from his injuries, but Hiei and the masked fighter were unharmed. Kuwabara was happy that Yukina finally showed up and was going to be healed by the ice apparition. Jorge had just opened the door to leave with Koenma, when he saw Komeko.

“Koenma, come here, quick!” The ogre called.

In a hurry, the toddler jumped down from his chair and made his way to where Jorge stood. The sight before him made him stand still for a moment before ordering ogre into action.

“Pick her up! We need to bring her in here and away from anyone that may see her!”

Jorge picked her up and laid her down as gently as he could. He realized that she held a small bundle of white cloth in her arms. Nudging it softly, he pulled back some of the fabric.

“Koenma, sir, she’s got a baby with her.”

“A baby?! Why would she have a baby?!” He yelled as he jumped onto the table next to her.

Jorge held the bundle in his arms, but his face was clearly crestfallen. He moved the infant where Koenma could see it.

“Oh, dear.”

He saw Komeko flinch even in her unconscious state. It was then that he really took the time to see her injuries. Her clothes were brought down to tatters and caked in a dark maroon liquid. The prince paled when he realized the extent of her wounds and how much of her skin was covered in ash. He had no idea who did this, but she was very badly hurt and bleeding still. She needed to be mended and she needed to have healing energy to help her.

“Let’s get Botan and Yukina in here now! She needs to be taken care of.” Koenma ordered Jorge.

Jorge was out the door not a second later. He ran down the stairs and through different groups of demons when he ran straight into Yusuke’s back.

“What the hell man, watch where you’re going!” Yusuke yelled before he realized who it was. “Oh, Jorge, what’s up?”

The ogre ignored Yusuke for a second and spoke only to Botan and Yukina. “You both need to come quick. We’ve got a problem.”

Komeko waned in and out of consciousness for the better part of the next few hours before the bright lights above her glared into her eyes. She groaned and shut them again when she could feel the pain erupt in her body. The adrenaline was long gone and her form was now a massive ache. She could feel the bandages wrapped around her torso and limbs. Her mind went into over drive and she sat up quickly, trying to ignore the pain.

“Where is she?!” She yelled to the empty room.

After hearing her cries, Botan ran into the room. “Komeko, you’re awake! Oh, thank goodness!”

The deity wrapped her arms around Komeko before she was lightly shoved away. “Where is she, Botan? Where is the baby?”

Botan looked down at her, completely confused. “What baby, K?”

“Where’s Koenma?” Komeko evaded the question.

“I’ll go get him. Maybe he can help.”

Komeko clenched her teeth as the pain edged blackness around her vision and a wave of dizziness hit her. A few minutes later, Koenma walked into the room. Komeko cut to the chase.

“Where is she, Koenma? I know you know.”

He looked nervous before eying her sadly. “She didn’t make it. By the time we got to you, she was very cold. We’re lucky you’re still alive. The girls worked on healing you, but most of it’s too extensive. I’ve been waiting for you to wake up, because I want to remove your cuffs.”

Komeko stared off into the corner of the room she was in. She felt cold, physically and emotionally. The numbness she wanted to consume her was overridden by the current pain she was in. She stayed still longer and Koenma waved his small hand in front of her face to gain her attention.


“I don’t understand.”


Tears lined the girl’s eyes and sadness filled her to the brim. Her fists clenched in anger.

“That bastard! I’m going to kill him!”

She moved to get up, but fell onto the floor weakly. A very frustrated sound erupted from her throat and Koenma became nervous, unsure of how to handle her.

“Somebody, come help me!” He cried to the other room.

Almost immediately, Botan burst back into the room. She noticed Komeko’s absence from the bed and her gaze shot downward. A mother hen look in place, she helped the girl to stand back up and sit on the edge.

“What do you think you’re doing?!” She scolded.

Her anger softened when she saw the tears silently rolling down Komeko’s face. “They killed her, Botan. They killed that little girl. She was like me and they killed her to get to me. I wasn’t enough to protect her.”

Komeko sobbed softly into Botan’s embrace. The blue haired deity gently rubbed the back of her head while Koenma quietly left the room. Shortly after, they parted and Botan noticed the color changed of her shirt.

“Oh, dear. K, you reopened your wounds.”

Komeko looked down at herself, eyes red. The bandages were stained crimson and the pain started to flare up. Blackness returned to surround her vision and Botan helped her lie back down.

“Koenma, get back in here! We need to remove them. She can’t do this with them!” Botan yelled.

Koenma was back in a flash, Kurama behind him. The red head looked much healthier since he was able to remove the death plant from his body, but he wasn’t completely back yet; he was still quite tired from his fight, but worry was lapping at his conscious for the girl. The rest of their friends were in the other room as well, fighting the same issue.

“Kurama, I’m going to need you to hold her down while I do this. She is not going to like it.”

“Koenma, don’t you dare…” Komeko trailed off.

“Shut up and deal with it.” Koenma commanded.

Komeko’s eye lids began to flutter with her pain and Kurama positioned himself up above her, hands placed on her shoulders, while Botan held her ankles carefully. He looked down at her in the calmest way he could before speaking to her quietly.

“Don’t worry. We’re here to help you.” He smiled, thumb lightly caressing her cheek.

She gave a very small smile back to him as Koenma placed his hands on both of her wrists and concentrated. The thin black lines glowed around the edges before lifting from her skin. Her power was not instantly brought forth, until he removed the bands from her wrists completely. Pocketing them safely, he waited to see how her body would react.

It took a few seconds and both Botan and Kurama were confused at first. Then, she tensed immensely and a scream ripped itself from her lungs while her demon energy sprang forth. Their grips tightened and, after a few more sounds of discomfort, she began to settle down, but her energy ripped through the room like a torrent of green fire. It whipped around them fiercely and slammed the door shut.

“I didn’t know she’d be this strong, Koenma.” Botan spoke.

“All this energy pent up for all this time makes a much larger effect when it’s released. She’s been wearing these too long. I’m going to take them back for now. She needs time to heal.” Koenma spoke as her energy started to pull back into her body.

The green aura surrounded her, but kept the air in the room tense. Both Kurama and Botan let go of her once she settled down. She drifted in and out of consciousness for a few minutes longer before glaring up at Koenma.

“When I get better, I’m going to slap you like Keiko slaps Yusuke.” Komeko threatened.

She finally passed out.

Confused, Kurama stared over at the toddler. Koenma sighed and asked him to follow him back to the other room. If he had to explain things, he’d rather get it done and over with.
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