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The Moonlit Gardens

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Sebastian is an Arcane Warrior who lost everything in a devastating disaster that he somehow survived. When exploring a Eldarian Ruin Sebastian Stumbles across The Black Book, and a familiar named ...

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The Moonlit Garden

Disclaimer: This is purely a work of fiction. All characters in this publication are fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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The Black Book, Rated: Pg-14, Chris/Sebastian, Romance/Drama

Description: Sebastian is bogged down with work; Michael goes on one of his Contracts and leaves Sebastian to handle even more work. Realizing that Sebastian is under stress, Chris makes a move to help Sebastian release some to of that tension. Warning: This is an M/M

The Moonlit Garden

Sebastian had just opened the big amber doors that marked the entrance to his marvelous wing. The wing consisted of a long hall with red carper that ran down the middle. The first thing that was noticed were many lanterns lit the hallway, and each dancing flame that danced on the back of the wall made the wing have a welcoming feeling. The walls had a homely brown color which only added to the beauty of dancing flames. Tonight though Sebastian was not feeling relativity welcomed down this hall, tension from his work was getting to him as he dragged his feet trying the hide the fact that he was there. He watched as Michael passed him reading a contract. Sebastian assumed because of the red string he saw hanging from it that it was delivered by special courier. Sebastian knew that he would see Michael because of that damn contract, for the next couple of days. He hated it when the contracts came, especially during this time of the year.

Michael looked up and caught a glimpse of Sebastian.

"Hey Sebastian," Michael called, "do you mind handing the paperwork for the start of the renovations?" Sebastian stopped and turned around. He was already carrying a stack registrations form and Michael once again seemed to neglect to see the work he already had piled up already. Michael again was trying to get out doing something that was required of him so he could do those fucking contracts Sebastian thought as he brought his hand up to the back of head and rubbed. He was really deciding to tell him no, that he was already over worked already. He then pictured his desk in his office full of those forms, forms of which Michael had passed to him as well. This made Sebastian groan, but that also never reached Michael's ears, he was simply reading the contract and looking up every once in while wait for an answer. He hated how Michael seemed to ignore those simple details, but then Sebastian thought that he really didn't care enough to read them as they were presented. Sebastian couldn't refuse and Michael knew that when he asked. It wasn't in Sebastian's nature to disappoint, especially during this crucial time for the academy. Sebastian reluctantly answered hoping that this time he would catch on to the fact.

"Yeah sure, I can do that. When does it have done for the approval?" asked Sebastian as he turned back to the black door that was to his room and opened it. With a click the door open, he watched as Michael was looking to his side trying to remember.

"Seriously, I don't remember I do know the date is somewhere in that stack paperwork." He looked at Sebastian who was looking at his quarters. Sebastian just ignored that he didn't know, it was easier just listen than to argue the fact he never remembered anything unless it came to those contracts.

"Thanks man you're a life saver. The papers are in my office, so feel free to grab them whenever ok." said Michael as he returned to the letter and contract that was in him hand. Michael padded down the hall and opened the large amber-colored doors that went to the entrance hall. When Sebastian heard the door close with a loud thud he sighed. This wasn't what he needed not now. He had another stack of Registration forms for another one hundred and fifty students. He had to evaluate them and find the money to afford the increase in textbooks and supplies. He also had to figure out the tuition cost, and deal with the angry students to have to go on a budget plan to afford the rest of their term here. He was not looking forward to the interviews as well, nor this new stack of paper work for the renovation project. It all was piling up on him, so he turned back around and closed the door to his quarters. There he though just went another night of sleep, as he walked back down the hall to the amber doors.

He opened them and proceeded up the red carpeted stairs to the second floor, and opened the door to the left of the stairs that lead to the headmaster's Wing. There in that hall were five rooms, but only three in use. Three of the doors only had copper plaques. The hall was the same as the living quarters except it had more of a professional feeling to it than a homey feeling.

Sebastian then proceeded to the door that had a copper plaque on that clearly read Michael McBride Headmaster. He opened the door and immediately saw the book labeled Renovation Project. It was big; it seemed to have at least one hundred or more pages in it. He groaned as he picked up the book and headed out of the office. He tuned and closed the door and headed down to his office as he noticed the new plaque that was placed there. It took three years to get on he thought, and now he didn't even care. It read in big letters Sebastian McFarlin, Administrative Headmaster, in big punched out letters. Wonderful he thought now he has picked up the role as the one to come to for complaints. Though even without the tag, people still complained to him about what was not right about the academy. They even came to him with complaints about Michael or Jason. So he thought that adding a tag really made no difference, he was still the one to complain to regardless. And that made him hang his head, not about the tag, but about just being the one who did everything.

He knew it would not be long before the students would be piling in because he had already changed the textbook and supplies cost to afford the renovations, which it seemed he was now in charge of. He again sighed as he placed the book down on top of the heaping pile of papers he already had piled on his desk. He sat down and placed the new entry form on the desk, it was the end of the year but he always received registration forms regardless. He sighed as he looked at the stack that easily grew to at least five hundred in the last three days. Five hundred evaluations and at least half of that in interviews he though as he grabbed the first form and place it in front of him. He skimmed the form and seen the scores of the evaluation test, they ranged in the moderate to average percentile, as he then placed the form in the rejection pile. He sighed how many of these kids had the potential to succeed but he couldn't accept them because of their test scores he though. It just depressed him, he hated being the bearer of bad news as he grabbed an already written letter that he wrote using the calligraphy writer that read.


We are sorry that we have to inform you that you have not been accepted to McBride Academy, and apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. We know that this is a difficult time for you, but please keep in mind that we appreciate the fact that you choose us to continue in your education needs.

You will be receiving a refund, this will include everything placed down on the cost of text book rentals, and the supplies that you will unfortunately no longer need. You will also be receiving the down payment back that you have placed on tuition and Quarters rental.

We wanted to apologize that you will not be receiving your refund any time soon. This is because the academy has been undergoing recent renovations. Please be advised that our Financial Advisor is working as fast as he can to complete and issue the refunds. But unfortunately this process is taking a lot linger then we would have like and again want apologize for any inconveniences this will and has caused. We have an estimated projection date or about three or four months for the refunds to be issued out, but if anything happens or thing to not go as planned we are ready to issue another delay. IF this happens we will contact you and have another projected date set up. Thank you for patience in this unfortunate time, and we again apologize for the inconveniences this has caused.

Thank you for choosing McBride Academy, and we will to tell you that you may again try to apply any time in the future or next year.

Sebastian McFarlin

Administrative Headmaster

Sebastian sighed as he wrote the name of the rejected student in the line that was left blank near the dear section of the letter, than moved to sign the letter in between his name and title he recently received at the academy. It had been five years now that he was doing this, and the list of students applying just get longer and longer. It felt like it was never going to end.

It had been an hour and Sebastian ran through at least seventy-five of these registration forms, twenty of which he to fill in the rejection letter for as he place those in the outbox on his desk. The servant in charge of mailing these letters picked them up twice a day once in the morning and once after he left his office.

Sebastian was in the middle of filling out the next rejection letter when he heard a knock at the door. he looked up and saw Chris walk in and sit down in the chair in front of him. He had a mischievous look in his eyes and made Sebastian wonder what was up.

"I thought I would find you still here." said Chris as he watched Sebastian fill out the letter, then he watched as he sign it and fold it in half writing a brief name and location on the outside of who and where to find the person. Sebastian just looked at him as he grabbed another one the registration form that was sitting on the stack of paper didn't seem to shrink at all.

"You know doing all of this is going crack you one of these days, and that would not be a pretty thing to see. You should take a break you know, enjoy life a little." Chris was looking at him when he said that he was looking for that look he favored out of him when someone was actually thinking of him, but it didn't come and it made Chris just that more determined. He reached up and pulled his hand away from the paper as he looked at him. Sebastian just looked up from the paper, he had that tried look in his eyes the look he had sometimes that said don't fuck with me. Chris just laughed he knew he hitting that point when he was ready to scream out in frustration.

"Come on, you need this, and don't give me that look. You know as well as I do that you need this, don't just shrug me off." Chris was starting to get frustrated he knew that Sebastian was stubborn and sometimes hard-headed when it came to his advances. He walked over and pulled him up off the chair and Sebastian just groaned out of frustration, he was tired and the last thing he needed was Chris acting stupid.

"Just…" started Sebastian as he was cut off with a gentle kiss. Chris was aiming to drain the fight out of him and so far it was working as Sebastian gave in to him. He led him to the door of his office when Sebastian broke from the kiss.

"I shouldn't be doing this, I have work to do…" said Sebastian as he was again cut off by Chris' advance.

"Damn, live a little. The paperwork will wait it will be there tomorrow." said Chris as he led him again out of the office. Sebastian was doing that annoying thing he did when he couldn't come up with something to counter what Chris said. He was saying but, and then would repeat it over as thoughts would come and go. Chris just put a finger to his mouth.

"You know you can't fight me on this so just give up, I will not take no for an answer. And I don't think you should be spending all of your time in their do that paperwork. I can see it, Sebastian you're starting to get stressed and I'm worried about you. The last time this happened you were gone for a week. I thought something had happened to you or worse. " Chris was right and Sebastian knew it, it was just frustrating that all of this was placed on him like usual, while Michael did those damn contracts and Jason just did what he normally did, which was nothing.

"Your right Chris, but…" he was again cut off by Chris who once again placed a finger on his lips. He moved his head by Sebastian's ears and lightly breathed on his neck as he kissed it. It made Sebastian moan and during this he lost what he was going to argue back.

"There are no buts; you need this damn it, so stop fighting me. Let me take all your worries away, just come with me Sebastian." said Chris whispering seductive into Sebastian's ear. Sebastian could not ignore this even if he wanted to. If there was one thing that he hated about Chris, it was his ability to turn him on, and doing this made him lose his train of thought yet again. Chris Knew it and now he was taking advantage of it. He loved doing this to Sebastian make him want him, making him forget about all what Michael had him doing.

"Don't fight it you know you want it." Chris was again using his alluring seductive voice to make Sebastian want him. "Just admit it you want this, you want me."

Sebastian just melting away at this, Chris was really getting to him and he was losing this fight miserably. He was losing his desire to maintain a straight face and maintain a calm mind. He wanted Chris and he wanted him badly, but he still didn't think it was time to do that. Not now, there was too much at stake.

"Come now Sebastian it's not I'm asking you to have sex or pull teeth. I just want you relax loosen up a bit that's all." Chris was lying at that point he wanted more, but he was willing to wait however long was necessary for Sebastian to come around. They had only been together intimately for six months, He was not about to fuck this up. Sebastian just looked at him and groaned, he hated to choose between him and his work. The was really no choice, because every time Chris did this he always choose Chris.

"Fine you win but this isn't over you hear me, I will get you back someday." said Sebastian as he took Chris' hand, and Chris just smiled. He like the fact he dominated Sebastian like this. He also liked the fact that he had that kind of power over him seductively. Chris knew that he was an old man, but he looked so young and sexy. That was the way of Arcane Warriors, they grow old in a young man's body. It was a curse to their order for attaining that kind of power, to live a long life, to never showing ageing beyond their eighteenth birthday. Sebastian was old and wise but by looking at him you would have never guess that he had over one hundred years of experience. Chris was shocked to know that Sebastian was close to his one hundred and fifty ninth birthday, of which the last forty-five of them he spent alone. Being the sole survivor was tough and he knew that was one of the reasons Sebastian was like this, he had all but given up on finding love or a home. He was stilling dealing with the fact that he was the last of his kind and line.

Chris led Sebastian out of the headmaster's wing and down the hall to the large stair that led in the large entrance hall. He turned to one of the small wooded door that went out into one of the lush gardens. Sebastian immediately notice the bright yellow glow in the sky, he looked up seen the bright yellow moon that shown beautifully down in the garden illuminating everything with a warm yellow glow, when Sebastian looked down he saw Chris already laying on the grass.

"Well Sebastian, are you going to just stand there, or are you ready to join me?" Chris looked up at him with a small puppy dog pout as Sebastian bent down to the ground and sat down deciding whether nor not to join Chris.

"Oh no you don't!" said Chris as he giggled pulled him down to the ground. "There is no halfers here it's all or nothing, and I choose it all every damn bit of it, even the good and the bad." He reached over and put his arm around him and moved to his ear again and whispered, "I'm really glad you decided to join me, you know this makes me happy just being with you." Chris looked at him with all honesty. These were the times that he could actually say something like this and literally mean it, and not make it come out as a joke.

"I would have to agree with you on that, because I would be lying if I said that I didn't choose it all, and I would be lying if I said that I did not want to be with you. I think in all honest that you're coming or I finding you, whichever way you want to put it, is and has been the greatest thing that has happened to me." Sebastian looked at him with that sparkle in his eyes; it was that sparkle that Chris had been looking for this whole time the one he loved to get when treating Sebastian to a good time.

"Even though that I'm totally flattered that you would say that, I have to say that is probably not true. You have over one hundred years in your life and many event and things that happened to you, there has to be at least one thing that tops this and I would not be hurt if that is true."

"I would rather not compare you to things that do not exist anymore, and I would rather not be reminded of how old I am. There are things that are better left forgotten, and that is one of those things." Chris just looked at him as he drew him closer to him. He could see that what he meant as something harmless meant a lot more to him.

"Sebastian I'm sorry, I should of thought out that response out a little more." He said as he scolded himself for being thoughtless on that remark. Chris knew this subject was at best touchy but he now realized just how touchy it really was.

"Hey come on forget about it, it was nice for once to drug out of there and I do really want this, I mean to be with you. You make me feel complete again, and that in a way makes me… he stopped this was getting difficult for him, expressing his emotions was not easy for Sebastian. He looked at Chris like he just let him down. This area of life, these feeling he was experiencing, it was all new to him. He was trained to be a warrior, and warriors were trained to be emotionless, heartless, and cruel.

"Hey Sebastian, its ok I understand. Don't push it to come out, it will when you're ready. These things take time, and time is one thing that I'm not worrying about." Chris looked at him with those warming eyes, that took Sebastian in and told him that it will be alright. "Besides it's really the thought that really counts right? Now is what really counts. This is satisfying enough to just to be able to touch you and hold you. I told you before and I will tell you again, I am willing to wait for you no matter how long it takes, and I mean it Sebastian." Chris hugged him tightly as if he was losing him again, but in a way he was trying to make it clear he was going nowhere at least without him.

"If it is one thing that I can promise is that I will never leave you, Chris. And I'm sorry about last time, you are really what I want, and I will choose you every damn time no matter what, even over this damn place, and over that damn book."

"That makes me happy, really happy that I found you, and makes this wait more bearable. I want this to be special and I wish I can make your pain go away. I also wish I could bring that old life back, but even with the Black Book, it simply is not possible. I truly wish it was because if I could trade my life for it I would in a heartbeat just to see and make you happy." Chris looked at him and never wanted to let him go. He was his life now his hope, as well as he was Sebastian's hope and in some cases that light that he had searched for.

Sebastian grabbed him and cradled his head as he passionately kissed him. He held on to him as he licked his lip begging to for permission, which was quickly granted. The kiss lasted for what seemed like an eternity, as the time around them simply seemed like it had stopped to allow this moment last within the moment. They had to break away as the need to breathe got to them as they laid down in the warm light of the moon and allowed it slowly lull them into a sleep. They cuddled against each other and remained there, as the moon settled for what would be a long night watching them as they embraced each other in their dreamy sleep.

A/N: 8/19/12
Well there is the first one-shot for my newest couple. So yeah for Chris finally getting Sebastian to realize just how much he likes him. And stay tuned for more, if this goes well there will be plenty more. Also I wanted to say thank you if you read this. This alone is something new, and seeing you give it a chance just makes this experience better. LDX :)

This is another small chapter from the story, that is right around the time of the golden cube chapter. Again I wanted to see what everyone though of it. I know the romance was sort of crappy, but hey it the stupid cheesy ones that are the most romantic and memorable.
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