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Chapter 20

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Disclaimer: I do not own Yu Yu Hakusho/its plot/characters/etc. and make no money from this story.
Recap: Koenma revealed Komeko to be a Tsuiseki demon and she shared a few secrets with Kurama about the baby that was with her.

The day passed on fairly mindlessly for Komeko. She was back in her normal room next to Botan, literally, since she had opted to let Yukina use her bed. So, now she and Botan slept next to each other, but it wasn’t so bad because neither kicked around in their sleep very often. Komeko was nearly completely healed, except for some minor scarring that would not be permanent, thanks to the absence of her energy cuffs. The only area that really hurt her much was her rib cage, where a few of them had broken.

Right now, she was walking with Botan, Kuwabara, the masked fighter, and Yusuke, who had Puu on his head, to the stadium to catch the next battle. It would be Team Gokai Six versus Team Uraotogi. She wore a pair of off-white denim shorts and a light blue long sleeve shirt with her normal shoes. She had ditched the jackets because there was no point in hiding anymore. She wanted Karasu and anyone else to know she was resilient and she was not going to hide or lie down and die.

They could see Kurama and Hiei as they ascended and took their place next to the two demons.

“Well, well, well, look who it is.” Kuwabara noticed.

“Hello.” Kurama greeted, while Hiei stayed quiet.

“Guess you guys have the same idea we do about scoping out the competition for the semi-finals.” Kuwabara asserted with his fists on his hips.

“Had the same idea. The fight is over.” Kurama told him.

“What?!” Kuwabara exclaimed.

Koto announced that Team Urameshi would be the first to fight Team Uraotogi in the semi-finals.

“That’s incredible. I can’t believe we missed the entire fight just because I took a couple of extra minutes to brush my teeth.” He leaned on the railing.

“It was an impressive sight to behold.” Kurama said while looking at the aftermath left in the ring.

“Though I’m sure your minty fresh breath was well worth the delay.” Hiei remarked and turned his head to Yusuke. “What is that ridiculous appendage growing out of your head all about?”

Yusuke looked indignant as he explained it off as a puberty thing.

“So, Kurama, how’s your wound treating ya?” Yusuke asked.

He looked down for a second. “It’ll be fine. I’ll be able to fight again tomorrow.”

Hiei smirked over at him. “Hn, seems it’s not as bad as you made us think.”

“Compared to your energy loss, no, it seems it’s not.” Kurama quipped back at the fire demon, who lightly sweat-dropped.


Kuwabara spieled on about how they should have Yukina help them heal. Hiei looked both slightly stricken and contemplative as he stared down the ground. It turned into a glare quickly as Yusuke and Kurama both picked on him, saying Hiei should definitely help find her long lost brother. Komeko smiled at the boys as they enjoyed their time together joking.

The smell of Team Toguro hit her nose and she glared across the stadium. Everyone’s attention moved over to the side as well. Karasu’s gaze did not falter when it landed on Komeko’s unmoving form. She made sure her face looked impassive and hoped to piss him off. If it did, he obviously didn’t show it. The stadium broke into a chant for Team Toguro. Toguro pointed straight at Yusuke with a smirk on his face. Yusuke remained with a determined look of his own and several gestures were exchanged before the team disappeared into the darkness.

“At least your act is tough.” The masked fighter noted.

“Hey, I work hard at it.” Yusuke defended.

Kuwabara gripped the rail for support as he realized the extent of Team Toguro’s power. He was worried, to say the least. Komeko helped him to stand back up.

“You guys got this, seriously. You’re telling me about their energy, but let me tell you about how badly those bastards stink. I can smell them across the stadium and. Trust me, it’s wretched.”

She smiled at him while he regained his composure; Koto announced that Team Gorenja would now face off against Team Kaido. The match started where Momorenjya, a demon with pink hair, phantomed around her opponent.

Komeko, leaning against the arena wall with a stoic look on her face, watched as Kurama stood in the ring, ready to face Ura. Hiei and Kuwabara stayed closer to the fight, but their attention was on the same place. Yusuke and the masked fighter remained absent and so did the girls. Worry nudged Komeko at the back of her mind, but she was torn from finding them and watching the match.

Both men drew their whips and battled each other with lightning fast moves. Kurama ran around the ring with grace and defended himself quickly, taking his time to understand Ura’s style. Something unspoken happened between the fighters as Kurama’s face changed along with Ura’s. Komeko pushed off the wall as Kurama became bound with Ura’s move, rose whip forgotten.

Ura began his rant about Kurama’s weakness, saying he was too soft for caring about other’s feelings. Something had definitely gone on that the audience was not privy to. Glistening fish line-like wires were woven around the ring, locking the fighters, and Juri, in.

“Let me introduce you to the Idunn Box! Anyone who breathes in its air will return to their younger years, even infancy, except the wielder.”

He held the box out in front of him and Kurama observed it analytically, green eyes locked on it. The lid was pulled off and a purple cloud of smoke spilled out into the entire ring. Juri screamed, but the fumes didn’t escape Ura’s force field. Kurama’s energy began to diminish and Komeko started to bite her nails absentmindedly. Shortly after, a very powerful energy came from the ring and lightning struck in the smoke. Komeko and Hiei grinned.

Ura cowered.

“I think, perhaps, I regressed further than you intended, and just as I had come to accept my human captivity.” He grinned. “Yoko has returned, they cry.”

Ura trembled on the ground, covered by the smoke, leaving most of the crowd to wonder what was happening. Komeko could not smell anything covered by the force field, but she knew what had happened inside and figured Hiei had too.

“It’s like a thunderstorm in there. Where’s all that crazy energy coming from?” Kuwabara wondered as he got struck by a small bolt.

“It’s all from Kurama, every powerful drop.” Hiei supplied, grinning malevolently at the ring.

Kuwabara stared at the same area, horrified. “It’s different somehow, a lot more powerful.”

Hiei supplied the explanation of what was happening and gave the back story that Kuwabara was unaware of – how he had found Kurama. “Now we’ll see what the purest form of Kurama can do.”

Hiei, Komeko, and Koto’s sensitive ears picked up Yoko’s voice easily. The power grew as Yoko expended his energy into a furious attack.

“Tell me the secret of the Idunn Box. Do not lie, I can smell it and it only makes my plant hungrier.”

Abruptly, Shishiwakamaru’s sword broke through the shield and killed Ura. Komeko smiled at the vision she saw, but hid it as best she could in her sleeve. Kurama was announced the winner as both he and Juri reverted back to normal.

“I’m going to find the girls, wouldn’t want them to miss you guys kicking the shit out of those last two demons. I’ll be back.” Komeko told Hiei and Kuwabara, flitting from her spot not a second later.

The scent of the girls picked up the deeper she went into the forest. Yukina’s sneeze caught her ears and she watched the girls closely. She didn’t want to intrude on their conversation just yet.

Botan sprouted her kitten face and spoke to Yukina. “Sneezy, sneezy, achoo, somebody special is thinking about you!”

“Botan, you gotta be the biggest freak in the world.” Shizuru told her, before reassuring Keiko about Yusuke’s whereabouts.

Curious to where the girls thought they were headed, Komeko followed them in the tree tops at a safe distance. Goosebumps erupted down her body when a surge of energy further off caught her attention. She followed them more closely as a result.

Komeko watched them enter the wrong stadium and stood on the upper stands. Botan, again, made her cat face and meowed cutely when she was accused of getting them lost.

“Good job, Botan!” Komeko called down to them.

Keiko and Botan both jumped, but Yukina and Shizuru seemed less startled. Komeko realized they could both probably feel her energy since she didn’t have the cuffs on anymore. She hopped down the stairs easily, her inky black curls bouncing with her freely.

“Looks like you guys got turned around, huh? They moved the finals to a new stadium.” Komeko smiled at them and Botan whistled while averting her gaze.

“We’re glad to see you, K. Think we can make it in time for the fight still?” Shizuru asked.

“No worries, girlies.” Her face lit up with a grin.

All of a sudden, Kuwabara fell from the sky.

“Hey, Kuwabara!” Botan yelled.

“Hey, Yukina! Did you and the others get lost in the cape thingy too?!”

Shizuru landed a hard right punch on Kuwabara and followed through with several hits and kicks. Komeko offered Keiko and Botan some popcorn as she watched the beat down continue.

“Komeko, where did you get popcorn?” Botan queried.

She smiled mischievously and continued eating it, completely avoiding the question. Botan narrowed her eyes at the girl and checked her bag. Sure enough, her popcorn was gone. Komeko was already towards the exit when Botan looked again and she ran after her, yelling.

“What do you think you’re doing, going through a girl’s stuff like that?! That was my popcorn, not yours, K!”

It fell on deaf ears as Komeko continued to snack on the salty goodness.
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