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"Forget the shoot-y dog thing."

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The title has nothing to do with this. And in a way, everything.

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Kay guys.

So- announcement time.

I'm thinking of maybe just writing one shots from now on. I mean, I'll finish Time of Death and Nine in the Afternoon and the sequel to Little Doll's Eyes but after that, I'll just write one shots.

And other announcement- I might stop writing for the MCR category completely and start writing Doctor Who fanfics? It's me and Heather's sort of new love. She keeps telling me that we're gonna run away to Egypt in her TARDIS :3

And for some random news. The guy who's made my life a living hell now lives RIGHT next door. And Alex (aka Evil Dickhead Dude) is gonna be here a lot more. Oh no no no no no no.

So I plan on singing real loud on the bus. Singing BOTDF and all those rude songs. MMMM. Dirty mindedness here.

So yeah. Those are today's .. things.

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