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First Move

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The daring begins :)

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Right when all hope for me was gone I was being pulled towards the surface. Once my head appeared above water I gasped for air and was pulled up and laid on the floor.

"Holy shit you okay Aph?,"asked Janice as she kneed in front of me. I nodded, unable to speak, because of my lack of air. After I finally put myself together I felt the person that rescued me was still holding me. I was pretty sure it was Mikey in till I looked in to some icy-blueish eyes. Fuck. Andy. Once I noticed it was him, I pushed him away and stood up. Okay confused here, first he pushes me in the pool and now he saves me. Sometimes I question why I'm even straight. I should just be full on lesbian.

"A thank you would be good," winked Andy. What he deserves is a good ass kicking!

"How 'bout my foot up your ass! Why would I thank you for almost killing me!," I yelled. Calm down. Calm down.

"You should be grateful I even went in there to save you! I had to ruin my clothes!," he yelled back, taking off his shirt. Don't look at his chest. Don't look, too late.

"Aw, poor baby ruined his clothes. Your just lucky I'm not a guy, because I would have been kick your ass myself instead of dealing with your bullshit everyday!," and with I walked away with Janice and Mikey close behind me. I angrily pushed my way through people and accidentally bumped into Kimberly , causing her to spill her drink on my chest.

"Oh my god! I am so sorry!," she grabbed some napkins and started wiping the drink off me. It made the whole situation awkward. Especially because Janice looked jealous. I gave her a sorry, but she just rolled her eyes.

"Why are you dripping wet? Besides the fact my spilling my drink on you," she asked, still cleaning me.

"Those football jerks threw Janice and I in the pool," I angrily said. Now you see why I shouldn't even like him.

"Really? I wonder why they're so mean to you. The two of you come to my room. I'll lend you some clothes," she grabbed me by my hand and dragged me with her. We walked up the stairs into the first room on the left. When I entered after she opened it with a key it was like I was in my room, but a bit different. Posters of some of my favorite bands, black and red walls,and stacks of CDs in the right corner if the room next to a electric guitar.

"Whoa, this is your room?," I asked in disbelief. No wonder she keeps it locked.

"Yeah, but please don't tell anyone. This is the reason why I always have my door locked and don't have sleep overs," she said while grabbing some clothes from her closet. Told you that's why she keeps it locked.

"Come one, we might be evil but not that evil. Love your room but the way," said Janice as she twirled around like a little kid.

"Thank you, here,"she handed us clothes and she started undressing. Janice must be enjoying this.

"Whoa, are you gonna strip for us or something?," asked Janice with hopeful eyes.

"No, I'm just gonna change, because the dress is making me itchy," she said, putting in her pants. I looked over at Janice to see disappointment in her eyes. I took off my dress and put on the clothes. Janice did the same.

"Oh my god!," yelled Mikey in amazement.

"AHH!," yelled Kimberly. Damn she sounded like if she was about to be killed.

"These are perfect!," he yelled as he ran over to Kimberly and grabbed her boobs.

"Stop touching me! Help me you guys!,'' she yelled, slapping Mikey's hands.

"It's okay Kimberly. He's gay," I stated. I'm pretty sure that gives him the right to do alot of things.

"Oh," she sighed in relief,"what do you mean by perfect?"

"In the future for when I get my sex change. These are gonna be the size of my boobs," he kept jiggling and examining them.

"Stop raping the poor girls boobs Mikey. Those are someone elses property," I said as I pulled his hands away. He gave me a 'who' look. I kept moving my eyes from Janice back to him in till he got the hint.

"Sorry, just making sure they are truly perfect," he smiled.

"Did I pass?,'' she asked putting on her shirt. He gave her thumbs up. The rest of the party was awesome. We made sure to say away from Andy and his gang. We danced and yelled like manics. Janice and I kept dancing with Kimberly and Mikey danced with his boyfriend. The only problem there was Janice kept pinching Kimberly's ass, but Kimberly didn't care. At the end we stayed in Kimberly's house and slept it off.


Monday, School

Andy's Pov

"I hooked up with like four girls at Kim's birthday party," said Ronnie as he showed all of us some pictures of him and the girls. Ronnie is the player of the group. The group meaning me, Ronnie, Gerard, and Ashley. We don't hang out with the other football players, because even though we are a team, we are different. We're the 'emos' of the team, which we are fine with. As long as we get girls and play our favorite sport. Ah, this is the life.

"Dude, you have to tell me your secret," said Gerard. Ashley has no problems with the girls, considering he is the muscles of the group. He has a girl every week. Pretty soon we are gonna run out of girls Ashley didn't get with, well except Aphrodite. She's still free.

"Dude, you okay?,'' asked Ashley, waving a hand in my face.

"Yeah, just thinking," I stated.

"Let me guess, Aphrodite," he guessed. I swear if this guy wasn't a football player he can be a fucking mind reader.

"You guessed correctly my friend," I chuckled. No I don't like her. It's just that you have no idea how many guys are trying to get in her pants and I want to be the first one.

"Okay well since I won the dare on getting the four girl, it's my turn to choose and I choose Andy," said Ronnie.

"My dare?," I asked. I'm always up for Ronnie's dare, because I always win.

"Well since you were thinking of Aphrodite, I dare you to fuck her," he smirked. Please tell me his joking.

"You're kidding right? She's a fucking saint. She won't be down to do that" he has to joking.

"No, that's your dare, you can take all the time you need. Ten years if you need and everything you need to do to get her," he said. I'm gonna kill him ,with my thumb. Ah Ratatouille. I love that movie. "So do you accept or drop?" I thought about it for a second. I know she won't, because she hates me. I have to try.

"Yeah babe, do it. I'll be cool with it," said Scout.

"I accept."

Just to make everything clear, we have been doing this for about five years now. We each take turns daring each other to do things and if you drop the bet,you have to cut your hair and I'm not planning on doing that anytime soon. My hair is the way I like it and the way the girls love it. None of us have dropped a bet, which is pretty sad, because I want to see someone bald.

"So when do I start?" I asked. Ronnie looked behind me and smirked.

"Now" he grabbed me by the shoulders and spun me around. There she was. Opening her locker. Ronnie pushed me and I started walking towards her.

Aphrodite's Pov

Stupid locker. Open. OPEN. Yay it opened.

"Hey" said Andy as he leaned on the locker next to mine. What does this fucktard want.

"What do you want?"

"I just came by to say hi and to tell you how sexy you look in that shirt"

"I wish I can say the same for you"

"That is very hurtful you know that" He put both is hand over his heart.

"Since when do you have feelings?"

"Since I started having feelings for you" He's lying. He has to be lying. I looked to my right to see Andys friends looking at us and look away when they saw me staring. I knew it was too good to be true.

"Andy just do thing for me"


"Leave me the fuck alone! and leave me out of the games between you and you fuckers" I slammed my locker and walked away. Not far enough, because Andy pulled me by my arm."What do you want from me?!"

"How do you want me to prove to you that I'm being serious?" I tapped my chin with my finger as I looked around and my eyes rested on Gerard. Pay back bitch. Well if he does it.

"Okay. Punch Gerard in the face"

"Okay" Without hesitation he walked over to Gerard and punched him in the face. Gerard gave him a 'What the hell?' look as Andy walked back towards me.

"Believe me?"

"No" I pointed my middle finger at him and Gerard and walked away.

Andy's Pov

Well, that was good for a first try right? I can tell she's gonna be a hard cookie to crumble. I watched her as she turned the corner and I walked over to the group.

"That was very nice Andy. Now you just ruined my face," said Gerard as he rubbed the side of his face.

"Well Ronnie did say to do whatever to get her and she wanted me to punch you in the face" I smirked at my handy work on his face, Who knew I could punch that hard.

"You're just lucky you're my friend. If not I would've dropped you by now"


"So how did it go?"

"She just used me to punch Gerard in the face, but don't worry I will eventually get her"

Aphrodite's Pov

I made my way to my science class, think of why out of the nowhere Andy motherfucking Biersack was starting to talking to me. Do I have remind everyone what happened at Kimberly's birthday party? He threw me in the motherfucking pool! And I can't swim! I really need to learn how to swim. Sad isn't it. A seventeen year old teen who doesn't know how to swim. I walked into class and sat down next to Janice.

"Hey my good friend," said Janice as she turn towards me.

"Hey did you do your home work?" she asked.

"Nope but something weird happened"

"Oh gossip! Do tell"

"Andy started talking to me and said I look sexy in this shirt. He even punched Gerard in the face for me"

"What?! In the face. That's deep and you do look sexy in that shirt. Makes your boobs look bigger than they are" Offencive.

"I wonder why though. First he pushes me in the pool, and now he's hitting on me. I think he's does drugs"

"Remember he did save you"

"Okay class settle down," said Ms. Henderson, our science teacher, as she walked in.

"I just don't know what to do"

After School

"No he didn't!," I yelled at Janice as we walked home. The whole time we kept arguing about season eight of American Idol and who deserved to win. I truly think Adam Lambert deserved to win.

"Come on. Kris Allen was straight out the better singer. That's why he won"

"Are you kidding me? Did you hear how Adam voice sounded. It's like a bless from God. Kris Allen can't do what he does"

"Whatever you say, but he still won"

"He my have won the battle, but Adam won the war" Just then a car pulled up next to us and rolled down the window. Andy. What the fuck does he want?

"Hey sexy, want a ride?"

"Uh no, I'm walking with.." I looked to my right and saw I was alone. I saw Janice running away.

"Janice what the fuck?!"

"Have fun!" Bitch.

"So I guess it's just you and me"

"No it's just me"

"Come on. Just give me one chance and look I bought you some flowers" He reached to the back seat and pulled out some roses. Roses are my favorite. I slowly approached his car and grabbed the flowers. They're so pretty and smelled good. For a guy, he sure does know how to choose flowers.

"So is that a yes?"

"I guess, but only one ride. No more"

"No more" He got out the car and opened my door. Aw, he's so fucking cute. No stop, you hate him! I sat down and he sat down and started driving.

"So how you been?"

"Good and you?"

"Good, what 'bout your family? I haven't seen them since middle school when we use to hang out in your room listening to music. Remember those days?" Confused? You should be. Andy and I use to be best friend in middle school. High school was the hell breaker. He stopped talking to me, ignored me, and started picking on me. He would over to my house almost everyday and we'd play video games or just listen to music. I guess once you get to high school it's all about popularity.

"Um fine"

"What 'bout your mom? She use to call my mom everyday. Now we haven't heard of her in years"

Mom. I miss her. She died in a car accident when I entered high school. Me losing her was so unexpected. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I had just come home from school.

"Crystal what's wrong?" I asked as I entered the house, watching her cry uncontrollably. I looked up at me dad, he was also crying. By that point I knew it had to be something bad, because I never seen my dad cry in my life. "Dad?"

" s..sit down," he manged to say. I sat down, still concerned.

"Dad, what's going on?"

"I...I'm sorry s..sweety," he took a long pause as it was the hardest decision in his life," Your mom's died" When those word come out of his lip I was hoping he was lying or at least it was a dream. Immediate tears started falling down my face.

"You're lying. YOU'RE LYING! This is a joke, please tell me this a joke"

"This isn't a joke Aph, she's gone," said Crystal as she held me in her arms as I also started crying uncontrollably.

"Um, she..she passed away when we started high school"

"Oh shit! I'm sorry I didn't know"

"No, it's fine. We should have told your family anyways"

"Damn. I should have noticed"

"Well anyways it's in the past and I can't change that"

Andy's Pov

Just listening to the way Aphrodite talked about her mom dying made me realise she's a strong person. She didn't cry and I can tell she was holding back tears. If my mom had died I would be in the corner hold my blanket in one hand and with the other I would be sucking my thumb, while I cried rocking back and forth. Her mom and mine were best friend as we were too. We should have play dates, sleepovers, and best friends parties. By that I mean we would buy pounds of junk food and bump music. It would be me, her, and Janice. Janice also use to be my best friend. What happened to us? High school. Right.

"You're strong you know that" I said as I held her hand. But as quick as I grabbed it, she pulled it back.

"No I'm not" I stopped the car in front of her house and stared at her in disbelief.

"Are you kidding? I wouldn't even be alive if my mom had died and more defiantly wouldn't be able to say she's died without crying like a baby. Seriously you're strong"

"Well thank you for that comment and for the ride"

"My pleasure" I grabbed her and kissed it. Damn her hands are soft.

Aphrodite's Pov

When he kissed my hand, I felt butterflies in my stomach. I turned away for he wouldn't see me blush. You see what he does to me. Pull yourself together man!

"Bye," I said as I got out the car.

"Bye" He blew me a kiss and drove off. I bet tomorrow he's gonna pretend like this didn't even happened.

Hi everyone! I hope you liked this chapter. Sorry for all the pov changes. just thought you might wanted to know what went on in their heads. Please R&R :)
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