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Just Like Shaving 'Fros, and Forks In Toasters

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REALLY random Ferard...including Unicorns, Bob's Book Of Cats 2, and Gerardopoly

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"What would you guys do if I shaved Ray's fro in his sleep?" Frank asked hanging upside down off the front of the couch...swatting at the feet in his face.
"Laugh my ass off." The singer answered pressing his foot in the shorter mans face.
"Really Frank?" Mikey asked, looking up from his phone, silently wondering to himself if Frank had ADD or something.
"I would be fine with you going after the fro, but come near my cats I will steal your dogs." Bob threatened; while working on his latest book.../Bob's Book Of Cats: Kitten Days/
"Shoot your nuts off." The other guitarist put his hands up in attempts to hide his hair from the sadistic shorty.
"What about if I steal Mikey's unicorns, and dye their fu-hai-fluf-Whatever they have rainbow colours."
"You can't do that....TwinkleShine already has rainbow colours." Mikey explained confused on why Frank would use that type of threat.
"Same answer I used about the fro." Bob muttered, working on another book, and lyrics to Gerardopoly.
"Bob...what are you doing?" Gerard asked, wondering what the drummer was so intent on finishing.

Instead of answering, the drummer clicked a few buttons and lyrics filled the room.
Gerard, you make my heart buuuuuuuurn Everyone burst out laughing at Bob's singing from the speakers.
"You were serious?!" Gerard 'ROFL'...No literally, he fell of the couch, bringing Frank down with him...Rolling On Frank Laughing.
Bet you didn't see that coming (instert rage comics  bad poker face)
"What would you guys do if I admitted that I liked this postition?" Frank's voice muffled from the boy laying on top of him laughing.
"I would stick a fork in a toaster." Mikey
"Wouldn't doubt it." Ray
"Give you Pansy the pup back." 
"BOBWHATTHEFUCKDLYOUMEANYOUASSHATYOUSTOLEMYFAVORITEFUCKINGDOG!" Frank pushed Gerard off of him screaming and flailing his arms about.
"Frankie how about you chill out; stop asking ADD like questions and come here." Gerard mumbled from his place on the floor.
"Yes because Gee wants to cuddle with me." Frank joked laying beside the taller boy; who indeed wanted to cuddle.
"Well then, I guess I am going to shove that fork into that toaster right about now." Mikey got up from the cushion he had claimed on the couch and made his way to the kitchen.
"Even how much I love this position, I think I should go mKe sure my brother doesn't kill himself with a utensil and kitchen applience." Gerard groaned, unhappy at the fact his brother had the stupidest plans and leaving Franks warm embrace.
"Hurry up before he kills himself and get your hot ass back down here!" Frank joked, causing all the people in earshot; besides Gerard; to roll their eyes in a "FML" manure.
"HOLY SHIT! Who got me the new unicorn." Mikey asked overly happy riding out on what seemed to be a large dog with a horn taped to it's forehead.
"Pup number 7,321?" Frank asked the "unicorn"
"That'll teach you to threaten the 'fro." The poofy haired guitarist muttered under his breath.

This was out of plain bordem...and my first ever Ferard (-shrugs- I'm not to big on the ship) hope you liked...R&R
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